Buying Chickens at Tractor Supply: Everything You Need to Raise Your Own Chickens

on the tractor supply don't buy me some

chickens now you wouldn't believe how

easy it is to start chickens everything

you need you can DS a tractor supply any

local place where your chickens you know

what the supplies are very very easy to

get you get a bag of feed a bag I

started feeding a couple waters I like

to keep them warm a little stuffs put in

the bottom you're good to go and I'm

gonna have me some chickens

we're with aimed advance with the baby

chickens now everybody likes to go to

Tractor Supply I'm spraying and see all

the baby chickens everything most people

look at them and walk away well here's

here's what we're going to do today I

had a real problem with raccoons last

year yeah so I'm down on my chicken so

I'm going to start over again this year

we've got the bullets we've got two red

six links they're kind of a production

egg layer and then we've got the Hebei

knees which is more like a this type of

look at how achieve your entertainment

entertainment chicken well you know the

setup you see here is so simple all this

is is a little galvanized tub here yeah

it's got a feeder it's got a water you

leave that on they can kind of

self-regulate temperature-wise there to

one they'll move out if they get too

cold they'll move back yeah now how long

does it take these chickens to get to

where they're ready to get out there and

start laying eggs probably on these

chickens the red sex links it usually

takes them four and a half five months

hmmm but that's just because they're

bred that way they start laying faster

nice well today I'm going these guys

I've had good luck with them and sadly

so have the raccoons here and I'm gonna

pick up several of these today I'm gonna

get when he feeders I'm gonna get when

he waters I'm gonna get my lamp

something that's objective that's just

how easy it is yeah so just like that

we're gonna load up get us a cart and I

thank you so much for helping us out

with chickens are you looking all right

man thank you very much

the products that we got it's so simple

you just need to light to keep them warm

a feeder of water clean your water out

when water gets dirty

make sure it's filled up check on them

every day they don't need a whole lot

they're pretty self-sufficient let me

get big enough so I'm outside build your

coop we'll track the growth of these

little fellas as they grow up and

produce eggs around eggs