I Bought Everything In A Store - Challenge

hey mr. beast here today we're gonna buy

every item in this store let's do it

I don't think you can do this all by


I don't think you should speak anymore I

don't think I should either so you get

the gist of the video we're basically

buying literally everything in the store

which if it was just Chris me and

Chandler would take forever so I brought

some friends


make sure you get everything don't leave

on the shelf

look at all these people I just like

literally went down my contact list I

was like hey you want to help me buy

everything in the store and surprisingly

everyone was just like sure here's some

mint hey let's let's help Conor Phillip

its cart here you want some carrots oh

man we got all kinds of juices over here

let me help you all right your cart is

full take this credit card these are my

favorite can I have them what did you

get everything I get my hands on here

you go go check out okay here's a credit

card you might be wondering why are we

buying all this stuff what we're buying

it because we want to give it to charity

like a food bank a homeless shelter or

if a random guy on the street wants

beans we'll just give it to them did you

know that made beans about you thick and

rich that's what you have right now big

corn guys all this corn you have a

lighter a lighter yeah

are you a lighter for it so you can make

popcorn I couldn't even see you anymore

Destin who has a card up there so they

need their they need more stuff and

there needs to be play there's no real a

real customer yeah you don't want

anything else will pay for it we're

gonna buy everything in the store

anything you want just grab it

yes Father let's go 5 we need some

cheese bucks right now you got the

cheese puffs he gave your cheese close

ok we're good we're good she's taking

care of what they Chris is good for it

is cheese puffs and lard

I got our tub of lard I'm upset why

hiding those Cheetos for later


this isn't even our store we have like a

full-scale operation all these people

I'm paying to do this one can of beans

how much have we spent so far we're only

up to $800 guys what are you doing let's

do toilet paper all of it yes well that

was not efficient pull one bigger toilet

paper fill up the entire card Bert oh

you want some cosmic roundness yeah I'm

doing my part

don't tell them again every time your

car's empty no it's not I got cosmic

brownies can I just like I mean it's

like buying everyday I'm trying to be

healthy eating brownies so we're having

a little bit of a dilemma

we filled up every card thank you what

was that I don't know how are you are

you guys really eating cereal after the

last video we did

yep in the past we did a video where we

gave $100,000 worth of stuff to a

homeless shelter and it was really

unorganized and hard to unpack and hard

to like put away for them so now we're

putting everything in boxes like this is

a candy box so it's easier for the food

bank that would take all this supplies

to to like sort it and store do you guys

subscribe this is probably gonna cost me

a lot of money I mean look at how much

stuff there what are you James we just

literally been putting stuff in carts

and I have no idea what it's been but I

do know that we've got some lard and I'm

very happy about it they're delivering

more food as we're buying it

we don't need it we're spending too much

money I need you guys to go shop mr. B's

comm advice emerge because I was not

expecting another delivery so yeah


I'm here to buy snacks it's my dream

Janet you having fun good that's all

Jared I'm proud of you bending my money

this is what I want this is what I want

so when we say we're buying everything

we need everything except for maybe some


magichead such a useless skill


we are up to fourteen thousand two

hundred seventy two seventy eight to

recognize all right that one's doing

good and on this register left is six

thousand two hundred and sixty one

dollars so far we spent about twenty

three thousand dollars aren't we

supposed to spend like a hundred yeah so

we're like twenty three percent done

basically I'll see you later

Chandler hates pickles so the only

logical thing to do is to fill this cart

with pickles and give it to Dan there

we're changing leave it to Chandler to

be pooping in the middle visiting Taylor

all right we got a surprise for you

you're nuts drop weight a year ago oh

hang it up yeah we're almost done with

this aisle we sort of like five more


it's twenty percent that's a lot that's

a lot

I mean we travel oh we're back

safety first I feel like you guys

shouldn't be boxing in the employees


I got tomato sauce we got tomato paste

we got diced tomatoes I call them

tomorrow oh you call them tomorrow's

well I guess we can't hang out that oh

my God look at all these carts checking

Apocalypto what we bought more than I

thought I mean this is like a full-scale

military operation we got oh yeah good

thing we have more so far we spent

twenty five thousand and on that one

over there we've spent eight though

where were you guys when the siege of

sav-a-lot went down why did you not come

to the rescue that zest and everyone

needs it

so yeah we literally cleared this entire

Chandler we're trying to clear all the

aisles get stop sleeping on him I can't

say I bought everything in the store if

there's a Chandler for sale come on hey

I've got to get this bread there we go

now we've cleared all this room my pipe

back I got to invest in beets so we can

give stuff to homeless people boys stop

mister be calm right here so things

weren't moving fast enough so we

actually ended up just hiring random

people off the street so at this point I

don't even know how many people I'm

paying for an hour probably like 25 I

don't know but we have a lot of people

working hey what you go there you got

Twinkies all right look I'll give you

guys one if you don't tell anybody


was that necessary power over ten grand


de nada arigato thank you thank you

thank you mr. B's

Thank You mr. B off you say don't you

gonna shot mr. Buchwald

good enough for me it's your lucky day

this is all three Thank You mr. B's

thank you so much tried out the

save-a-lot thank you so much woman

business is booming

look how much stuff we're by how much

money have we spent hi should probably

no shot mr. beast come become an

investor by buying merch I can do stuff

like this and pay by cameraman he just

wants one thing he wants that I don't

buy one thing by like a hundred things

whatever you buy will pay for okay

you got good

hey hey Dustin we need you to get more

tips man I got you got

hey Taylor we need to get more ketchup I

think they're at ketchup tree Hey look

that's you thanks for version this that

looks beautiful it's gonna take forever

still take a while see what happens when

you help you drop everything

well the box was broken alright let's go

for a little stroll

as you can see empty pile number three

as you can see what is it Chris empty

this is all number four

it's almost empty in Aisle number five

almost him you've got a little bit of

soda left we're still working on it this

is uh this is really tight that's like a

bomb you won't open it don't wide you

pointing at me why did you put it in me

Jimmy oh I will give you a hundred

dollars of attention clean up on aisle

five Chandler spilled some soda this is

dumb thank you can I get a dustpan

that's how you clean it up Chandler what

that's a liquid this is a broom not a

liquid it's stupid

you guys been doing it for four hours

four hours I can do this

that's my new dad


I'm scared to see how much we spent it's

been like two hours since I checked the

cash register these are the last

non-perishable items because the

resulted in more perishable thing in the

entire store great good we just got it

this whole store this aisle is empty

Chris what is this aisle wow this was

full of stuff oh my goodness and this

aisle is empty too and so is your bank

account sadly yes alright let's go give

it all to a homeless shelter let's do it

so it took quite a while but we ended up

paying the full bill it was like $70,000

we got it all covered plus whatever we

spent on the other people so we ended up

spending quite a bit she's about to

print the receipt this is gonna be


the big time with like $70,000 $80,000

this is the most expensive side and the

last that is instead like it you guys

should try this just go spin 70 grand

and you can have a receipt time look how

big that is that's probably like a

20-foot receipt $10,000 we're at a food

bank and we're gonna give them food they

can bake it all right wow this is

stacking up dude

it is like college debt and America

hey Gotham military operation Delta c9

is going according to plan

look at this oh these are these are mine

Oh Vikings like okay all right

oh this one already open this you

already know that me Jim what are you

doing we got a Peter yeah I'm good I

think there's so many over there that

needs did he just take the honey buns I

think he just took a bunch of honey buns

I'm complicating this last one

no honey Mon man this just fell out of

his pocket all right

I wonder how pull this who would have

thought more food and more boxes Wow




all right so this is all the stuff we

had in the emos I guess people are

probably curious what is it gonna go

towards well we serve anywhere from

1,000 to 1,500 people a week couldn't

have come at a better time because y'all

see that some of the shelves were

completely bare this morning I'm

surprised we could fit all that stuff we

did in there so it's going to people

that need yeah yeah I appreciate it they

were allowing us to help people yeah

alright guys this video was actually

really expensive I need you to go invest

and merch because of you don't buy merch

I just can't afford to do stuff like

this in the future

see this frosted beast hoodie in this

office hoodie they are sexy this company

that I didn't make up named my merch the

sexiest YouTube merch three years in a

row coincidence I think not at the shop

mister peace calm buy a bunch of stuff

so I can afford to keep doing things

like this in the future love you guys

and there you have it folks every single

thing we bought will go to help

low-income families or just people who

need it in general so I'm really happy

about that

oh yeah and we also bought a lot of

people's groceries at the store I did

forget about that anyways I hope you

guys enjoyed I like making videos like

this and if you have a good day

we're at the Animal Shelter where we're

donating the last of the stuff that we

got from uh save a lot this is all the

dog food in the cat food and stuff that

we got that we can't give to homeless

people so where does all the food go to

we process about 3,000 animals a year

through the shelter and dogs and cats so

it supports all the dogs that come into

our care that's awesome well I'm glad we

can help you thank you so much for sure

Thank You mr. peace