Vehicle PCM (computer) location & access

the computer lives on the passenger side

here at the defeat so to remove it you

got to do a little bit of work as you

can see I remove the seat but you may

not have to depending on how big you are

either way it comes out really fast and

easy for 40 millimeter sockets one two

three and four spots that one they're

not the seat belt this one here

okay just four bolts 14 millimeter

socket and then you need to take out

this plastic threshold

it's just slap fit with these plastic

tabs fairly straightforward okay and

then take out this cable from the cable

tray or whatever so you can because the

there goes the edge of your carpet here

goes through these zip ties and fold up

the floor mat with its felt pads like so

and then fold up the other felt pad

which I ripped at a place now and then

you have four bolts to go the computer

is bolted to this sheet metal plate four

nuts to remove the first one is there

and the second one is there these are

easy but the longer it socket is gonna

be needed for that one there that's why

the long extension here otherwise you're

not gonna be able to reach it you need a

300 millimeter or something extension

for for the nut nut litter and the

fourth one there on that bracket and

when you hold on this one rotates up and

after the way you can see the cable

bundles there and the connector there

two connectors

on this side that's where the

connections are and the computer is

bolted to the computer is bolted this is

your computer there's some kind of tag

on it and it's bolted to this plate here

with that shiny not there there's

another one here at this corner there

and the cable connections are on this

side here like I said that's kind of how

the situation looks like okay so that's

how you access it it's fairly fairly

straightforward just a little bit about

just a little bit of working bending on

a couple of trim items that work for the

seat you know stuff like this goes

around the seat and two more before you

can move the carpet out of the way

this one this one lives here like so and

it's held in place by there at one

little snap connector and another one

there same thing just just this one

piece and you pull out the middle and

then it comes out let's and then and

then you can take the carpet out so

that's all I wanted to show you