Use a Phone Booth as Mystique Location - Fortnite (Awakening Challenge)

hello everybody i'm in the letter word

also known as martin and let's jump

into oh there's somebody running around

here somewhere uh let's try and jump

into these challenges then so for

mystique to do her awakening challenges

we need to go ahead and visit a phone

booth now i foolishly went over to the

authority thinking there's always phone

booths there

not a problem they've all been emptied

out there is nothing there anymore

regarding phone booths all you can find

there now

are portals which is really frustrating

so it turns out that all of the phone

booths have been picked up and brought

all the way over

to uh doom's domain so basically what

used to be called pleasant park

so you can see one on the southern end

of town and basically there's

another one right here in the center so

if i just quickly hop on in just to

check that it works properly

so in there with mystique she comes out

as all the skies and everything's good

to go

i believe that there is another one as

well on the northern end of town but

i'll double check that just before we

wrap up this video

uh there's one on the eastern side by

the gas station that's good to know and

there's also a fellow right there

trying to end my whole life

oh buddy why is he doing that is he is

it there

what are you doing man what are you

doing bud huh are you gonna jump out or


yeah he jumps out he jumps out let's see

what he does

i don't have any materials actually to

deal with this so this is fine let me

just check if there's any on the north

and in the town

uh none just there

what oh where'd he go let me just

quickly finish this guy off

where you hiding bed

wow one taps right uh well anyway that's

where you can find at least three of the

phone booths so you got one on the

southern side

one right by uh the statue itself and

then you've got another one in the

northeastern corner by the gas station

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i'll see you later