#1 STRATEGY - How to find the CHEAPEST Walmart & Target Clearance Deals (ALL STORES)

in this video I'm on a mission to save

you money a ridiculous amount of money

in fact this video could help 1 million

people save at least $1.00 right this

second and this video could help you

save thousands of dollars over the

course of time so please watch this

video all the way through because I put

a lot of work into it and I'm gonna

share with you some secrets and tricks

that extreme deal hunters use to find

the cheapest items and I've never seen

anyone else talk about this openly so I

know a lot of you aren't doing this and

I truly think this video has the ability

to change someone's life especially if

money's important to you if you're on a

tight income or if you're on a fixed

income this could really really be a

game-changer for you and this is all

free these deals are out there for you

to find you're just not looking for them

because you don't know how to find them

and I'm gonna show you in this video how

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$37.99 I got it for free and I've done

lots of deals like this and you could

too because this promotions all over the

internet every single day you just need

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well this video is opening up a door for

so many of you let's walk through it

together now this is the most important

part of the entire video you need to

remember this information is king

remember that because information

controls the entire process of finding

deals when I say information is king all

I'm simply saying is you don't want to

just walk into a store and start looking

on the shelves because you're gonna

waste a lot of unnecessary time when the

truth is the cheapest most amazing

prices and deals can be found right on

your phone before you even get to the

store now look at this this is Instagram

and many of you know what Instagram is

I'm sure the Instagram has over 1

billion users and most of you use

Instagram to share pictures of yourself

of your family of your vacations but

people like me I use Instagram to share

deals and to find deals

and I'm gonna show you how you can use

your phone and you can use an Instagram

account and you can find the most

amazing prices and opportunities right

from Instagram take a deep breath people

because this is where it starts to get

very interesting and I'm gonna show you

things about Instagram and how you can

use Instagram and how the whole

Instagram thing works Instagram is a

community of people just to put it

simply I'm a member of that community I

like to share deals with people even

people that don't share deals with me

like I share deals with the public I

just like helping people save money

which is exactly why I'm making this

video in the first place so check this

out I'm in Walmart I see some clearance

deals I grab my phone because I know I

want to share it with the world and by

showing you what's on clearance at my

Walmart it can give you an idea of what

might be on clearance at your Walmart so

these Apple watch bands they're $13

there regularly $49 I don't need one but

you might so I'm gonna put it on the

internet and I'm gonna let you know this

Harry Potter thing it's $25 regularly

100 this iPad pro keyboards $99 it's

regularly $200 this is what we do right

I'm just a guy that likes to do deals I

like saving money it gets me excited and

there's other people on the internet

that do the same thing as me there's a

lot of people on the internet that do

the same thing as me just good people

that like to help other people save

money we share deals with each other we

share deals with the public and that's

what this Instagram community is all

about and I'm gonna show you how to tap

into the community and make it work for

you so let's go to Instagram you can

either click on the link in the

description of this video or you can go

to the about me page on this YouTube

channel and there'll be a link that says

Instagram click on that and when you do

it's gonna open up Instagram and either

you already have an account which is

great and if you don't you can sign up

right there once you have an Instagram

account you're all set I made this

account for this purpose only if you

click the magnifying glass I'm following

no one's this time but when you click

the magnifying glass you can search and

you'll see that Instagram is pretty much

just about pictures or palm pictures of

anything I use it for deals

you're gonna use it for deals shortly so

if you click the search up at the top

and you type in super unsexy which is my

username on Instagram I'm gonna show you

a little trick that will help you find

the accounts that you want to be

searching with and looking through so

when you go to my account this is my

account right here I've had over 1

million video views I've been on

Instagram longer than I've been on

YouTube but if you click follow check

this out all these suggestions pop up

and these suggestions or accounts just

like mine which post deals so this is a

little hack that will help you see the

different accounts that you could be

following and the truth is in this

community every account is good every

person is good just make sure you're

good to the people if you talk to any of

them and treat all of their deals and

their pages with respects because

there's real people on the other side

but these are all the people right here

they pop right up and I thought that was

a pretty cool thing to show you so now

we want to follow some accounts so if

you didn't follow any accounts when I

just showed you the suggestions pretty

simple you can just click that heart

right there and it's gonna show you the

suggested accounts make sure it says

suggested accounts and make sure it's a

deal account or a coupon account and if

this method doesn't work for you you

could always go to super unsexy and you

can click on who I'm following because

the majority of accounts I follow our

deal accounts coupon accounts clearance

accounts and those are the kind of

accounts you want to follow especially

when we're trying to find deals so I'm

just gonna go through and follow tons of

accounts at random I hope no one takes

offense to this because there's nothing

strategic about this this is just

completely random I I have tons of

respect and love for everyone in this

community and I follow hundreds of

people so if I'm not following you in

this video like I said it's just it's

just that random and for you watching

this right now

you should look at the different

accounts and see what types of deals

they post and what types of stores they

shop at because there's lots of accounts

that shop at stores that I just don't

have access to it's just not in my area

so I might not follow an account but

that account might be absolutely amazing

for you so definitely look through the

different accounts and see the types of

stores people shop at that

seriously key and let me show you

something so every time I click follow

it lets me follow these accounts because

it's a public account which means

anybody in the world can see what

they're posting and that's cool you know

I'm a public account too but some

accounts are gonna be private and they

don't want just anyone to see look at

this right here

right you click on this it says

requested that means you have to make a

request and they have to accept it so

for this example I'm actually gonna

unfollow this right here because I just

want to respect them because they wanted

it private for a reason and um that's

what we'll do we're just gonna go

through and I'm gonna see how many

accounts I followed actually first let

me follow a freebie guy make sure I'm

following him because I know he'll post

something good and free stuff fine

they're always post stuff that's good

I'm gonna make sure I follow them for

this example glitch seeker 1 absolutely

post amazing stuff let's follow her

gilja's always post amazing stuff we're

gonna follow her for this example and

like coupon nice toss always post

amazing stuff and she speaks Spanish so

if you're watching this she's great to

follow and like I said no strategy

behind this I just want to make sure

that the example is strong alright so

I'm following 50 accounts now and I

follow hundreds on my profile so you can

go and check that out if you want

alright so let's see what they got right

here so the first post I see in my feed

you click the bottom left hand corner

that little house it shows your feed and

I'm seeing a Kroger deal it's unmarked

clearance so if you want to read up on

that and you have a Kroger near you

there's some unmarked clearance that no

one else knows about but you know about

it because you're here on Instagram and

now this right here it was found for $60

it's originally 275 so if you see this

you're gonna be able to read the

description and it's gonna give you some

ideas or something that might be on sale

near you and this right here is Walmart

clearance $15 let's just scan real quick

and every time you see a deal in the

feed you kind of get an idea of what

could be on sale for you locally and I'm

actually gonna show you shortly how you

can check without even going and

checking the store it's gonna be pretty

cool it's gonna be extremely useful

thank you so much for watching this and


hang on because I'm gonna show you how

you can find incredible deals on things

like laptops it's gonna get really

really good in this video so please hang

on this is gonna be incredible so

basically we're just scanning and you're

gonna have a whole whole different you

know slew of different items and

different things going on and I'm gonna

show you how to narrow down the search

if you're looking for just a certain

store but for me personally sometimes

people will post something that I'm not

even thinking about and the deal is just

that good

so I like to see everything that people

post and it's really easy you know it's

really simple there's not a lot of

friction it's just very streamlined so

these are backpacks on sale glitch

seeker won so kids going back to school

incredibly useful right so what else we

got here something with the Lion King

pretty cool and also make sure you like

stuff to free up a lot air parts if you

want to read up on that this right here

is pretty cool door - so you can get ten

dollars of free food remember I

mentioned free food so this listing this

post shows you how to get ten dollars

worth of free food and there's a lot of

posts like that popping up all the time

there was actually a free burger at

Applebee's and you could use it multiple

times so I think my family got like four

free burgers one time so always keep

your eyes on the deals because when they

come they come and there's always gonna

be different deals every single day but

that's how you can get free food just

watching the feed and seeing what people

are posting alright so this is an Amazon

deal for free so back when they posted

this if you saw it in time you were just

go and buy this click on the link in

their bio and they give you a coupon

code and you can read all about that and

it's a free item on Amazon like I showed

you there's lots of free items on Amazon

popping up all the time all right so

here's Kyle he just sent me a message

and he just asked if this is me on this

account because he saw my picture that's

pretty cool actually

let me I'm gonna keep this in the video

because I want to make a point here

right so Kyle is a good guy I know him

from the community and he just checked

out in with me because he saw my picture

on this profile and that was pretty cool

because it shows how tight people are in

the community UPC and SKU numbers of

very very important when you're looking

for deals and I'm gonna show you why

right so check out this listing right

here this post glitching angel post it

about these pools they're ringing up for

$85 in some places so check out this you

see these skew and the UPC number you

need one of those numbers typically to

search for an item easily I'm gonna show

you in a little bit how you can do it

without and still find one but check

this out right if you have the SKU and

the UPC let me show you what you can do

and how you can see if an item is

available near you at a good price

alright so now that you know what the

UPC and the SKU numbers are these are

very important to use on this website

this website is called brick seek you

can use it from your computer or from

your phone so you want to type it in


check out how I spelled it now up in the

right-hand corner there's three lines

you want to click those three lines then

you want to click on inventory checker

and then you want to click on the store

you're working with in this case it's

gonna be Walmart so we're gonna click on

Walmart and on this page you can see you

either select the SKU number or the UPC

we already have the SKU number selected

which is great because that's a number

we have we're gonna type in our zip code

and now you want to insert the SKU

number right here so what you have to do

is you have to go back to that post and

you have to retrieve that SKU number so

you can insert it so it is nine eight

eight nine four one two four five let's

see if I can remember don't want try I

guarantee you I cannot alright so I'm

gonna type in most of it go get the rest

of it

now when I come back I'm gonna type it

in I'm gonna click check inventory and

now I'm gonna be able to scroll down on

this page and see how much this price is

for this pool at my local Walmart so

when I scroll down I see that the price

is two hundred dollars at my local

Walmart which isn't quite $85 but it's

absolutely on sale so if I really wanted

that pool I could buy it at two hundred

dollars but I could also wait to see if

it drops down to $85 and the whole thing

is brick seek is an amazing tool and

you're gonna want to use this and you

will save so much money using it alright

who wants to use brick seek again let's

get the hang of brick seek because it's

so darn important so glitchin angel has

ibuprofen at Walmart posted regularly a



for all the way down to 20 cents to 25

cents so I already have it already on

bricks each so we don't have to wait

this is the SKU number it's already in

I'm gonna click check inventory then

we're gonna see if it's local to me and

I want to show you something a little

trick which is really why I'm doing this

part right here I want to show you this

so when you click check inventory in my

area we're gonna see that there are some

that are 25 cents right but not all of

them in my area are gonna be 25 cents

the ones in my area that a 25 cents are

Walmart Neighborhood Markets so it's not

the big Super Center it's those little

supermarkets and the truth is a lot of

deals are in those places because they

have less shelf space keep that in mind

all right so I get this question a lot

people ask me when I tell them this use

brixi they say what if I see a picture

and there's actually no UPC or SKU

number on that picture there's just a

picture of the product and we know the

product is on sale how do I check it on

brixey now people ask me that I tell

them to do this it's really simple so

you should definitely take note of what

I'm about to show you and just keep in

mind this post does have the SKU number

but we're gonna ask think it doesn't so

what you do is you look at what the item

is called if you can or you try to

describe yourself anyways this is called

the Better Homes and garden Train Mart

round gasps it's a gas pit I believe so

you're gonna go to a browser you can do

it on your phone or from your computer

and you just want to type in the name

and you could also add the word brick

seek in that search and that's gonna

increase your chances of finding this

link that I'm about to show you so when

you search it and you go and look at all

the links that are populating Google if

you can find a link that's the brick

seek link like this one right here right

you're gonna click it it's about that

product that's on brick see and it

already has the SKU number in there so

now you just type in your zip code and

you can search and you can see that this

item really is nine dollars locally to

me so that's pretty cool a lot of people

don't know that they think they can't

search it if they don't have the actual

numbers but you can find the numbers on

Google using that strategy

now the next thing I want to cover is

hashtags hashtags on Instagram is a huge

thing because people always tag their

posts with hashtags so people like you

and I can find it so check out this

couponer they show it a really good deal

and then they tag the bottom of it with

all these different hashtags I see a

targeting couponing hashtag Walgreens

CVS couponing so let's click on CVS

couponing and I'm gonna show you this

right so we're gonna go right to the

page for that hashtag and all these

different posts were tagged with that

hashtag you see that's the hashtag at

the top and you can see there's a top

tap and a recent tab let's click the

recent tab and we'll see the most recent

posts and this post right here was

recently tagged to that hashtag we click

it and it shows you all the exact

coupons you can use to save tons of

money at CVS as you can imagine that's

extremely useful and you'll find tons

thousands and thousands of posts like

that so that's something to get excited

about and this one right here is a

Walgreens post but it's tagged to the

CVS couponing hashtag which you'll see

that a lot you know just because it's a

different store doesn't mean people

aren't gonna use at different stores

hashtag it's kind of confusing it makes

it a little sloppy and a little harder

to find things using hashtags that's why

I like to stick to regular deal accounts

but even still it's a great way to get

an idea of what you need to find what

you're looking for so if you're looking

for a specific store I will use a

hashtag just cuz it gives you that extra

advantage another thing you can do from

the hashtag page is when you go up to

the top there's so many different posts

right there's other hashtags that are

like that hashtag so let's click on

Walgreens couponing and we're gonna

click on the rescind again and let's

check them out now we're gonna see all

these other different posts that were

tagged by the Walgreens couponing

hashtag so this is a quick and easy way

right like so this person they just

showed they took a picture of things

that they found in Walgreens today and

you can look at them and you can see

like what's on sale maybe get some ideas

maybe get excited this is just one very

very simple example but the truth is you

could do this with any store I'm talkin

Lowe's Home Depot Dollar General Amazon

you can do this in so many different

ways it's really exciting right so let's

click on a different hashtag let's click

on target couponing people love target

and honestly Target and Walmart are huge

on Instagram so many people show up

there and post about deals so if we're

gonna check out this hashtag you're

gonna see when you click on a target

hashtag you're gonna see lots of people

showing like the outfits that they

bought at Target sometimes I don't like

using the target hashtag as much as I

like using the target account because

they're a deal accounts on Instagram

that are dedicated strictly to Target

but at the end of the day you get the

gist you know there's gonna be different

accounts posting about different things

and you're always gonna see different

types of posts circulating around

Instagram so long as you're involved

with the community you're gonna come

across some really good deals so check

this out um right here we got something

it's in the target couponing hashtag but

at the same time it's a Walmart deal and

you're gonna see this all the time

because typically it's like Walmart

Target they're very similar but I say

it's always worth looking at the

hashtags if you need to find something

specific in a specific store or if

you're about to go shopping in a

specific store and you want to look for

something but once you play around a

little bit on Instagram you're gonna

have a different perspective on how this

all works because you're gonna figure

out that when you look at certain

accounts certain accounts are just

totally dominant in posting deals and a

lot of accounts will repost which is a

good thing I think because it makes sure

that more eyes get on certain types of

deals because in the feed you don't

always get to see every single deal from

every single account that you're

following so take this out right here

we're looking at some Walmart deals

Walmart clearance fines there's a SKU

number right there so if you want to

look for this product specifically you

could use brick seek right now and

basically it's that simple so many deals

are being served to you all the time on

Instagram all right everyone listen up

so closely on this one we're gonna talk

about turning on post notifications and

post notifications is one of the little

hacks one of the little tools that you

absolutely need to use if you want to

find the best deals because a lot of the

best deals sell out quickly especially

if you like to buy online deals so what

you would do is you would find an

account that you really appreciate

and you really like and you really just

feel like they're gonna post a really

good deal for you and in this case I'm

gonna do glitch seeker one because she

always seems to post really good online

deals so what you're gonna do is you're

gonna click on any post in their profile

and click on the three little dots in

the right-hand corner and when you click

on these three little dots down at the

bottom it's gonna pop up and say turn on

post notifications and you're gonna

click that and now the post

notifications are turned on so next time

she posts something and it's like look

real fast this is free on Amazon limited

supply act now I'm gonna get a

notification on my phone immediately and

I get to be first in line for that

opportunity so I made this part of the

video for all the people right now that

are thinking well he's not really

showing deals into that grade he's only

saving a few dollars on food and laundry

detergent and deodorant

whatever it is that you're thinking

right now stop thinking that because I'm

gonna show you what I call massive lists

and Glitch secret one put out one a few

weeks ago it's a massive list of laptops

and Chromebooks that were marked down

that Walmart and you see all the SKU

numbers so think about how valuable this

list is and I'm gonna tell you right now

she was the first one with this

information that I could find anywhere

in the internet and when she posted it

they were laptops down the street from

my house that were on clearance from 800

dollars off seven hundred dollars off

five hundred dollars off and there were

tons of them so that's pretty exciting

so and if you're in the reseller game

and you want to flip items and make

money this is extremely valuable so this

is the kind of power that Instagram has

there's people like glitch seeker one

all over Instagram and they're sharing

deals and they're promoting bargains and

they're helping you save and it costs

you nothing she doesn't charge you any

money and these other accounts they're

not charging you any money they're just

giving you the information for free

because they like sharing we share we

help it's an entire community of people

just like this that spend their time

look she wrote up this whole post

showing you how to use brick seek this

is this is an incredible place for

people to be if they want to save money

the deals are here the informations here

and great people are here

all right so now I'm gonna show you how

to do a quick hashtag search and this is

gonna be extremely useful before you go

into a store you can target what you're

searching so you click up here where it

says tags you see that you're gonna

click where it says tags when you're in

the search function and I typically

recommend people use the word coupon

like coupon communities a big one even

if someone's posting a clearance scale

that has nothing to do with coupons

let's say it's target clearance or

Walmart clearance they're typically

gonna use the coupon community hashtag

and I'm this one's extreme couponing

let's click on this one right here

so there's 2.3 million posts for extreme

couponing and the number one video right

now that's showing is a video I made

that's me inside of Ross and I'm just

showing people that you can get car

cleaning supplies cheaper and Ross than

you can in Walmart sometimes and I used

extreme couponing even though there's no

coupon being used people will do that so

this is coupon family there's so many

posts 1.3 million let's click on

couponing community is a very very

popular one I recommend you do and the

top video that's a video I made as well

I'm just showing people how to use the

Walmart app and there's no coupons we're

in this video that I made but it still

shows up because I use that hashtag just

to reach people who want to save money

so the word coupon doesn't necessarily

mean that you have to use a coupon it

could just be about deals and you can

see right here let's just say you were

about to go into target if you typed in

Target all the little target hashtags

are gonna show up so we have target

clearance right here and you can just

search and see what's going on inside

the store before you even get there now

if you don't know what Instagram stories

are it's time for you to learn because

Instagram stories are an amazing

opportunity to save even more money and

find even more deals let me show you so

up at the top you see these circles

right here when you click these circles

each profile has a story circle when you

click it it brings you to their stories

page and if you click the right side you

can scroll through all these different

stories now these stories delete after

24 hours so a lot of people use these

stories all right right here Kyle posted

$25 off of $30 on door - so you got $25

of free food he posted that in the store

he's probably because the deal is not

gonna last that long so a lot of deals

that are really great deals and they're

really quick deals people

just pop him up in there stories like

that was a free item on Amazon there was

a glitch going on so what you want to do

is you always want to check people's

stories because I am Telling You

sometimes I find the best deals in the

stories and you know just to make a post

I bought a deal that's a really fast

deal that might be gone really quickly

sometimes making a post isn't the best

way to do it because the items gonna

already sell out so people will just pop

it in their stories and it's a great way

to find amazing deals all right if

you're still watching let's go into a

deal together because it's the least I

can do let's go and have some fun I'm

gonna show you exactly how it all works

so let's just say you were on my profile

super on sexy and you were going through

my post you wanted to see what types of

deals I was posting about and you came

across this post and this post tells you

that Little Caesars gives away free

cookies all you have to do is ask for

them and a lot of people don't know that

when I made this video people went crazy

because a lot of people didn't know you

could get free cookies at Little Caesars

right so that's really cool but before

we go to get some free cookies let's

search some pizza hashtag so if we

search pizza coupon for a hashtag we're

gonna see red at the top there's Little

Caesars coupon it will it says if you

order with the app you can get a free

two liter you just have to use this code

so that's kind of exciting we can get

Little Caesars right now we can get free

cookies and maybe a free 2 liter so

we're gonna jump on the app and see if

that works and what we found out was

that the code free too well without the

three at the end actually worked for the

free two liter so that was pretty good

and exciting but one thing that I have

to tell you is I went with my wife and

people who you know do couponing stuff

you know this very well it's always

smart if you're going with multiple

people to make multiple orders it only

takes an extra minute but now we can get

extra cookies in another free two liter

so that's what we did my wife grabbed

one I'm here at the drive-thru I got the

pizza I'm about to get my two liter and

then I'm gonna ask for the cookies let's

see if they give them to me they

my cookies so alright I'm excited just

cuz I like the free stuff the cookies

for the kids calm down I know everyone's

laughing at me

alright so we're back at the house and

we got 12 cookies we got two pizzas we

got two two litres for 1082 total those

are the actual email receipts so just to

show you I mean that money was said you

know some places charge $2 just for a

2-liter money was saved the cookies were

free for the kids it was all exciting

and whatnot

the sad truth is this video could save

so many people so much money and they

don't even know about this method I'm

talking about real life I get emails

every single day from single mothers

from disabled veterans from elderly

people on fixed incomes and I know this

video could benefit so many people and

the reason I made this video is because

my family and I have this goal where we

want to help 1 million people save at

least $1.00

and I know for a fact that this video

alone could accomplish that but it's a

matter of getting the information out

there because information is king I want

to thank you so much for watching this

video but even more importantly I want

to ask you to think of someone in your

life that might be struggling with money

that could really use this video and

consider sharing this with them thank

you so much