Walmart Locations

ok today we're going to learn how to

find Walmart locations in and around

wherever you live so we're here at

Google and we're going to type in

Walmart locations and as you see the

first thing that comes up is the Walmart

store locator so we're going to click on

that very easy to find Walmart near

where you live and it says find a

Walmart store near you here's a map of

the United States I live in the area

code of 3 to 907 so I put that in click

find the store and as you can see I have

15 Walmart stores near me and they're on

a nice little map here this looks like

it's a close one closest one time you

click on that get directions and there

you go it has all the things that you

can do with the store here the the hours

phone number there you go that's how to

find Walmart Walmart locations near you