Oil Pressure Switch Replacement with Basic Hand Tools 1080HD

all right so once you have the vehicle

secure it on in this case jack stand and

the jack as well right here we have the

oil pan this is in fact the lead or the

wire running to the oil pressure unit

here excuse me and an easy way to find

it of course here is your oil filter

this again is your oil pan this is where

you drain the oil if you take a look

right up here

it's obviously leaking quite bad so this

really needs to be replaced so the first

step is we need to of course remove this

weed and it's so darned dirtiest very

hard for you to see but right here I

mean this rubber boot is essentially

disintegrated I really need to replace

this but right here there's a a prong

you push in the prong it's on my thumb

and then use pull off the harness and

also what I'm going to do off-camera is

I'll clean up this lead right here but

this is where the unit is located so we

need to remove it now in this case this

happens to be a 27 millimeter or 7/8 of

an inch socket you can't really use

anything else but a socket and make sure

you have a deep socket as well because a

short Sacher won't work like so this

happens to be a 27 millimeter 1/2 inch

drive so we'll remove the old unit

install the new one and we'll be in good

shape and real quick before we begin

just make sure you place an oil pan a

drain pan right underneath because oil

will come out when the sensor is removed

and let's go ahead let's do it let's

remove the sensor here again this is a

27 millimeter this vehicle make sure

it's on there securely and really it's

not hard to remove and that should be

good enough to remove it by hand and

it's going to back up here for a little


sent to my drain pin just take it out

slowly here

and of course here's our old sensor and

real quick what I'll do is I'll just

clean it up here alright so now we have

the new sensor here it is this happened

to be a 22 millimeter size in this case

the old one if you recall is 27 in this

case this is 22 so just make sure you

have the correct sockets before you do

this job because you don't want to get

jack up the car get on your back and

then find out that you don't have the

right sockets so just double check when

you do this on your vehicle make sure

you have everything before hand and also

one thing to know if you take a look on

the threads there's a thread lock on

there make sure excuse me um teflon tape

and this came right from the factory so

just make sure you pull it a little bit

of teflon tape if you don't have it

if the sensor doesn't have the teflon on

there just go ahead put a little bit on

this helps ensure that when you install

the sensor it won't leak so just make

sure it's on there and then we'll go

ahead and just reinstall it right back

onto the vehicle you know this carts

today can really last for a very very

long time as long as you maintain them

and that's really the key and then just

go ahead reinstall the new sensor here

and grab your socket and and then of

course don't forget the electrical

connection and just go ahead plug that

in here that's it now the rubber piece

you notice it just completely ripped off

so what I'll do is off-camera

I'm going to just wrap around the sensor

and then I let's put a zip tie around it

you know that way it protects the

connection here and of course don't

forget to reinstall any oil that we lost

so let's go ahead and do that