How to relight a water heater pilot light

To light the pilot on your water heater

just for reference instruction should be right here on the water heater itself

but a lot of times it's just nice to watch somebody do it instead of

trying to figure out what knobs are what. So we're going to take this cover off

which you just pinch.

And there's this little window, you look in there

that's where you would see the flame there's nothing in there.

You cant see any fire so

no its not lit. Again this is already in the off position

and this dial is the

temperature setting for the water heater and that's on the lowest

setting there. This pipe that comes out of it is the gas pipe

and here there's a quarter turn ball valve. If the valve

handle is perpendicular to the pipe then it's off.

If this was gone that way then there's a

gas able to flow through the pipe. This is also

how water pipes work too. As far as

perpendicular goes. Okay so

we know this is off, it's been off for a while.

If this isnt in the off position you're gonna want to wait

at least five minutes for any gas that's been building up

to clear out. You don't want any explosions when you light this.

and the other thing to do is to smell around

and get a little a low and close to this. If you smell gas

anywhere near here, you

shut it off and and let the gas clear open a window

and if you need to, call for help, call service guy

If you have a gas leak, don't ever

light anything like this.

So again if you smell gas don't light it.

First thing you want to do is to turn this knob to the pilot position

now if you look up here, it says OFF, PILOT, ON

so the pilot position is there

and you see this little notch

it's hard to see from here and there's little notch

That allows you to push this button down

so we're going to get this sorted this again is in the lowest setting

so I'm going to turn on the gas here and that's allowing gas to flow. I'm going to

hold down this button here. That's letting gas go, and then I'm gonna hit


little striker button. And that should

ignight. There it goes first. You saw that

as soon as I push this button here while I'm holding this down. You want to hold

this button down for about a minute


you waited about a minute you can let go

and make sure that that's still on. If it is still lit

like it is, then you

can now turn this into the on position.

You can turn this up to

whatever temperature setting you like, and put your cover back on.

That's basically it.

Let's say you are going to

turn it off:

it's really easy again. You can turn this down

shut your gas valve off. Always shut this off if your gonna turn this off

and then you turn this dial back to the off position

and you're done so anyway I hope that helped.