10 Mind Blowing Hidden SECRETS In The US Dollar


most of us use dollar bills every single

day but have you ever looked at the

paper closely did you know you can see

exactly where the money's been printed

and other secret symbols it holds you

won't believe the connection between the

US dollar and September 11 if you're new

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now let's explore the 10 mind-blowing

hidden secrets in the US dollar the

number 13 if you've studied the layout

and elements of the dollar bill you've

probably noticed there's a consistency

with the number 13 that can be seen on

feathers stars stripes and more it's a

tribute to original colonies and a

symbolic element that's featured more

than just once the number thirteen

represents the thirteen original

colonies of the United States which for

Delaware Pennsylvania New Jersey Georgia

Connecticut Massachusetts Bay Maryland

South Carolina New Hampshire Virginia

New York North Carolina Rhode Island and

Providence Plantations check the back of

the bill where you can see the two

circles together they comprised the

Great Seal of the United States an

element that took four years to get it

approved pay attention to the images in

the circles you can see the american

eagle holding 13 arrows of war in its

left talent the number 13 can also be

found on the shield which has 13 red and

white vertical stripes these stripes are

connected to the horizontal blue band

which represents the Congress uniting

the original colonies but that's not the

end of it have you ever counted the rows

on the pyramid it comes with 13 rows

that symbolize strength and duration of

the 13 original colonies we'll talk more

about the pyramid in just a bit because

it comes with phrases and messages you

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me hear from you see you there Latin

phrase on the Eagle the US dollar comes

with plenty of latin phrases that hold

meaningful messages you probably never

knew before unless you studied Latin or

did your own research

how many phrases have you noticed and do

you know what they all mean let's start

with the phrases on the seal of the

United States turn the bill to the back

and you'll notice that the American

Eagle and the pyramid both feature Latin

writing let's focus on the Eagle first

as we have a lot more things to explore

with the pyramid the letters can be

found right above the wings but the

meaning of them is often missed

translated as one out of many however

because of the way the words are placed

the sentence has even more possible

translations one is one for many men

another is one from many women and final

is one from many things however the

meaning of the sentence is still the

same it describes the action of many


uniting into one in this case bringing

together the 13 colonies and creating

the United States of America but that's

not the only Latin phrase you can find

we'll take a look at the phrases on the

pyramid and a few secret messages on

there later on but all Latin

inscriptions have to do with the history

of the United States letters on the

pyramid so let's look at the pyramid on

the Great Seal in more detail the final

design of the pyramid was accepted in

1782 the pyramid itself symbolizes

strength and duration of the United

States as a country but it holds many

more secrets you never noticed firstly

check out the Latin inscription you see

at the bottom it represents a newly

formed government and the beginning of

the new American era you might have

noticed the creepy eye at the top we'll

talk more about that later on but let's

pay more attention to the small symbols

you never noticed on the pyramid have

you ever noticed that the pyramid is

actually unfinished it comes with 13

steps which of course goes back to the

13 original US colonies we've already

mentioned earlier that the unfinished

pyramid comes with even more symbolism

and indicates future growth in the

nation and expansion do you see the

Roman numerals located on the bay

to the pyramid those stand for 1776

which was the date the founders chose to

represent the new American era of course

it's based on the bottom of the pyramid

and acts as a base for all future growth

we bet you had no idea a simple pyramid

can hold so much symbolism we're just

getting started just wait till we get to

the next quite controversial element

that's placed at the top of the pyramid

the all-seeing eye one of the most

talked-about symbols of the dollar bill

is definitely the all-seeing eye also

known as the Eye of Providence the eye

is of course controversial because of

its resemblance to the Illuminati sign

but stay tuned to hear more about that

and all other conspiracies in just a few

minutes the Aussie and I first appeared

as part of the standard iconography of

the Freemasons back in 1797 and went

through a couple of redrawing before

settling on the final version the symbol

has a direct connection to the

unfinished pyramid which represents

future growth and acts as a capstone the

direct meaning is of course religious as

the eye represents the all-seeing eye of

God keeping a watch on the country

however many have noticed that this

meaning could have changed as the symbol

of this triangle evolved through the

years the eye has also been noted in a

few versions of the Bible and was

adopted by masonry in 1797 the Latin

words above the eye were explained by

Charles Thompson the founding father who

was also chosen to complete the design

of the Great Seal the meaning of the eye

and the motto over it allude to the many

signal into positions of Providence in

favor of the American cause the effect

translation of the motto above the eye

means that the Providence favors our


there's a hidden creature it's time to

take out a magnifying glass because

there's one thing we're positive you've

never noticed on the dollar bill unless

you studied it closely turn it to the

front of the bill and get closer to the

left edge of number one you see the arc

on the left side of the shield the right

side features leaves that there are no

leaves on the left side instead you can

find a small creature and many suspects

it's either an owl a spider or something

that holds a secret symbolic meaning

that's connected to the history of the

United States if you think about it the


and behind an owl would definitely add a

perfect touch to the bill that's already

full of secret elements a

similar-looking creature can also be

found at the bottom of the bill look

closely at the strange pattern between

the number one and the one dollar sign

do you see it the secret behind this

symbol is still unexplained and while

many think it's just a part of the

pattern others suspect it has a

secretive meaning the founding fathers

never shared with anyone else

conspiracy theorists also suspect the

owl is another symbol of Freemasons and

Illuminati but of course we'll probably

never know the truth do you think it's

an owl or just a pattern the eagle let's

pay attention to another American symbol

you probably know all too well bald

eagles represents strength beauty and

longevity and it first appeared as an

American symbol in 1782 but have you

noticed everything that's happening with

the eagle on the dollar bill the symbols

represent a lot more than just strength

and beauty Charles Thompson one of the

founding fathers described the American

Eagle as one of the most striking

symbols the eagle on the wing is rising

it flies freely and independently but

pay attention to what its holding in its

left Talon you can see the 13 arrows and

an olive branch and it's right the 13

arrows signify the war in 13 original

colonies and the olive branch signifies

peace there's also a reason why they're

placed on the left and right the right

side symbolizes dominance and the arrows

can be interpreted as a warlike gesture

the left talent shows a much more

peaceful offering as olive branches

symbolize peace and victory speaking of

the eagle did you know that the original

animal that represented the United

States was supposed to be a turkey the

idea was presented by Benjamin Franklin

who actually didn't particularly like

the idea of an eagle but that's a story

for another video let's get back to

exploring more hidden secrets in the

dollar bill the circled letters you've

probably noticed that the dollar bill

features some strange letters and by now

you know that every element on the bill

has a secret meaning if you turn the

bill to the front you'll notice a

circled letter on the left side of

George Washington's portrait these are

also known as the Federal Reserve seal

check your other bills and you might see

that these letters aren't all the same

although these might

have a secret meaning that talks about

the history of the United States they

can tell you exactly where every single

bill was printed pretty cool right as

you might know there are twelve

different US Federal Reserve Bank's

which are responsible for printing money

these letters go from a to I and they

represents twelve cities where you can

find the Federal Reserve Bank's you can

find these banks in Boston New York

Philadelphia Cleveland Richmond Atlanta

Chicago st. Louis Minneapolis Kansas

City Dallas and San Francisco so for

example you see the letter A it means

that your dollar bill was printed in

Boston or if you see the letter G it was

printed in Chicago the letter B stands

for New York and so on and so on if you

look closely at the letter you'll notice

the city's name in the actual circle

along with the state of the Federal

Reserve serial numbers speaking of

numbers let's have a closer look at the

serial numbers you can find on the bill

and they actually appear twice once

right below the Federal Reserve seal on

the left and right above the Treasury

seal on the right here's a little secret

on how you can easily spot if your bill

is actually fake check out the letter on

the Federal Reserve seal this letter

must match the first letter of the

serial number at all times if it doesn't

you're most likely dealing with

counterfeit cash then check out the

letter right under the serial number

that letter indicates how many times the

Bureau of Engraving and printing used

the same sequence of serial numbers they

usually print 832 bills per serial

number so if you see a letter A that

means this sequence was used for the

first time or if you see a letter V it

means it was used 22 times speaking of

the dollar bill rare serial numbers

could make your bill worth thousands of


so check if you see any of these digits

people are now buying dollar bills with

seven repeating digits of a serial

number in a row you might also check if

you have seven of a kind digits or four

digits in a row your dollar bill might

just be worth more than just a dollar

conspiracy theories if you look at these

symbols for a long time you'll start

seeing more and more strange things no

one can escape conspiracy theories not

even American money over the years

people started paying more and more

attention to the symbols on the dollar

bill and with that came various theories

and explanations of the story behind the

elements of course the all-seeing eye

points to the infamous Illuminati and

many believe that some of the Masons

were also members of Illuminati a secret

society that can control just about

every aspect of the world it's also been

pointed out that the 13 stars above the

Eagle connected to a hexagon which is

connected to satanic beliefs people also

claim that it's the same hexagon on the

pyramid and many think that the Roman

numerals represent the year when

Illuminati was first formed the tiny

mysterious owl that can be found on the

left side of number 1 was also connected

to the Freemasons and many people

believe it symbolizes Satanism we're

sure you can find more and more

triangles just about anywhere on the

dollar bill and many believe the money

holds even more hidden Illuminati

secrets what do you think are these

symbols more than just regular symbols

talking about the history of the United

States or is it all just one big

conspiracy theory we're not quite done

with conspiracy theories wait until you

see what you can do with the $20 bill

you can fold the $20 bill this is one of

the weirdest secrets we've shown you

today we've tried it and we're really

not sure what to think about this did

you know that you can fold a $20 bill in

a certain way that shows the New York

Twin Towers falling

it's a strange theory but we'll show you

how to do it so you can test it on your

own to make this work use an old $20

bill first fold the bill horizontally

then fold it into an L shape and fold it

the same way on the right side before we

move on check out the center of the bill

some claim if you look closely you can

see the Pentagon on fire then turn the

bill around in the center you will now

see the Twin Towers ablaze it's a

picture that can be easily compared to

the actual September 11th moment if you

do the same to the $5 bill you will see

the same images but the buildings are

still standing you can also see the Twin

Towers ablaze on a $10 bill while the

$50 bill only shows smoke the folding

Theory hasn't yet been confirmed as true

but you should definitely try folding it


for yourself of course you can also fold

the bill into a cool-looking origami

like this one that's it for the 10 most

mind-blowing secrets in the US dollar

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