5 Ways to Fix Roku Remote Not Working or Not Connecting (Easy Method)

hey guys this is Tim from your 6 studios

today in this video I'm gonna show you

five tips on how you can fix your roku

device remote not pairing or not

connecting to your Roku let's go ahead

and jump into the video right now the

first tip I have for you is doing a

completely hard reset of your Roku

device by taking it and I'm plugging it

from the wall and waited about 30

seconds and then plugging it back in

sometimes this will fix some of the

pairing issues that you are having and

everything should be connected and

working after this the second tip I have

for you is taking your Roku remote and

taking out the batteries and sometimes

when you take out the batteries of these

Roku remotes and put them back in they

will automatically start pairing with

any of available devices that are close

to it so go ahead take out the batteries

and place them back in and along with

the the first step where you unplug the

Roku device from the wall outlet this

will resolve most the issues that you're

having with this device just with first

and second step and also if you look at

the back of the remote and open up the

battery compartment you will see there

may be a button on the back of your

remote and there might be a like a

little LED light there also if you go

ahead and press this button by the

battery compartment for approximately

five seconds this will start putting

your remote into pairing mode and it

will start looking for available Roku

devices near it so go ahead and press

that button if you have it my Roku stick

premiere remote does not have this

however some more advanced Roku devices

should have this feature and you'll know

it's starting to look for pairing

devices available when the LED light

starts flashing so go ahead and try this

third step I have for you that you can

try is to get the Roku app on your

Android phone to get the Android app

it's very easy just go to the Play Store

and then type in Roku once you type in

Roku you will be able to install it from

there and when you open up the

application you'll have a couple

different menu options if you go

remote though you can actually control

your device just from there and I want

to make a quick mention that you will

need Wi-Fi enabled to go ahead and

connect your Android phone to your Roku

device so make sure Wi-Fi is turned on

on your phone and this will allow you to

actually use your Android phone as a

remote and some of the features on here

are actually really good they have the

voice commands on there they have a

keyboard and you can also plug in your

headphones to your phone and get the

audio from any kind of television shows

or maybe even a YouTube video that

you're watching

so the phone app you can control it and

you get some of the advanced features

that you would on a more advanced Roku

devices just on your phone and this will

help out when we go over to step four

and the step four is to go into the

settings options to pair a new remote

with your roku device scroll up to

settings go over to remote and devices

go to pair new device go to remote go

over to the right and under here it will

ask you to put the batteries in your

remote and press and hold the pairing

button for five seconds if you do not

have a pairing button just take out the

batteries and put them back in and it

should start pairing automatically with

your roku device and from here you can

put your roku device into pairing mode

where it's gonna search for any device

that's available to it and this is good

if you're starting up with a new remote

that you just bought off of

you can actually put your roku device

and your roku remote into pairing mode

and they should sync up and that brings

us to step five what if everything I

just did doesn't work all right I got

the app on my phone I'm still using it

and it's working right now but I would

like an actual remote well you can go on

to and there's cheap options

on Amazon really you can find many

remotes for about eight to ten bucks

that have more basic features some a

little bit more advanced but depending

on the features you want with a remote

they can go up to twenty thirty bucks

and just be careful when you're on and reading the descriptions

is very important some of the remotes on

there you may

ah I won't work with your device so read

the description and make sure the remote

you're buying is compatible with the

Roku device you own if this video helped

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