βœ… How To Get A Pin For Your Vanilla Visa Gift Card πŸ”΄


welcome back guys so today on this video

we're talking about the vanilla Visa

Debit gift card and more specifically

I'm gonna show you how to get a PIN

number for your vanilla Visa Debit gift

card so let's go ahead and talk about

this first off guys if you're not

familiar with these cards basically all

they are is you just buy them at a local

retailer I think about this one at

Walmart and then once you buy the card

then you can load cash on two at one

time it's not reloadable once that

happens and you can usually use it at

most places that accept debit visa which

is most places but how do you set a PIN

number for your vanilla be sudeva gift

card that's what we're gonna talk about

but before I go into that be sure to

stick around to the end guys it's gonna

be a really quick video not a lot of

steps involved here so let's go ahead

and jump into this so the thing is with

these cards guys once you buy this card

you load money onto it and then goes

through the register it's actually

already activated most the time I'm

going to recommend you don't need a PIN

number and the reason for that is if

you're gonna be using this card at like

Starbucks or McDonald's places like that

when you take it to the register and you

swipe it it's gonna ask you if you want

to run it as debit or credit be sure to

hit credit because what will happen is

once they run a credit transaction it

does not require a PIN number so that

saves you the annoyance of having to

remember all these different PIN numbers

for your car so that's the first tip I

want to give you run it as credit if you

have a chance that way you don't even

need a PIN number now I do understand

that some retailers and you go there

they do require a PIN number

they only accept edit so in the case

with your vanilla Visa debit gift card

what you're gonna do to setup a PIN

number is right there at the terminal so

what you're gonna do is for example if

you go to Starbucks swipe it for the $5

and then when it says credit or debit

hit debit once you click on debit it's

gonna ask for a PIN number a four digit

PIN number and the very first time you

run this card is debit you can use any

debit pin number that you want so you

can use 1 1 1 1 1 2 3 4 you can use your

birthday it doesn't really matter you

get to choose it so when it says enter

pin number just enter in whatever pin

number you want and it'll accept it now

the thing is the pin number that you use

on the first attempt that pin number

will stay the same for this vanilla Visa

debit gift card until it's completed

until you used all the money on so make

sure it's something that you remember

but even if you forget your pin number

you can reset your PIN on

on your vanilla Visa Debit gift card and

how you do that you just flip the card

over on the back of the card there's

this web address yours might be

different so be sure to check your card

I'll try to leave this web address

inside my video description below so be

sure to click down there but once you go

to that website you'll need to register

and login so log in with the 16 digit

vanilla Visa Debit gift card and the

expiration date and the CVV code once

you've entered all that into the website

then you will get access to see your

balance transactions but there's also a

segment in there where you can change

your PIN number I did a video on that so

be sure to check my video description

I'll try to leave a link to that video

but in there you can reset your PIN

number you can't actually add a pin

number in so once you've reset it then

you'll go through the same process we

described earlier where you go to a

retailer swipe the card press debit and

then choose a PIN number so again with

the website that's on the back of your

card you can go there login and reset

your PIN number which is zeros it out so

that is how you can set a PIN number for

your vanilla Visa debit gift card and

also a little bit of information on that

on avoiding using a PIN number it can

last thing I want to add is just because

you've added a PIN number on your

vanilla Visa Debit gift card does not

allow you to use it at a cash ATM to get

money these cards are not set up like

that at least a recording of the video

so you can on get cash back at the

register you cannot get cash back in an

ATM even if you have a PIN number so

hopefully you found that video useful if

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video this is but I do thank you for

watching and I hope to see you on the

next video thanks fer