What Happens At OKTOBERFEST!?


this is day one of our Oktoberfest

experience obviously we had to come to

the grounds more than once and so we are

decked out that's more authentic as you

know not check your shirt but yeah

checkered shirts but now we're learning

yeah we're learning we're trying to make

it work it's what we got

thank you still pretty appropriate yeah

and the harvest sauce outfits growing

are like quality leather this is the

real deal

we're heading to our first for your

house that's called shit's and threats

out visiting felt shits and vests out

saying that ten times fast that's a

Julie to the beer this is like the

stampede of drinking beer because there

are tables that are available but

they're ushered reservations and then

there are tables that are not available

and they're also under reservations

there's all sorts a little rules of

things you got to know about if then you

get kicked out at certain hours every

day you don't know what's going on and

we don't speak the language here but you

can try we can get it drinking day

everywhere everywhere aren't we even

going the right way alright it doesn't

matter we don't know











what's your name unless





all right so today we eat in true

Bavarian tradition yeah awesome course

next to it you get the original white

work of course you drink the white you

can't you can't can you if you get for

this now you like yeah

yeah but normally like there people are

just eating it like a cyano that's kinda

creepy yeah



oh I got a 20 right here Carrie can you

introduce our fifth member today

yes hey guys guess what we got our fifth

member today his name is Carrie and he's

a really lovely lad top of his bucket

list for the last several years has been

Oktoberfest in Munich and guess what

we're doing Oktoberfest in Munich

Utah oh man he speaks the lingo net

dresses yeah it looks good so here's the

deal we are just outside of the show

from Hamilton linked up with Kerry's

friend local he knows how things work

he's been good for a table inside three

beers this is the real deal



the taste when it hits you


the drinking