we're at VidCon right now we all push

the buttons at the same time and we

temporarily disabled the hacking zoom

like 15 minutes we found out that the

hackers have fake YouTube algorithm

source code and with that the hackers

can hack YouTube forever you know how in

our last previous videos it was getting

happy spine and it's actually let us

know that in the static contain clues

maybe those clues are the combination to

the safe where we found the source code

we gotta get the safe why don't we split

up and see who can press a first go grab

it right this elevator up it opened up

okay but I'm trying to find that safe

I'm so sorry about our last videos guys

project sort will impact all of our

YouTube channels and they took our video

from Wednesday and they like split it up

into like three or four different videos

but you finally just figured out that if

you play all the videos together at the

same time it would form one big long

videos those orgo members who hacked us

even like blurt out really important

parts of our videos it's just crazy this

projects are of an organization I mean I

have 1 million subscribers now they

definitely are by far the most strongest

powerful hackers on YouTube but you know

what guys we're the spine in jizz and

B's channel has almost 5 million

subscribers click the subscribe button

down below

if it's red make it gray and then next

to it is a bell icon click that too

anyway you kind of find that safe or

projects or go has it this whole VidCon

thing is gonna be ruined

right guys and the last time I thought

the safe it was in one of the meetings

rooms so I'm gonna go up there right now

I actually saw

the hackers opened up the face I didn't

think the combination though but inside

you pulled out like some colorful dip I

think that may be called floppy disks or

something not quite sure what type of

technology that is if you guys know what

type of technology that is let me know

in the comments below because that's

like really weird I mean I know it's in

one of these rooms that they all look

the same and there's so many of them in

this convention center all right let's

just keep going room to room until we

find that safe maybe the seat is in


it's a beast that last time she saw the

safe it was in this room right here

because the doors right here was that

that's the safe right there with the

source code in it there's absolutely

nobody in here right now it's right

there let's go wait a second

I think they left something behind look

right here the other still like this

it's crevasse proclaimed a pack of


let's give this room over here what are

you close with his only one yeah there's

only one I've had call for backup or

something I'm gonna be stuck in this

trashcan for the rest of my life now I

got my Apple watch back from the hacker

hey Siri call Chad hey Chet I'm in a

garbage can right now you're in a

garbage can

I was trying to get the safe and a bunch

of hackers came in and I had nowhere

else to hide it

wait ale I've got a plan yeah I just

found a hacker outfit we're gonna dress

it as a hacker we're gonna find one the

safest we're gonna come in there and try

to take the safe and distract them so

you can get out of there yeah it's a

great million Daniel be quick though

it's very uncomfortable in here I think

we need to both fit into this one hacker

out there doing we can't believe it we

got a zip it up yes good thinkin little

tiny thing I'm so skinny here's the

camera grab the mask let's go okay baby

you ready let's go this way

left right hello hacker friend

it totally worked the leader told me to

come here and guard the safe not just

yes these feet are sticking out on the

bottom so leader told me to bring him

the same did he also tell you to bring

lunch and then you hate it all uncurable

once this thing you're pretty strong

it's like there's two you are not strong

they're free

girl shoot they're not giving it's

Hammond Oh what's Regina doing right now

in the car

hey sir your car Regina Daniel just let

me know that they need help they're in

big trouble right now they're gonna get

found out luckily I know that this

controls the intercom I'm gonna get a

program up on my phone

that resembles the hackers voice and I'm

going to type in I sent over a hacker to

get the safe I'm gonna play it through

the intercom and it's gonna come out do

the toy your vacation with each other

half favor here oh my gosh I can barely


it's like furniture stuff getting in

here okay let's get out of this thing

okay you put the camera down

oh my gosh freedom you guys back are

such fools they gave it to Jaffe we're

gonna finally add the source code to

YouTube all to ourselves to the hackers

anymore right I mean I'll do this at me

it's so yeah I'm surprised that they

fell for it where's the safe

it's in my backpack right here oh nice

we got a call Regina she has to meet up

with us okay I'll call her up on speaker

yeah hey Regina Daniel we got the safe

with a source code in it yeah yeah nice

okay meet me outside meet outside right

now where's Regina Regina my backpack

all right let me get out okay so here's

the same it's got a bunch of digits on

it we got to figure out how to get in

here ever we kept finding all those

things but weird numbers on it my Apple

watch had a one I think that might be

the combination of the safe all right

guys all the items that we found you

guys told us in the static there are

letters in it so I think it's an

alphabetical order so check this out I

found a button with the three on you

guys told me that you found an A next to

it so three must be the first code yeah

guys I found a test with the number one

on it and inside the static you spine

and just said that the Tesla had the

letter B so one must be the next one

number one and I also found a water


it had the number form and on the static

you see I said it was C so I think four

is next and when I found my Apple watch

there was a one on it

and you guys said in the static you saw

an Apple watch with a Dee Dee's the

fourth letter of the alphabet so one's a

fourth letter of this combination the TV

has the number 5 and the clipboard have

the number 9 so 5 9 do we grabbed the

wrong safe we must have you should go

back inside let's see if we can find the

other safe let's go members the Tesla

and the second booster already guys

they're still using the Tesla in the

signal boosters we should split up me

and Chad will take care of the Tesla

will get the signal booster ok so the

Tesla has got to be outside all right

there that's a Model 3 yeah I recognize

it by the wheels ok let's try and get a

little closer to stuff I don't want to

hacker see you know

what have you we need to figure out how

to shut this Tesla down so I can't hack

anybody remember in our video this is

where the source of the power from the

signal blister is we stuck the signal

booster in right here yes do you have

any spy gadgets or anything that could

short-circuit that let me check my spy

ninja rush that ain't gonna work

huh code here oh that's kind of

dangerous I don't think I don't think I

should do you know you might Electra

cute yourself serve an electrical yeah

do not stick metal anything near

electronics he's leaving

where she's leaving I don't know I think

that was that PC 4:09 character who

cleans everything I recognize now's our

chance maybe we can get into the Tesla

okay Reggie like the signal booster was

not inside the place you see the signal

booster anywhere No Deal oh my gosh

Regina does it I see something else

it's a hacker maybe he has a single

booster we should follow him you're

gonna go easy on your feet easy on your

feet oh he's going in we're gonna lose

him this you

oh just do a water bottle down

don't let her it's not you went up that

flight of stairs I think we're safe to

begin here I hear his footsteps there is

I can't tell if he has a single booster

on him or not

it's around here somewhere maybe oh

they're right there Regina the signal

booster on them let me see yes I think

that guy right there has a signal

booster in his hands

okay let's lock to all the doors are


dude wait a second be with this the

windows open a crack maybe your arms gay

enough to get in there and uh let me try

no I can wait whoa you got your coat

hanger B you've used that before to

unlock things and to get into doorways

maybe you can use that to slip it into

this window and unlock her door never

trying to break into a car that's not

yours we're only doing this because we

need to save VidCon and make sure that

all those youtubers do not get hacked

otherwise we would never mess with that

someone else's car okay baby absolutely

right stick it in there

hope you like really right oh I didn't

think as Daniel would say all right

let's go in

it's just like a bunch of blankets and

stuff really get out oh my gosh I can't

believe these guys can they make up

their mind first they sent me over there

and then they send me here then they

tell me to go back to the Tesla then

they need help with a signal booster oh

my gosh make up your mind

I can dress up as a hacker and distract

them somehow and then while you distract


I use my tippy-toes oh okay it's my

backpack of disguise

I don't like this come on get it

together Daniel I'm gonna pretend I need

like medical attention or something yeah

oh I don't feel so good oh my spleen I

feel fine actually don't take my mask

off you know what I feel better all of a

sudden what a weirdo

sorry to interrupt I'm gonna head back

that way see you guys later sorry about


shoot did you get the signal booster no

moving it

I pretended like I was having breathing

problems and then they said all those

give him mouth-to-mouth and they tried

taking my mask off so I had to call it

there I had to tell them the truth I was

just acting okay hey I'm a projects

Orgel member and I'm here to just those

projects Orgel members don't talk to me

right now I mean really change your

situation right now do you have any

other tricks up your sleeve a way I can

tricks up my sleeve

actually yes passes I took from the

hackers are storing it in my sleeve if

you said tricks up your sleeve magicians

do tricks I just learned a brand new

magic trick I've been learning it to get

girls I'm gonna do a super duper awesome

magic trick with the VidCon pass in

front of the hackers and distract them

while you take a simple booster okay

there go but look what I just found it

on the backseat is this lightsaber thing

we could shove this into the power

supply of the Tesla maybe that'll


once we have a chance once he snaps

we'll get out we'll try that okay oh

gosh it's all over my mouth my hand



okay Daniel you sure you got this hey

guys want to see a really cool magic

trick here's one of the big pond passes

check this down here we go

Oh pretty cool huh

yeah why do we have her when you could

just be a magician yeah exactly who

wants to learn the trick you may be yeah

be yeah put this little booster now



you can't see senators blanket they must

be looking for something




we got a call Daniela Richie to see if

they're okay what Regina guys okay we

got the signal booster you got the

signal booster sweet we saw the Tesla

you got to get to the parking garage

meet a theory okay we'll come find you

over here okay they should be on their

way here soon hackers they know we're

here you're gonna find a suit they're

onto us my gosh I'll look over there ah

they're just sitting there talking to

each other I got an idea guys I'm gonna

sacrifice myself once they get into the

Tesla I'm gonna be like hey guys over

here come Chase me hopefully they drive

it after me named the Tesla Jan but wait

you can take the signal booster now we

can put it by the wheel of the car so

that they run right over and smash into

pieces I'd have the lightsaber II here

and I can jam into the power source yes

yeah this is gonna work

it better work Chad don't worry I'll be

back javi they're coming they're coming

okay stay behind this pole once they get

in the car I'm gonna put the single

booster underneath the tire and then

I'll get him to chase me in the car

Daniel you tell me when it's good to go

okay get in there they're opening the


Costin someone's in the driver's seat

okay okay they're in magic


oh-o-oh Chen guys guys it'll work oh my

gosh only thing it was just broken it's

so broken on the guy in the car

yeah go get here kisses little booster