The Outer Banks - The Don'ts of OBX, North Carolina

Peter fellow-travellers mark here with

Walter's Waltons day when the Outer

Banks of North Carolina and stable we

have for you are the don'ts would you

visit the Outer Banks but it's really

windy here so we're actually gonna go to

a little bit more inland so you can get

some more of these don'ts so let the

bodhi lighthouse so we're now here

actually where we're staying when we are

here and the beach is just a couple

blocks down that way it's great and the

thing is I'm gonna focus with some of

the don'ts here they actually deal with

the beach because there are some things

you should know because it's not just go

to the beach and not think about it

there's things you do need to think

about before you go there okay and my

first don't for you when you go to the

beaches don't mess around with the waves

and the riptides the water here can be

dangerous when you go there and you're

walking along the beach you go in the

water a little too far and the wave

comes and pulls you back like whoa that

was a little freaky yes it can be a bit

strong here so do be careful and if

you're coming with your kids which you

should because there's tons of stuff to

do with your kids here don't leave them

on the beachfront by themselves because

those tides come in boom you can get

them so just be careful now I'm not

saying don't go to the beach because it

is awesome to enjoy the beach here it is

beautiful the views and all kinds of

stuff and to go along with that I think

I'm gonna tell you one don't is don't

miss the sunrise or sunset when you're

on the beach here look watching the

sunrise in the morning it is just

gorgeous back there but even the sunset

the thing is if you're on the other side

of the Outer Banks you can see the

sunset going down that way but it's just

gorgeous to walk along the beach it's

either the crabs coming out the ghost

crabs going around and stuff like that

it is so wonderful to do that but just

make sure you are safe some other don'ts

in terms of safety with the beach

obviously don't forget your sunblock and

a hat when you go out to the beach or

when you're here and also don't forget

bug spray I mean there's a lot of bugs

that might be biting you when you are

here so do have a heads up with that now

first adults there's another don't I

have for you when you're at the beaches

that is don't bring glass to the beach

now what's cool is you can bring your

drinks to the beach adult beverages or

children's beverages it's okay but it is

not okay to have glass on the beach so

have your cans or make your drinks

before you go and then head out there

you'll be fine I'm also don't think that

the Outer Banks has some of those weird

liquor laws like you have another place

in the US oh no it's not dry here okay

it's what so coolest don't forget you

can do a drive-thru to get your bruise

yes they have brew throughs where you

literally drive through and you're in

your car like yes I take some beer here

and I'll take some [ __ ] and some other

stuff and they have it right there you

literally drive through it that is kind

of cool when you are here

of course don't drink and drive

obviously that's that's a given anywhere

you are in the world and one of the the

road safety things I'd say is if you

look back there there's some there's a

main road you'll see people going by if

you see it when you're crossing that

road be careful because I found that

road to actually more dangerous than the

really super busy main road because

people are going down here faster and

you got kids coming out coming off the

beaches so don't just run out obviously

and into the street but what I want to

say is if you see a car stopped don't

just go around them thinking there wait

they're there just stop for a second

make sure you're paying attention

because there's a lot of little kids

that come here and families and their

kids are running out there and I've seen

a couple close calls there so do be

careful okay don't be crazy

when you're driving in and don't be

crazy when you're when you're going back

and forth to the beach okay and another

thing you might want to know is what

your coming here don't think it's gonna

be easy to get to the Outer Banks one

thing is there's no really big

International Airport really kind of

close by so wherever you're coming into

you're gonna be driving to get here okay

so don't think that that's easy also

there's not a ton of entry points coming

on to the Outer Banks so I would say is

don't freak out about all the build-up

like it nags head when you come in and

you have like oh it's like it's like a

box store and it's Walmart here or or

McDonald's and stuff like that don't

worry about that if you go north and

south from any of the entry points a few

miles it really thins out so that's kind

of a cool thing to know another thing I

want to say about the the accommodation

stuff there are some hotels here but the

thing is this is a vacation destination

and it is all rental properties like

this so make sure you get online and

book a house when you are here and

there's a lot of great rental properties

here the one we're at is freaking

awesome okay it's just a really cool

place to be but there's tons I'm here

and there's tons of tourists that come

here and enjoy here so it's really set

up for tourists and it's for older

tourists yes the brew throughs but also

for younger tourists as well they've got

I mean you can't throw a stick without

finding some of your kids to do from

putt-putt everywhere mini-golf

everywhere go-karts movie theaters June

buggy stuff all kinds of cool things

alright but I will say is if I can

recommend a time of the year not to come


don't come mid-july through mid-august

because that is the peak time okay if

you are gonna come at this time don't

forget to book way way in advance okay

because it is packed out we are here the

end of June and it's fine I mean there's

hardly any lines the beach is empty it's

really cool but just make sure you do

know that that mid-july mid-august a

fourth of July through mid-august that's

when you're going to be really

frustrated which is packed packed packed

full of people okay other times I mean

like I said May June you're gonna be


end of August September you'll be fine

it is just gorgeous here so you'll be

alright but just just have a heads up

for that another thing is don't think

it's just the beaches and drinking it

stuff like that

I'd say if your kid or your kid at heart

and you know about the national national

parks and national monuments passport

don't forget to bring your national park

a National Monument passport cuz they

have a few a couple of national

monuments here you can go to Kittyhawk

with the wright brothers through their

planes the first time you get a stamp

there for your passport or you can get

one and you know it where I was before

the Bodie Island you could go there

there's another one there so there are

some really nice things to see

historically when you are here and there

are lighthouses up and down the the

Outer Banks but I will say one done

about that a lot of lighthouses don't

think you can go into all of them okay

you can't see them from outside but

don't think you can get go in every

single one

a couple more Beach tips I have for you

one is don't forget when you come back

to your rental property that you use the

shower and what's cool is don't be

scared of the outdoor showers we love

them if you have one that's closed off

you can shower all natural outside which

is kind of a cool feeling that is

something different that we don't do in

the do in the cold places where I live

so that's kind of a cool thing but of

course you know if you're gonna go on a

trail make sure it's one that's closed

in alright but you want to get all that

sand out of here because it will be

everywhere as Leah misinformed me it's

like dad I hate the beach because this

tank it's everywhere I'm like yes I know

buddy it does but don't be afraid to use

those outdoor showers another don't I

have you if you're thinking about

driving on the beach okay and in some

places you can okay but make sure you

need to know if you need a permit to do

it or

so heads up for that one but don't just

go crazy on that makes you got a

four-wheel-drive vehicle make sure you

know what you're doing you're watching

out for things because if you want to go

see the wild horses and stuff like that

you do need to have some four-wheel

drive vehicles so there is that there

another thing is don't think you can

camp on the beach and a lot of people

like oh it's a beach it's open I'll just

camp here you should use the campgrounds

when you are here and a lot of the

campgrounds are like right on the beach

anyway so you're like on the beach

anyway but it's a campground and you

don't have any problems that way

now there are some things you want to

make sure you do have to eat when you

are here because you know I don't like

to forget the food what we do talk about

coming to places number one don't forget

to grab some North Carolina barbecue the

thing is the barbecue here's the ribs

the pulled pork and stuff like that but

the thing is that what makes North

Carolina barbecue North Carolina

barbecue is the sauce and it's actually

a vinegar-based sauce it's a very

liquidy barbecue sauce you'll have here

and so if you're think of that sweet

thick tomato base stuff you have like an

in Georgia and stuff like that it's not

like that it's a vinegar-based one also

don't forget to eat the seafood when you

are here and I have some amazing sheet

crab bisque oh so good some soft-shell

crab oh my god is so nice you have all

kinds of great seafood obviously when

you're on the sea you're gonna have

great seafood you are here you have that

but I'm gonna say at least one of your

breakfast is at least one or maybe all

of your breakfast is don't forget to go

to duck donuts and duck donuts have now

expanded out of the Outer Banks there

are a lot of places but there's a lot of

duck Donuts here and what makes duck

donuts kind of special it's kind of like

a Chipotle kind of version of Donuts

like you pick what you want on your

doughnuts and you see them make your

doughnuts in front of you so you like

yeah I don't have a maple bacon one I'll

have this kind and they literally make

it up you wait in line and go through

and they make it right there and it's

really great and another don't I have

for that is don't get freaked out about

the lines at duck donuts because they

actually move you through relatively

quickly and it was like kind of a cool

experience cuz you're watched and Donuts

getting made and like oh number seven

you're a boy that's me I just saw be

made and that was kind of cool when we

were here

and my last two here before we go back

to the lighthouse one don't feed the


don't feed the goals for the pelicans

cuz they'll keep coming back I know you

think oh isn't that cute no it's not

don't feed them all right that's a

really serious thing and ii don't i have


don't think you can walk on all the sand

dunes here some you can walk on it's no

problem others they might be planning

grasses and stuff on so just know which

ones you should and shouldn't go on

before you go so that's whether you want

to say but we'll finish this off heading

back to the White House because that's

way better than just me longing to go to

the beach here one more time

so we're back here to finish off and our

last kind of dunks we have for you have

to do when you do stay here one thing

you need to know is don't think if you

stay on one side of the highway versus

the other side of the highway with your

friends it's going to be easy to get to

that main drag down the down the Outer


it is extremely busy all the time and so

it does take time so you might want to

take a right in order to take a left so

do have a heads up for that also if

you're going to be going where the wild

horses are remember you're probably need

a four-wheel drive vehicle so don't

forget unifor wheel drive vehicle and

you don't always see them when you go

there so you might want to take a tour

to make sure you see them but it is kind

of cool but have a heads up for that one

of the don'ts I have few is don't

approach them you're actually not

supposed to be within like 50 feet of

them who they happen to come up to you

that's one thing but if your approach

them don't do that okay so have a heads

up for that one

and I do have one more safety don't when

you are here in the Outer Banks don't

let your kids just walk in the parking

lots it's like people feel that the

parking lots are racing areas it seems

like here so do have a heads up do be

careful with that because that's one of

the things is don't drive crazy in these

but don't don't not pay attention

because I've seen way too many people

always get mad by people just flying

through these try through the parking

lots here in the Outer Banks so just

want to add that one because that is a

safety thing anyway I hope you liked

your dose of visiting Outer Banks if you

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