Carolina Panthers Players Access Stadium Tour

Chris Jenkins here with Charlotte Viacom

and guess what I'm finally here at the

Carolina Panthers stating with is behind

the scenes towards I have a topic for

you guys about to stop the hassling I'm

going to show you as much as I can give

you a little narrative about what it is

that you're looking at as well and

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enjoy we're starting a tour it's one of

the many entrances to the Panthers

stadium that's the area that I'm going

to talk to you guys about later but you

guys need to eat a lot so where they eat

and got this nice little cafeteria here

televisions all kinds of little snack

pamphlet logos of course the requirement

in any place I even like that got one on

the clock as well


now one of my favorite parts is this I

forget what they called it just told me

but it's the offender's honor so you got

all the guys that have made it into the

Pro Bowl that's going to be on this

water here Wesley wall Sam Mills bunch

of guys pretty cool stuff okay this

stuff is pretty cool you see all these

guys and you get to really see how

awesome this team has been and actually

a lot of these guys are currently

players that are playing right now which

is really cool speeds up a talent we

have on the team right now we're still

in the hallway of the players and got a

little campus playoff history right here

as most of you probably remember in

anguish about both these with tough

losses and 2015 2003 Super Bowl NFC

champions division champions and all the

playoff appearances which hopefully

we'll be making some more of those I'm

not going on them but you'll see passing

a lot of doors here's the defensive line

leaving room linebackers me room

linebackers meeting room and prep

kitchen which is pretty important in the

show you got to protect the alright

so team history we got all the Panthers

on the beginning - now you got 95 2016

and some pretty cool stuff you see some

uniform changes right here right along

with purple negative

Pam dress


all right so now for the best part I'm

going to give you guys any information

on those already if you change here with

Cam Newton other quarterbacks right here

used to be the kickers and special teams

but lots of shoes over there a life of

NFL players so some of these guys aren't

yet on the roster they're new they get

to kid in this little room here that in

the regular season is like the players

lounge but you'll see some rookie

jerseys and they make room for them

right here so we have the locker room

put up in a two sides left side that you

see here is all the offense so actually

what I meant to say was that when you

first come into the locker room that is

the offensive side and then the far end

of the locker room that is the defensive

side slot receivers which I know each

year I spend a lot of time talking to

one guy right here Devin Funchess but

set well the plays that Steve Smith used

to be in was my favorite place to come

and hang out and talk to old man Smitty

right there

bathrooms nothing in specialist or the

showers take place and this appears to

be with special teams I've moved to

which is where the why I receive the

worst so we got some changes here

and here's the one place that I've never

been into made it to the doorstop many

times this is a training room one day

one day I'll do in there but you know

what follows guys on Instagram and

Twitter and all that social media stuff

see if I get to see


part of any teams regiment of being a

good solid team is getting into the gym

and lots of cool stuff here of course

the Panthers logo right there in the

middle lots of cool stuff with a view


so also have to show the behind a change

where I all stick on the work at in the

media room postgame this is our stage

right here and everybody has their

normal spaces that they're being shrill

observer over there and Carolina

Panthers plays or I mean not the players

the staff is Julie back there we've got

a nice little restaurant with a little

skip showing you guys but my spot that I

usually come to right back here and the

center my little cubbyhole spots but

this is the rest of the media room lots

of TV so we can keep up with game action

or whatever may be going on this is a

total bears little thing if you're lucky

I culture bear I don't know how

well I did that but that's that and then

so you got this is where we come in and

then this is where we come for the

players interviews nice full seated area

and here's the podium where Cam Newton

Rovere Luke everybody like that Tuscan

never Camden come in he comes in through

that door and before it will come and

have this heat right guys can see my

finger right in one of these chairs and

generally I will sit about right in that

chair and watch everything this was all

redone man

this is all redone I don't know how many

years ago I would say maybe three or

four years ago alright so that wraps up

the tour behind the scenes of the

Carolina Panthers hope you guys got to

do a lot of cool stuff got to see where

we go as media people also got to see

where the players hang out one thing I

forgot to tell you guys which is when

we're in the weight room one question is

music it seemed luxe to have fun some

people like music some people don't in

the locker room the older guys are the

people who decide what musics going to

place I've been told that Thomas Davis

is the leader of that so if you're still

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watching as Chris fingers at Bank of

America Stadium keep pounding