UPS Shipments - Can I Track a UPS Truck? | Amazon FBA

what's going on everybody this is coach

respect a wise guy right here on YouTube

super simple video today gonna quickly

demonstrate for the entire YouTube world

how to track or ways to track your ups

packages from a more detailed way to

track it if you're using Amazon seller

central to a simple way to track it if

you just want to track it on your phone

in this video I'm going to show you four

simple ways to track your UPS shipments

you can apply this to any shipping

method out there and I will talk about

the different quick reads but when

you're tracking when you're tracking

your shipment ultimately at the end of

day what you really want to know is when

is it due to arrive when is it due to

arrive or where is my shipment sometimes

the shipment goes missing and you need

to track it down other times you just

want to know when it's gonna arrive at

Amazon so those those are really

important steps let's get right into it

share my screen here alright okay so

there are four different ways um I have

a tracking number queued up the obvious

and most simple way is if you have your

tracking numbers written down or they're

on your phone or you want to gather them

you can simply just google your tracking

number and hit enter and your tracking

information will show up it's click away

it'll take you right to the UPS website

and it will tell you there you go your

your scheduled delivery is due for

Thursday June 4th so this particular

shipment is due to arrive on Thursday I

can have it send updates to my phone I

can look into details delivery details I

can see the progress of this shipment

how heavy it is

okay so again super simple way is just

Google your tracking number click the


and it will pop up the next way is

straight through ups I like to put the

UPS app right on my phone and on that

UPS app I can always jump on to there

and go to the tracking setting put it

right into the enter my tracking number

right into the tracking setting it track

and the same exact information is going

to show up so whether you have Google

search engine or you have the UPS app

you can set it up that way what I also

like to do is I like to set up the

updates straight to my phone that way I

get the tracking number tracking

information updates along the way okay

the third way is if you or let's say you

know you want to look at your tracking

information text yourself the tracking

numbers and what will happen is through

your text app on Apple I like the text

again this is another way to do it you

text them after you're done you're

shipping plan when you click that number

this pops up says track shipment click

that takes you straight to UPS so that

number almost acts like a phone number

tells you when that shipment is gonna

arrive do it arrive on Thursday at the

end of the day mr. Ducharme away you go

so that's another easy way if you just

texted yourself it's a clickable method

seller central has tracking information

on there for all your packages and they

also will summarize the progress of your

shipment it doesn't tell you the ETA

that's the only thing is it does not

give you much of an ETA status on your

shipment so you have to go straight to

UPS you can consider looking at see here

scheduled carrier sometimes a shipment

has to be delivered to a fulfillment

center will not display as delivered so

it's just kind of giving you a

disclaimer right here schedule carrier

delivery date May 31st for this

particular package interesting delivered

so actually here it says that this

particular package is

do May 31st so this actually is a

believe a different tracking number but

again right on your seller central

account under your inventory under FBA

shipments you will find right there a

way to track your shipments alright guys

this was just a quick video on how to

track UPS shipments for those that

didn't know how to do it or learning how

to do this just a quick video on that