The Nucleolus (the small nucleus)

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alice let's continue talking about

physiology in the last video we have

talked about the nucleus today let's

talk about the baby nucleus also known

as then nucleolus inside the nucleus

looks darker under the microscope so

let's get started


let's reveal what we have discussed in

the previous video the nucleus is the

control center contains DNA inside the

chromosomes and surrounded by a membrane

called nuclear membrane that has pores

the nuclear membrane like any membrane

in your body is a double membrane with

an inter membrane space in between and

it has forced will have selective

exchange for molecules and ions the

outer membrane or the nuclear membrane

is continuous with the rough endoplasmic

reticulum so it has lots of ribosomes on

it the nucleolus which is today's topic

occupies quarter of the nucleus it

appears darker in color and it doesn't

have a membrane what are the functions

assembly of ribosomes and synthesis of

our RNA R stands for ribosomal RNA the

nucleolus enlarged when the cell is

synthesizing proteins because it's more

active then it's like when you're shy

you blush you're more active appear

darker let's have some meta kosis words

of wisdom here the nucleolus is nothing

but a place where there are lots of RNA

and ribosomal proteins that's why we

don't need a nuclear membrane there is

no such thing where is the nucleolus

synthesized or where are the ribosomes

in size they began in the nucleus then

some ribosomes will stay in the nucleus

forming the nucleolus others will go to

the cytoplasm to the outside through the

nuclear pores and they will form the

ribosomes RNA Plus ribosomal proteins

forming ribosomes remember that you can

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