Pancreas function and location

welcome to moomoomath in science in this

video I'd like to talk about the

pancreas the pancreas is an organ

located in the abdominal area let's take

a look at its location and what it looks

like is an organ about the size and

shape of an average banana it sits

behind your stomach the opening of the

pancreas attaches to the first part of

your small intestine the pancreas has

two important roles in the human body


it helps with digestion after food

enters the top of the small intestine

the pancreas secretes a clear watery

substance that contains several enzymes

these enzymes help digest proteins

carbohydrates and helps convert fat into

fatty acids and cholesterol secondly the

pancreas helps maintain our blood sugar

levels by secreting hormones blood

glucose levels must be maintained within

certain limits so that there's a

constant supply of sugar to feed the

cells but not too much so that the

kidneys and other organs aren't damaged

the pancreas produces two hormones to

help control the blood sugar the first

is glue kitchen glue kitchen raises

cos'è levels by stimulating the liver to

metabolize gluten into glucose molecules

and then this glucose is released into

the blood

the second hormone is insulin and this

hormone lowers blood glucose levels

after a male body stimulating the

absorption of glucose by the liver

along with muscles and fat tissue

so the pancreas has two very important

roles helps with digestion and also

helps regulate our blood sugar levels

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