#149 The Palace Theater Thriller, Big Lebowski Filming Locations (1/5/17)

there's daddy's buddy there's daddy's

buddy I turn around he was laying there

with his arm up looking waiting for me

to attack him you like me to get you

don't you give me that foot give me that

foot can I have your tail Johnny you

don't need this do you can I have this

can I have one of your treats

days with Jordan the lion starts no well

good morning guys as days of Turin the

lion today marks 50 years that the doors

were a band so if you were kind of

wondering why I was so fanatical about

getting to the Morrison hotel yesterday

that's why that's why I wanted to do

that vlog on that day I kind of teased

on Facebook that I had gotten while I

was downtown I got into tore something

and I was super excited to release that

and I was gonna do it today but I'm not

going to because there was something

else that I wanted to vlog downtown and

I actually have Clippers tickets tonight

it's a Hawaiian hat night

so the hats actually say like Aloha and

they have the Clippers logo on the stuff

whatever like I said I told you guys

before like I don't have a good Clippers

hat actually I'm in Clippers hats and

it's a free hat night I think I got the

ticket for seven dollars two weeks ago

so I was like why not go so I'm gonna go

ahead and I'm just gonna save that vlog

for about two days because tomorrow I'm

going to meet somebody for the first

time he's gonna be the guest on the vlog

and he I mean this is gonna be another

probably two-parter and it's gonna be

really fascinating it I mean I'm super

excited because this guy and I have been

exchanging emails and we get along

really great and he just seems like a

really cool guy and the stories that

he's gonna be able to tell us was

amazing so I'm gonna go ahead and vlog

one of the things downtown that I saw

yesterday that I really wanted to do and

because I knew I was coming back today

and I'm gonna go ahead and I'm gonna do

that today and then we're gonna go to

the Clippers game so I'm gonna get the

day started take Joe for a long walk and

since its Clippers day I'm gonna break

in that new pair of Chris Paul shoes

that I showed you guys well I'm gonna

start the day with one of these suckers

yep I haven't given up I still got up my

life and they were on sale the other day

so I grabbed a couple and look who's

down there hanging out my my shoes look

whose tails Waggin somebody wants to go

for a walk and he's gonna get his wish

hey John you ready to rock look what I


boom I'm ready to rock - now that is an

all-time first of all things that I've

ever seen carved into a sidewalk that's

the first for that well John I are out

for another long walk because I just

couldn't bring myself to go up to the

the park it's just way too long of a

drive to get another disappointment like

we've had the last couple times and

can't relieve in play so we'll probably

wait until next week and I actually want

to go scout a location I found an

address for something out on one of my

favorite movies and I didn't realize it

was this close so we're gonna walk down

there and see what it looks like today

and maybe I'll vlog it here soon

check out that old truck guys I saw on

our lawn alright we're pretty close to

the street that I'm looking for I'm not

gonna show you guys what I see because

I'm gonna really want to vlog this one

on its own since they do a daily vlog on

locations in history I really have to to

an extent

not put a lot of multiple locations

unless they're all connected in some way

so I'm gonna go check this out and I'll

let you guys know what I find I'm

definitely for sure coming back and

doing that looks pretty much the same

it's a little bit different color I

think they repainted it but everything

that I want to see is still there and

I'm gonna come back but guys check out

this church that I just found

well that's cool look at that tree it

should he use that house for something

now every time I say that I find out

later that they did so let's see if we

ever find out what that was used in

that's a fantastic looking tree in house

well I guess what we stumbled upon is

the LA Full Gospel Church and I have

never been down this street so I've

never seen this



as a pet owner litter has become really

one of those things that bother me

because in my neighborhood there's a

club and people like to drink in their

car and throw the bottles out in the

street and then they right drive over

them so there's constantly blue broken

glass in the streets and everything

where we live but this is a new one a

whole can of motor oil that's a new one

Wow look how ornate the side of the

building is

well there's no phone but there's a old

sock and a bag of dog poop anybody needs

a hat instead of a phone you know what

guys for the two years that these shoes

have been out I was completely I always

thought they were blue now I'm seeing

him in the light and they're actually

purple I didn't know they were purple

I've never seen him in good light I

think we found a Christmas tree


r.i.p guys see what I mean by the broken

glass in the street that I was telling

you guys about that right there is what

I'm talking about

while my ticket at said two minutes so I

barely made it

check out all of the designs on this all

the artwork on this parking garage

yeah that's pretty exquisite I actually

like a lot of that stuff the reason I

stopped is because that one up there

kind of looked like spy versus spy to me

you can probably tell that I'm back in

downtown because there's something that

I've been wanting to do for a while and

I decided today's today that I'm gonna

do it and you're coming along with me

let's do it

nice I love downtown art I know right

now somebody's yelling at their computer

monitored one you better be going to the

Bradbury Building I'm not going to the

Bradbury Building I will go at some

other time but I'm not I'm gonna be

passing it but I'm not going today

no Bradbury building today and it seems

not the United Artists Theatre either

we're getting closer lots of


there's the orphan that's our

destination either but my pal Joey Diaz

performed this show in the year so I

figured I put this on here we're getting

closer and closer

there's the Rialto kind of see right

here that they've there's a string of

theatres that used to be down here and

they've actually turned them into like

tennis stores and one of the ones that

we're going to hit today it's about two

blocks down and I'm really excited look

at all the graffiti on that building

pretty much the whole thing

they recently redid this and it's four

floors worth of Awesomeness so I'm

actually gonna come down here one night

in the evening because they have like

live performances and various different

stuff decorating each floor but we're

pretty much where we want to be now and

today Palace Theater was my was my

exciting news now I know you all have to

remember the Palace Theater that's where

Michael Jackson came walking out his

date the Thriller

and you would have actually seen it

would have said thriller starring

Vincent Price up there on the billboard

and then off to the side they would have

actually had the poster from the mask of

the Red Death

starring Vincent Price and that's what

they would have been displaying when he

and his date came walking out here now

one of the interesting things is that it

actually didn't film the interior shots

here they actually filmed that interior

movie scene that was all done in

Pasadena in a kind of a dilapidated

Rialto Theatre there and I will go by

there sometime when I'm in the


but right here this is where we would

have seen him walking out with his date

and that famous jacket

now what this also is and why it also

makes me so excited it up here

in those lofts that was where mod

Lebowski's loft was in The Big Lebowski

when you when you see her kind of kidnap

the dude I bring him here and explained

to him how important getting the rug

back is to her and trying to find out

what he knows that all took place up in

there and I'm such a big lebowski

fanatic that I couldn't not come down

here and show you that but I'm such a

big lebowski fanatic that I also have to

tell you one other thing not only is

this mod Lebowski's loft but if you

remember when Walter Donnie and the dude

go see the dudes landlord performing at

the crane Jackson fountain Street

Theatre and they that's where they have

the discussion where Walter is telling

dude that he's found out where this

Larry Sellars kid lives and then it's

over by the in-n-out burger on Radford

and and Donny and Walter end up getting

into a bit of an argument where that's

where Walter really shows this true

magic and keeps doing the shut the f up

Donny and Emmett he looks at the guy

dancing on stage and says so once we get

done with that what happy here

well we'll go over there kids should be

a pushover go hit the in-n-out burger

and our troubles will be over anyway

we'll go there after the what have you

embrace the kid should be a pushover and

actually all took place inside that


so three extremely memorable things

happened here but I'm not done now this

might not be exciting to anyone else but

it is to me because I'm a big fan of

leprechaun too and there's a scene where

the Leprechaun is challenged to a

drinking contest by Morty and they kind

of lead you to believe that the the bar

and everything is right here because you

see them enter right beside the Palace

Theatre and then you actually see when

when the leprechaun gets drunk and he

comes out and he's trying to trying to

get regain as his bearings you see him

come out here and you actually see the

Palace Palace Theater signs and I think

the way they would have cheated that is

they I forget if it which one of these

they use but they used a doorway off to

the side my guess if I recall it was

right here with this or fient once this

bus is out of the way it's where this

Orpheum doorway was that he came running

out of and you would see the Palace

Theater sign right there as well as up


so for me for extremely phenomenal

things happened here two scenes from The

Big Lebowski is seen from leprechaun 2

which is I don't even know why they call

it a horror movie it should be in the

comedy section or the philosophy section

it's hilarious it's basically willow the

guy from willow plays the Leprechaun and

the first one they tried to make it a

horror movie and it wasn't really that

popular but the second was just pure

comedy and then we would have had mod

Lebowski and of course Michael Jackson

from thriller I actually wanted to do

this at night but it just wasn't

positive whether or not they would have

it lit up and of course they do

and and I was hoping that this the Sun

would go down before I went into the

Clippers game so that you could see it

that way but maybe just maybe after the

Clippers game I'll walk back over here

and I'll get this once again so you can

see what it looks like in the dark but I

hope you guys enjoyed that if you've

never seen The Big Lebowski go watch it

hilarious one of the best movies of all

time and two really key scenes take

place here and we're actually shot here

and before I take off I wonder you got

to show us one last thing I love these

little details in the Orpheum Theater

display up there one of them looks like

Robin Hood and that cool

just the details sometimes make it all


downtown is still Christmas time baby at

the LA live

I guess it's uh like I told you guys

it's Hawaiian hat night I guess it's

Hawaiian everything night tonight it

started to rain out of here before the

game and the Hawaiian band is now

playing so let's go wash shall we



instead I'm gonna swipe it off the phone

so just be safe on there there you go

thank you

thank you new

I ran into it the Clipper game the Chuck

Chuck will show me how to get a free

drink here

show me you're not drinking alcohol

they'll give you a designate a driver

chip for a free drink bad influence that

man right there my tickets right next to

chuck tonight baby

lovely clipper girls usually Chuck would

be in there getting a picture but he

he's been sitting here telling you that

how he's probably seen like two movies

in the last 30 years and one of the last

one is he saw was with Tom Hanks I said

Forrest Gump because yep that was it

yeah when I said he has seen two movies

in the last 25 years I'm talking at home

he told me you only want this for

that takes them i gotta have real

Chuck's gonna introduce us to a guy that

he's known forever like this Chuck knew

this guy in New York City and this guy

used to work at Ebbets Field when the

when the Dodgers were still in Brooklyn

this guy Fast Eddie

you worked at Ebbets Field

man is incredibly buddies get the hell

out of it goes down the tuna right will

you tell me again what you what you did

on your 80th birthday

and you said what did you say about

Mount Rushmore

here here nice to meet you Eddie we

didn't realize it but if you didn't get

a hat they're giving out lei so I'm glad

I got here early

I don't want to lay I mean I do but I

don't yeah the logo for the shock Tom

looks like Mack tonight you guys

remember good max tonight is no alcohol

for me I got the raspberry tea all right

off to the seat so the reason they get a

tickets here Chuck is because the link

even sits next to Chuck only comes about

one or two games a season I don't know

why she get the tickets she's kind of

four years and she's done this readers

so we said usually no one game this year

and she gave away the tickets to

somebody a couple of games ago so we're

just hoping she's not here this time

I'll just stood there mercy we're using

all right I'm I see

so I somewhere along the time I would

get a drink somebody Chuck got laid


it's kiss-cam told Chuck don't look at

me the hawaiian jimi hendrix this ought

to be great CNS isettas ukulele on fire

at the end



I came back for 88

the Clippers have 32 seconds left in the

game we're winning the game by five and

everybody has well

the life and of three guys Wow well

that's new

I've never seen that before so I used to

always come over here in Park in this

direction and Wow that's new nice that's

all water

vlog over guys