Where Is My Phone? - "Into The Unknown" Frozen 2 Parody

honey why are you still here hang on I

can't find my

if that one else away it's somewhere at

crap is this a song where is my honey

seriously you have to go corpulent into

it I can hear you I know that I'm late

but I just can't find it so they'll have

to wait there's a thousand functions on

my Apple watch thing but they don't be

thing I use it for is this annoying pink

yeah there is a dot and it says it's

right here

I should see it which I don't but I know

that it's really near I've got to leave

without it but I'm gonna be real

stressed cuz I get lost in my own

neighborhood without a GPS I need to get

some coffee but it takes too much time

since I don't have my

where is my father

my phone it

I don't

what did she want she asked me to pick

it up

was it hairspray or tampons or maybe

plastic cups she actually needed

batteries so she was super vexed I

couldn't ask about it cuz I couldn't

read her tax it has been a whole hour

and I feel my anger grow what is new on

Instagram I do not know

without my father

I can't find my father

I don't

honey it was either the paper towel it

was on its table these are tips those

are pads no that's so bad this was a

little thing about it I know that always

been the case yes


said normal person I guess

carpool ends in two minutes whoa stop


freak what middle-aged man wears an Elsa

wig in public what is your problem