Where Is The Philippines Located?

Where is the Philippines located? I mean it's on the other side of the planet. Why

would I want to hire people there? Why am I going there? Yeah, you should know where

the Philippines is. So, let me show you.

Okay, let's take a look right here. Here is Earth. And I'm right here

in Utah, in the United States. And we're going to go over the Pacific Ocean. So, we're

going to... You know. here's Hawaii over here. Clear across the Pacific Ocean. We rotate

the earth this way and you'll see the Philippines right here. Alright? So,

Indonesia is below it. You've got Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan,

Japan up here. Here's China. Got Philippines. There's just all these

islands that make up the Philippines, that make up Indonesia. If we rotate the

earth down, there's Australia. So, when Australians want to go to a vacation

place like Hawaii, they'll typically go to Bali in Indonesia which i think is

like right over here. But the Philippines is right there. Yeah, when i zoom in like

that, there's Bali. I've been there. It's very very nice. But up here in the

Philippines, I've been to the Manila area and in November, I'm going to come back to

Manila for a couple days. I'm going to do a meet-up. I'm going to meet my team and then

I'm gonna fly down here to El Nido and spend some time writing my books. Okay,

let me zoom back out here. Now, this is a big flight. The Pacific Ocean is really

big. And last time, the plane flies up here by Alaska and around over to China.

Last time I stayed in Shanghai, you know, had a day there made a vlog. Really cool

vlog. Actually I'll link to it right up there. That's one of the best vlogs I've

made. I'm really proud of that vlog. Just my one day that was in Shanghai. So

check out that video, seriously. It's really fun. And then I flew down to the

Philippines. This time, I'm going to fly all the way directly from Los Angeles all

the way to the Philippines. It's still a 14-hour flight. Why would I do that? Why

would I want to go so far away? Well, I've got 14 employees there now. And now, I

want to talk about why I hire people in the Philippines. I mean

the first thing that people ask me when I find out that I hire people in the

Philippines is, "Oh, well do you speak their language?" Maybe I was a religious

missionary there. "Did you serve a mission there and do you speak their language?" No,

not at all. In fact, Filipinos all speak English. They speak English very, very

well. They learn English in school. All the signage there is in English. So, I

just wanted to cover that right off the bat. Communication is amazing. It's really

easy to communicate. I just talk to them in English, they talk back to me. Okay. So,

that barrier is gone. But why do I hire people there in the first place? Why not

just hire people here? Okay, let me tell you this: If I hired a video

editor here, for the quality of work I need, I probably at least need to pay

them $4,000 a month. Okay, maybe I can go lower than that. Maybe I

could go lower than that. But for the quality I want, I'd probably have to pay

more than that. But if I hire somebody in the Philippines, I can pay $500 a month

for somebody that's really, really good. My company could not exist if I had to

hire people here. I just can't afford those rates.

I love efficiency. I've created a new type of service for a new type of

business owner. This type of service was only available for the big huge

companies. Now, I can offer my services to solopreneurs and companies that are just

starting to make the seven figures. We can produce their entire YouTube channel

without the budget of Hollywood because of these amazing people who need work,

who need these opportunities and who have uh such a low cost of living that I

can pay them $500 a month. Now, if you're curious like, "Ooh! Am

I taking advantage of my team in the Philippines by paying them so little?" Let

me show you what they said when I asked them this question.

-Something I've learned from working with my boss is I chose to value time

over over money. And so I don't want to deal with daily traffic. -I think

the main advantage of working from home is save time because here in the

Philippines is a lot of traffic. So, you get to save time. You get to save effort

and also my love for transportation and when you just eat at home. And it's even

healthier to eat at home. Spending time with family, of course. Yeah. I get to

spend a lot of time with my family. -Okay, there's one other barrier to having

somebody work for you that's on the other side of the planet. And that is

this time zone thing. I mean right now depending on daylight savings, they're

either 14 or 15 hours ahead of me. So, if it's 6 P-M, I know that it's 8 or 9 a.m.

there in the Philippines. But here's the cool thing: I can work all day long. When

I am done with work, they are just waking up. So, I can assign them tasks. They start

working on it. I go to bed that night. I wake up in the morning all their tasks

are done and I can begin my workday. That is very cool. So, I've got a question for

you, if you could have somebody working for you 8 hours a day,

what tasks would you have them do? What tasks would you take off of your

shoulders and let them take care of for you? Alright? Now, in this video, I've only

scratched the surface of why I hire people in the Philippines. So, I recommend

you watch my next video here. I go into a lot more depth of all the many reasons

why I love hiring people in the Philippines. I don't hire people in China,

I don't hire people in India. These are great, great people. I'm friends with

these people but I don't hire people there. I only hire people in the

Philippines and this video explains why.