Visit The Netherlands - What to Know Before You Visit The Netherlands

hey there fellow travelers Mart here

with Walters world and today we are in

the Netherlands here in Amsterdam got

the reits Museum behind me it is a

really fun place to visit and to do we

have for you are things you should know

before you come to the Netherlands okay

and you notice I keep saying the

Netherlands not Holland because Holland

are just two counties of the twelve that

make up the Netherlands so just so you

know that one let's get to the other

stuff that normal tourists that are

going to go and want to explore other

parts that not just the red light

district parts of the Netherlands and

the first thing you want to talk about

is the language look in the Netherlands

you do not have to speak Dutch okay a

dumb crew or donkey oh that that will be

very appreciated but in general you can

just straight off start speaking English

right away because the Dutch speak

English very very well like so well that

they actually get sarcastic jokes and

they'll throw sarcasm back at you and

that is kind of a fun thing now the

Dutch people themselves are a bit

reserved but not I guess the way I kind

of put it is there Frank they're direct

they're to the point they don't like to

waste time so there's not always a lot

of small talk but we do have small talk

get to the point get your stuff out of

the way it will make your life a lot

easier when you are here so don't think

they're rude they just are very

efficient in their speaking and getting

to the point stuff okay now another

thing you might want to talk about when

you're coming to the Netherlands is hey

what's the money there well they use the

euro here it's no big deal you know you

got your five year old bill 10 euro bill

20 euro bill 50 euro bill anything

bigger than that I try to avoid just

because you don't get to use it very

many places or they might not change it

it's just not worth having so have those

smaller bills and the coins you'll need

the coins a lot when you are here

because there's a lot of little snacky

things you're gonna do like when you go

eat you're gonna want to have you know

some herring or some fries or something

like that from one of the shops and

those are only a few euros so good to

have some coins now to get money out

there's a lot of ATMs around the country

so you won't have any problem with that

and they do let you select like ten

languages and they're really good about

that here okay so you do have that that

makes it easier now the next thing you

probably know is a tourist is how am I

gonna get around the Netherlands because

you should explore outside of Amsterdam

and when Amsterdam is great and all but

there's so many other cool places to

check out maybe want to go to the Harlem

or stretch or MasterCard Gruden Inc

that's the one that all of my Dutch

friends like mark you gotta go there

there's all kinds of cool places to go

and the thing is that train Network here

is very good and it's very efficient and

goes all the time which is really nice

and we not like three o'clock the

morning but like there's a lot of a lot

of trees going all over the country and

everything's really close by because

it's a relatively small country so I'm

gonna go Harlem this afternoon and it's

like a 20-minute train ride

I go to Leiden by the keukenhof you know

if you're in april/may 8min papers the

best to go see the two loops and

everything that's like a thirty minute

train ride away you're right there and

so it's very easy to do and the way

you're gonna get around and the cities

and stuff like that is you've got to

rent a bike yes you're gonna take bikes

around and you're gonna do that whether

you really want an Amsterdam or go

biking through the tulips or yes

seeing the thousand windmills that are

out there and you will see them biking

is one of the ways to get around and

it's very easy because the country is

extremely extremely flat now next I want

to talk about is safety now you might

want it's like have any things I need to

worry about when I actually do come here

to the Netherlands in general the

Netherlands is pretty safe I will say

most the issues I do you do find are

action have we found in Amsterdam one of

the things I would look out for

especially in Amsterdam is this up in my

experience try the most aggressive

beggars and drunk beggars of anywhere

I've seen in Europe are here in

Amsterdam and loud children but no but

but seriously you will see a lot of

beggars here in Amsterdam really

bothering the tourists they don't just

go away but say no and just walk away

try to avoid them the best you can

um proper thing is pray that the two

things that are most dangerous for

tourists when they come here

one is the bike path look red is dead

that's the way I like to look at it you

see you see a stream there's like a red

line on it or a red pathway that's

probably for the bikes so you want to be

careful because you will almost die a

couple times here almost not totally

died you know you would be watching this

with with the bikes here because they do

ride their bikes and a lot of bikes and

you got to really pay attention because

you got to look both ways all the time

cuz you never know where they're gonna

be coming from I think that's where the

biggest danger for tourists coming here

the second biggest danger for tourists

coming to the Netherlands are the stairs

look if you're going to state a

tradition one of those cool thin

tiny Dutch houses that just looks so

cool you want to take thousands of

pictures of them the stairwells aren't

like this they're like this they're like

a ladder

okay and it can be very dangerous I know

we came here with Kayla when he was

younger and he fell down we were

standing apartment and he fell down it

and he was cartwheeling down and I

caught his face before he totally

smashed on the bottom chipped tooth

busted face all kinds of stuff it was a

really really bad thing my mom has

slipped down them as well but she wasn't

injured that badly you really need to be

careful on those that's one of things I

would say is if you're gonna be coming

for like a weekend trip do pack lightly

or any kind of trip because you've got

to drag those bags up there and it can

be extremely dangerous and the Dutch

it's not a big service economy or a

service kind of things so they're like

look you're Dutch you take care of

yourself so you take care of your own

bags so if you do have problems with

your knees or going up really too steep

ladders make sure you check with your

hotel how their situation is do they

have an elevator and things like that I

mean the chain hotels the bigger hotels

have it it's not a big deal

but if you're gonna rent an apartment or

you gonna get like a smaller more

private hotel that might be an issue you

face and that's another kind of safety

thing out there another safety thing is

with the drugs look if you're coming to

do drugs than an ambulance I know people

do that I don't but I know people do and

I'm not going to judge I'm just saying

you need to be careful okay if you've

never done drugs before and this is your

I've always wanted to go to Netherlands

to have the drugs look when you go to

the coffee shop make sure like I said

before make sure you tell them hey I've

never done this stuff before help me out

coz they have it's a menu you get a menu

and they'll say there's the things out

there here's maybe what you should try

something lighter first and stuff like

that maybe it's a space cake instead of

a joint or something like that you do

want to be careful because I've seen a

lot of really drunk messed up tourists

and hi tours that are having a really

tough time adjusting so just be careful

with that also if you're this is a good

mostly actually mostly in Amsterdam or

near the German border there's a lot of

German tourists they'll come over and

smoke up and stuff watch out for the

group of guys that been drinking and

doing drugs because you can't have some

issues there but other

otherwise it's pretty safe you should be

fine it's just that sometimes you do get

upset you do get a little worried you

know out there and sometimes the

aggressive beggars can be a bit much

here in Amsterdam but overall overall

you're okay and the thing is this place

like Amsterdam once you get out of the

center it's not really an issue for any

of those things now in terms of

accommodation you're gonna have when you

come to the Netherlands there's tons of

smaller hotels yes there are some of the

chains that are here but more likely

you're gonna find smaller private hotels

and dependent hotels so you will need to

search those up and I do recommend

reading the reviews very carefully and

also realize that in the Netherlands you

have a lot of thin smaller buildings so

the rooms can be a lot tinier but also

with those stairwells so do check out on

those things well we've done a lot of

times we've come here is just rent an

apartment or if you're like going to the

beach you're gonna rent a beach house or

a breach I guess I would say condo which

was a fantastic option also was a lot

cheaper than a hotel option out there so

that is something to look into

especially if you're going with your

family because a double room will not

hold for it you know two adults and a

kid or stuff like that here you're gonna

have some issues there so apartments are

probably your best bet now when you're

in your accommodation you don't want to

plug in your devices your phones and

cameras and stuff like this traditional

European plugs the two circle plugs that

go in that's what they have here I'm

also if you're looking into mature your

bathroom facilities in your hotel and

other places

toilets work fine you can drink the

water here it's no big deal you can put

the toilet paper down the toilet no

issues with that so you okay there next

thing we'll talk about is food what are

you gonna eat when you're here now

what's coolest you'll see when you're in

Holland oh sorry the Netherlands see it

almost happens holidays like Amsterdam

area there's north and south holland

okay so sorry you'll see when you're in

the netherlands that is hard not to do

that you'll see when you're in the

netherlands that there's a lot of

international people here there's a lot

of great in the international

restaurants Indonesia's pride that the

biggest one here you want to try out but

if you wanna go go for like the

traditional you know Dutch specialties

obviously gonna have you know the

pancakes here you get the big ones or

you get the little tiny ones that I like

to have on the street and that's the

thing is there's a lot of really good

street food when you are here yes go

pick up a herring go to a food hall and

go eat there and try a bunch of

different stuff

of course you've got to have the French

fries and a little too to the little bag

thing and with your the funnel with your

mayonnaise on there my dad hates

mayonnaise but you got to try with

mayonnaise if not whatever they put on

there they will really drown it it like

the movie says they'll drown it in that

stuff I mean it's just a lot when you

eat with your fork and stuff like that

um and but in a traditional kind of

Dutch food it's like it's a mean

potatoes kind of place you know similar

to Germany you're gonna have those

things but just know that you'll eat

you'll get filled up here but you're

gonna do a lot more international fare

when you're eating here because the

Dutch like to have international food so

there's lots of international

restaurants which is kind of cool but of

course you still have to go and have

your can get your your your pancake at

your pancake house sorry

it's requirement to have when you are

here and the thing is if you're looking

for quick things on the streets you mean

yes I said them fries but they'll have

like little croquettes and stuff it's

like imagine like meat smushed together

to look like it looks like a hotdog

sized thing and they bread it and fry it

they have that or though they pitch a

ball in the little balls they can have

there's all kinds of little things you

can snack on which is really nice

because the thing is is the prices here

in the Netherlands it's like Germany in

France you know it's not that it's not

on the cheaper side of Europe okay it's

but it's not like Scandinavia expensive

but it is a slightly pricey you know

it's not super cheap I would say I find

about the price like the US maybe a

little bit more and so you can really

save a lot of money on your food going

to the food halls and eating from the

kiosks and the little food stalls it can

make a big difference then when you're

looking at the things you're gonna do

when I actually do come here to the

Netherlands look I'll be honest my

favorite thing to do is just walk around

and take in the architecture Dutch

architecture of these tiny buildings

that they look like they're gonna fall

over on you are just gorgeous you can't

stop taking pictures and yes there are

canals all over the place it's not just

canal tours here in Amsterdam you can do

it other places as well

and you could actually take a canal tour

and go through the locks and stuff like

that and it's great and of course you

can take a bike tour going through and

bike through the tulips what I will say

my wife was here in April and it's April

and May mid April them maybe mid early

May is the best time to come but mid

late April is the best for the keukenhof

and seeing those things you think it's

getting around the country's so easy you

can see the historic buildings in Harlem

you can go check out good ending you can

go to the port down in Rotterdam

all kinds of easy places to get to when

you are here so that's really cool and

also it's something you can use to your

advantage because most people just come

to go to Amsterdam but the thing is that

since there's all these connections all

around if it's just you or a couple I

might stay in Harlem and stay there to

get a cheaper place it's a nicer place

with a nice little town and they just

come into Amsterdam for the day

especially if you're not big into the

red light district kind of stuff because

then you go back and have a nice more

Dutch traditional Dutch experience

without all the tourists anyway these

are just some things I thought tourists

might want to know before they come to

the Netherlands it is a nice place to

visit I have had a good time when I'm

here I have had more than one or two or

six little toussis of fries with Mayo

now I put ketchup on there so I did get

some vegetables that's good and I did

have pancakes oh and a little pro little

I can't make an ever say how you're

supposed to say it the little tiny

pancakes they'll give you lots of

different flavors you can put on top of

it traditionally it's the butter and

powdered sugar the lady I had it the

first time I had that go you will have

this she knew me from my video she's

like no you will have this okay okay so

it is pretty fun anyway I hope you enjoy

your time here in the Netherlands if you

want to see more ten things and I'll

shock you about coming to the

Netherlands things you don't do when

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a great time here in the Netherlands bye

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