Gather or Consume Foraged Items at The Orchard Location - Fortnite Battle Royale

hello everybody I'm in the letter word

Austin in his Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

we have got another challenge this week

which is one that epic love to put in

every single season since this location

existed it's not a name location on the


it's simply referred to as the orchard

and people still to this day every

season don't know where this is so it's

still worth making a video on but

basically simply put if you come to

frenzied farm which at the moment is

looking like play-doh I'm not entirely

sure what's going on there but

essentially if you come from frenzied

farms which is a name location you go

north of there and you've got this cute

little orchard right here and this is

basically what you're looking for now in

previous seasons there would be loads of

apples lying around here but currently

that doesn't seem to be the case but not

to worry the new consumables that we've

got in this season a fortnight are

actually cabbages and there is a massive

old cabbage patch over here by the

scarecrows in kind of like the I guess

like the western end of it southwestern

corner and there are cabbages for days

here it's a memory cabbages only do HP

so you'll have to like climb up on top

of say like this barn jump off take a

bit and damage and go heal yourself up

or purposely get into a fight with

somebody in order to take a sucker punch

and then you can have some of your

greens to make yourself feel better

but that's as simple as that if you

basically want any more clarity on where

this is my map is currently broken on

replay mode but it's around about there

which isn't all that helpful but the

best way to think about it is like I

said north of frenzied farm or if you go

from steamy stacks and head west

slightly south as well or you can even

go directly east of Pleasant Park right

the way across the here and you will

find it's a little bit south of the

racetrack and fortnight radio as well so

there's your location if you didn't find

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