How To Find Your Network Security Key

hey how's it going guys this is Cody

from network security key org I just

want to show you a really quick way to

find your network security key if you

are already connected to the internet or

have a device connected to the internet

that runs a Windows operating system

what you're going to want to do is go to

start go to control panel actually the

easiest way to do is just to type in

network connections up here and here

you're going to see a variety of

networks that you've connected to one is

going to have signal what you're going

to do is double click on that once

you're here you're going to want to go

to wireless properties then go to

security and here you'll see network

security key and all you have to do is

click show characters and there you have

it you have your network security key

that you can connect to from any other

device with that with that code