Olympic Peninsula Overview | Video Travel Guide

hi I'm Eric the travel guide today we're

in Washington State and for the next

couple of minutes I'm going to show you

around the Olympic Peninsula let's go

the Olympic Peninsula is located in

western Washington it's the large arm of

land situated across the Puget Sound

from Seattle it's bound on the west by

the Pacific Ocean the north by the

Strait of Juan de Fuca and in the east

by the Hood Canal the Olympic mountain

range is in the centre of the peninsula

and it's home to the highest peak Mount

Olympus small towns dot the drive around

the Olympic Peninsula like pearls on a

string each having its own special vibe

and there's a culinary loop to follow

for scrumptious seafood like Dungeness

crab and farm-to-table local cuisine

you'll find tasty beverages on the cider

route around Port Townsend the historic

Victorian town with a long maritime

history those of you wishing to up your

olympic peninsula get away well I

suggest a to nation vacation and here's

how to do it stay here in Port Angeles

for at least a couple of days and then

take a day trip right over to Victoria

it's safe to say you will need a car

when you're here and simply driving

around will give you a sense of

perspective this is a large Peninsula

and if you're curious where to start I

say start at the Olympic National Park

if seeing is believing then my friends

consider me a believer


it spans nearly a million acres with 73

miles of coastline and represents three

distinct ecosystems in four different


glaciated mountains subalpine forests

and wildflower meadows temperate

rainforests and rugged Pacific coastline

and they're all beautifully present when

to visit is always a consideration when

planning a vacation so I can give you a

little insight peak season here

essentially runs from Memorial Day to

Labor Day which is over the summer

months Shoulders sees it of course

you'll find those in the month right

before summer and a little after one of

my favorite times to visit Olympic

Peninsula easy in September or October

you're probably going to need a little

help planning your itinerary so head

over to the area's official tourism

bureau at Olympic Peninsula org trust me

when I say you're going to want to see

as much of the Olympic Peninsula as time

allows during your visit a couple of my

must dues are hiking at hurricane ridge

which showcases a stunning vantage point

of the area and exploring the vast ho

and Quinault rainforests that are among

the great wonders of the Olympic

Peninsula and offers plenty of

opportunities to practice forest bathing

which has wonderful health benefits

seeing all the incredible beauty of the

towering trees flourishing forest life

and haunting moss covered trails will

simply take your breath away and allow

the pulse of nature to flow right

through you this is real rejuvenation so

I was thinking we may have run out of

time in this video but the time is now

for you to plan and take your next

unforgettable vacation to the Olympic

Peninsula I'm Erika travel guide that's

what I got hey thank you for watching

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