The First Wienerschnitzel Hot Dog Stand - Southern California Take Out Food Review

welcome everyone Adam the whoo here to

day number eight of this current

temporary series where I go around to

Southern California eateries that are

open for drive-through takeout or to go

orders about the cruise over to

Wilmington I'm inviting you to join me

shall you just got to get my supplies

and order and head out yep I agree big

the foot a nice scenic drive along these

train tracks

we're almost there don't worry

I'm hungry too located on the corner of

the 1300 block of golf Avenue and

Pacific Coast Highway even though there

are over 300

of these establishments the first is on

this road Wienerschnitzel opened in the

early 60s the founder was a gentleman by

the name of John Gilardi who was on the

ground level of the Taco Bell

organization in fact he was good friends

with Glenn Bell and had this idea to

start his own business and Glenn Bell

said that's perfectly fine you should

expand and move on but do not sell tacos

and he didn't want to do hamburgers

either hotdogs was not so common so

that's how the idea came up gone through

a few structural changes over the years

but more or less the same the

drive-through has been added on soon

after opening his wife was the one we

can thank for coming up with the name

originally der Wienerschnitzel our dear

wiener schnitzel but they dropped the

first word and now it's just the one

word he didn't really like the idea at

first and said well it's better than

it's better than John's hotdogs and the

name stuck sidenote Tastee Freez by 1055

15 years ago don't quote me on that but

Tastee Freez was purchased

by this company speaking of that iconic

logo it was created in the late 70s by

Saul Bass he spent over four decades

working in Hollywood for directors like

Scorsese Billy Wilder and alfred

hitchcock would be proud nice little

side note on the front of the building

there is a plaque er that says at this

location on July 3rd 1961 the first der

Wienerschnitzel national chain opened

its doors a historical landmark rocket

there's actually two placards it all

began here where he first served up

hotdogs and his secret recipe chili now

their world's largest hotdogs Shane we

are proud to continue the legacy of

great food and great fun for the time

being the picnic area has some tape

around it for obvious reasons but the

drive-thru is open as well as the

walk-up section around the front now I

have eaten at a few of these in my day

but never this location palm trees are a

nice little touch providing some extra

SoCal ambience a building is so cool

so historic


a fruit loop dipped cone that's

different another plaque on this side

counting three placards oh I almost

tripped over that

over that

that was an unusual sound that

18-wheeler shock just made my guess it's

kind of normal but it was a little bit

very prominent I haven't decided quite

what I'm gonna order yet but I am

leaning towards one chili dog and one

sauerkraut layered without chili so one

without chili just with sauerkraut maybe

some onions and a chili dog maybe

something else that's just I'm gonna

decide when I get to the window but

that's my first thought just waiting for

a friend of mine to arrive can I have a

little lunch together


at the very first Wienerschnitzel it's a

fun weird aside

I've noticed these are prominent in

larger places too but especially the

teeny-tiny old school buildings you see

these concrete stanchions that are

placed there to keep you do not want a

car driving through the structure itself


I have noticed these about oh by the way

David has arrived you may have ever had

wiener schnitzel before I love you love

it I love it how many times have you

consumed wiener schnitzel Oh what's the

month once a month you ever been to the

first one no neither have I so this will

be an experience for both of us and I

was just about to mention that yes you

can because it's a can of chili

sometimes chili places will take to have

a little souvenir that you can take so I

think I'm gonna get my souvenir on a hot

dog that what's gonna be your what's

going to be your go-to menu item

the number three chili cheese dog the

chili cheeseburger number three you guys

cheeseburger awesome alright I think I'm

gonna well I'm gonna decide when I get

up there let's do it when you think of

hotdog chains what's the first one that

comes to your mind the only one this is

it the only one I wonder if I should get

a little weirder okay we're gonna get a

little weird with it a little weird at

Wiener schnitzel yeah you could do that

I'm thinking just a basic chili dog and

a regular chili dog with no chili and

I'm gonna say horseradish but I meant to

say sauerkraut

I do love sauerkraut

it's called the German there you got the

truth okay that's what I want that has

the spicy kind of mustard not the basic

mustard oh that's good too

okay I'm gonna get that - that's almost

like a Chicago dog almost is that kind

of like a Chicago dog I'm gonna get a

Cuban and a German then maybe chili

cheese fries

just to kind of have like a win in Rome

moment all right that's what I'm doing

oh my goodness look at those man is that

too much - two dogs and chili cheese

fries yes I'm not like super huge no the

dog the dogs are pretty small well small

it okay that's what I'm gonna do

oh look at this wow I've never seen a

place it has Thousand Island fries huh

it kind of does see I was thinking

originally the kraut dog I still want a

kraut dog though maybe I'll get busted

if we have a German okay yeah so normal

kraut dog is like a German but I do like

that mustard so okay that's

you still have the problem if he's

fogging out then the fog comes up

through the mask he have a problem with

your glasses fogging that's why you

don't wear

there come the beverages originally when

I suggested this I said Winchester and

you were like I think it's in Wilmington

and I looked it up and realized I was

incorrect these are some these are

something like beastly sized beverages

yeah what is that that was a large that

Mountain Dew pineapple lemonade I went

with the doctor I went with the dark

yeah mama take the mask off first I

think we didn't even request them and

they gave us a straw so we hadn't even

request them in this over very nice the

the facial item hanging from the year is

becoming quite fashionable these days

it's a thing it is pull them off you

can't I can pull it off we got the bags

full of items we're gonna put the car


David's backing up his mobile into this

spot and that way we can have that the

building as a backdrop it's our new life

now can I have a little

can't go to arena stats on without

getting mr. classic chili cheese dog

hello yeah and fries they have good

fries unrest oh don't sleep on just our

main supply Jerome I say Disney on the

tip of the tongue you can't open

sometimes I do love you some food so you

just got regular fries that are chilly

on them just straight-up fries just tray

chili online

really strong

there's a lot going on there I don't

know if it's proper etiquette to start

with the fries but I'm doing it so stop

got some chili on my eyebrow it's part

of the experience a jalapeno on there

there's some handle on this too what's

all bacon was like Canadian bacon yeah

Danny baked it's basically ham hocks a

Canadian bacon

Topol hammer my pizza

the others bacon on this [ __ ] anybody

liquid [ __ ] make good father


wife in Austria

I didn't know they didn't think I was

seriously gonna get this again

this is like uh Sibylla yeah

the Krauts on the other one the mother

fell it fell on the ground but didn't

come out of the box and that will shovel

so head of them this dog really was good

it does taste a little bit different

like you're talking about like a normal

hot doggin you daughter versus this

while personal rocket chili dog

my idea of a food review is kind of

giving a lackluster wrap-up on how the

food tastes yeah it's more about the

destination and a little bit of

backstory on messenger it's in a unique

more than precise pinpointed food just a

tour like there's plenty of other people

that are way better doing that right you

exactly stay in your lane this is what

you do

dude indeed this is what we're dealing

with and I say that but there's like a

little bit on my on my thumb there a

little bit of a kraut this is the one

that fell on the floor right down there

it didn't it didn't it didn't come out

of the box Dawg so it's like it's fine

it just kind of didn't mix it up just a


I do love sauerkraut I know what it is

but it's a nice little perspective there

through the cups you go that's just the

basic chili cheese

I for one am thankful that places are

open for take-out and drive-through I

can do stuff like this but I will also

be extra special thankful when we're

able to sit at a table once again but it

you get to it made us very creative or

maybe everyone has to be very creative

in this current situation

this is really good I think like the

other one a little bit better oh yeah it

could be it could be guess I'm getting

full maybe the first one I was like

really hungry this is good I think I

like the other one a little bit better

but I do like the spicy mustard and then

these great in these times eating next

to a dumpster we will not forget these

days way down the road in five years

when all this is but a distant memory I

will remember my Wienerschnitzel parking

lot dumpster standing experience

probably not too far off though

restaurant tables will be open again

that's gonna do it for today if you're

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