Ross Dress For Less Reopening! | So Much Stuff For CHEAP!!


what is up YouTube it's your girl

Orlando coupon queen and today's the day

that my Ross finally reopened so it is

what time is it babe right now it is 12

so it is 1209 they've been open for

about two hours now as you guys can see

there is a line so gonna see how long

the line is I do kind of see people kind

of standing six feet apart I can't

really tell from here I will be 6 feet

apart I'm going to be very cautious on

where I'm at at all times currently

right now Ross is only a letting about

90 people inside the store so that's a

plus this store is really big if you're

in Orlando you guys can recognize where

I'm at this store is huge so I'm gonna

see what they have at this location of

course we are ready so we do have our

masks and for those that were asking

about why am I not wearing gloves

there's a lot of stores here in Orlando

that do not allow you to wear gloves

because you can cross contaminate even

more with gloves but I do have my hand

sanitizer ready and I am staying safe

guys so I appreciate everybody telling

me to stay safe I am staying safe so

let's see what we find though so far wow

this is the line

storage right there and literally

langerhans around all the way over there

so the line is kind of long so be still

waiting update number two I think we are

almost there

I've been waiting in line for like about

an hour now I do see a lot of people

with like a whole bunch of bags but I

mean I don't know we'll see what's here

like I said there's a lot of things that

I told you guys is not like honestly

worth it getting if it's just like 50%

off it's not worth getting but we shall

see already guys we are officially two

people away from entering we made it


so I see a lot of clearance tags so it's

like I called it almost everything is

just 50% off this one's cute it's

Michael Kors and this one here also

$54.99 I'm gonna check out the shoes

also but there's a lot of purses there

is a scene here this one is $20 Brandon

says Rebecca

this one is 49.99 from a hundred same

thing with this one and this one is 71

so nothing really catching my eye like I

said I kind of came a little bit late

this one is only $21 yeah this one was a

hundred and now it's only 29 all Dooney

and Bourke so I found a really good deal

a hundred and thirty so I got to Kate

Spade purses for like less than $100 so

I'm super excited for that

and I'm seeing the shoes have a lot of

good deals so we'll see what we find

but the shoes as you can see here these

are 649 from $22 there's a couple more

hand these are Calvin Klein for only


these are 749 all right so far there's

pretty good prices these are a 549 all

the sandals are probably a good deal too

I found these briefs for only $2.99 I

need something for my pool so that's

going there and a little fYI if you guys

like go towards the back of the rack

that's where you're gonna kind of find

like the best deals so anything that's

like all the way in the back

these are $6.99 from 17 dollars that's

not bad

these here are $5.99 little Havana's 549

that's not a good deal


these are look at these 149 taking and

shut down here or these Kate Spade these

are Kate Spade for five and 99 these are

going to fit my daughter these are only

249 these are $2.99 some gasps some

guest shoes for 349 so yeah I thought I

came late and there's still a lot stuff

a lot of stuff left son I'm gonna keep

on looking so I found these for 99 cents

these are some brand they're only 99

cents for these so like I said what I'm

doing is I'm looking all the way in the

back and that's where I'm finding like

the better deal there's all the way in

the back and I'm trying to focus on

name-brand so look at these these are

Calvin Klein Calvin Klein and these are

249 okay so we're gonna keep on doing

what I just said is to look all the way

in the back these are some Nikes those

are still 1499 he's here

Oh $2.99 so now I'm over by the kids

shoes and I actually found these cute

Pumas only 649 and I kind of feel proud

this Ross was kind of like following

protocol because like it was like really

nobody around so it's pretty quiet and

I'm just gonna continue to shop

I found a couple good things so far

mainly shoes and I'm just gonna go ahead

and check the clothing afterwards look

at these on a 299 my daughter needs

sandals so they're gonna go in there I

found these for me these are some Kate

Spade's for only $5.99 but this little

buggy is a little small I might have to

get another one where do you guys call

these in your location buggies or carts

I even call them cards sometimes buggies

I don't know depending on how I feel but

I mean hey I'm kind of happy over by the

children's clothing they have a lot I

found this cute DKNY shirt from my

daughter for only $2.99 so a retails to

20 and it's $2.99 I'm going in the cart

over by the girls clothes there's a

couple of good deals also this was 79

now it's $2.99 $2.99 $2.99 so almost

everything is like two and eighty-nine

here it's already got some stuff here so

I'm gonna look some more found a bathing

suit for a dollar ninety-nine and has a

lot of aiding suits for like super cheap

look 399 399 oh so much relied at wrong

I have someone who's kidding she's

filming her

we have people we have here we have 4.99

mating season was gonna say um what else

we have 399 we have and I'm sorry that

I'm touching everything I know I got a

lot of comments in the last video about

how I'm touching everything I'm sorry

499 it's a guy to browse anyway 499 look

at this what is this this was $10 and

now it's only 239 yeah so I found my

first $0.49 item these are size 16 it

will most likely fit my youngest she's a

little chunky so that's going there um a

couple other pansies are $6.99 some of

them are $4.99 really really good deals

these are stretchy so they'll probably

fair although these are like women's

pants never mind

these are all women's pants they're on

the wrong side $8.99 $8.99 by 49 549

that's not really worth it I mean it's a

pack of 2 but my opinion that's not

worth it needs Under Armour 549 it's a

pretty good deal for it being Under

Armour there's a couple items in the

home department I see a lot of people

just dropping things everywhere

it's me curious on how much they are but

there's really nothing intriguing in the

home department maybe if you're like

looking for stuff like this is half off

things like this this majority of it is

half off so in my opinion it's not worth

it yet unless you really really need it

but I don't need it so I am not buying

it I'm gonna go ahead and just pass it

by a lot of their frames are on

clearance also I saw a couple really

cute ones this one is only $4.99 that's

Disney it's super cute

this one here is 749 so half off also a

couple Marvel's but those are not

oh and it's pretty much it a lot of

their furniture is also on clearance but

it's like about thirty percent off so

I'm not really interested in that either

these are only 649 that's cute

this is 349 that one up there is also

349 399 so you guys kind of get the


couple furniture in here see how much

this ottoman is this one is $49.99 and

there's like some other ones here you

can't see the price down so this whole

section here there's really nothing on

clearance whatsoever none of the

comforters are on clearance either they

haven't gone here yet one kind of see a

bit off they either they Poli haven't

made their way this way yet or they're

just not doing it but there's nothing on

claim June I'm gonna go ahead and shop

the men's clothing now a little cert

here I see it for 549 I mean that's

pretty good

it's a nice little I mean I guess the

colors are pretty nice you know look at

that 349 it's a nice nice long-sleeve

349 I mean it's for the heavy guys you

know extra large you know I'm Rhonda I'm

on the extra loss so you see these

berries right here look at these

the real name only 999 what everything

is going reduced you guys really gotta

check these out look at this right

here I ain't gonna lie I like these uh

these nap suits and if I believe but I

mean they always got like Mickey Mouse

and Disney stuff it's actually pretty

good sir irons for a medium and look

$6.99 it's not bad at all

all right these are beaters right here

really nice we're gonna nice colors I'm

sorry for $29.99 definitely a good price

sighs I think I hit the mother lode on

luggages okay guys check these out this

was $80 and now it's 20 for this one was

also $80 and I was 24 this one look at

this this is hard only $26 a poly grab

one or two so that whenever I am ready

to travel I will be set but there's a

lot of cheap ones here this one was 95

now it's 44 so I'm 34 24 another one

that's 24 look at this one 1699 so about

$79.99 and it's only 26 99 so I'm

getting the pink one for me and then the

great one for my husband it's a little

scuffed up but hey for the price I am

NOT gonna complain

that was actually cheaper only $21.99 so

we have luggages but a lot of their

Easter stuff is like heavily discounted

this is only 99 cents so like almost

everything in this self here it is only

99 cents and then these are a dollar 49

which if you see it doesn't really have

anything oh no these are 549 I'm sorry

these are a dollar 99 happy Easter one

is 99 cents and then these are 549 and

so on

I checked throughout the women's

clothing and the junior section and

honestly everything is only like 50% off

I found a couple arm skirts and leggings

for super cheap Emeka dresses now

justice are so-so

this is a 449 so there's some good deals

some that I honestly would pass I think

the most exciting deal that I got was

the luggage and the Kate Spade purse for

$30 but this one is you guys can see

it's four dollars but yeah I think the

most also was the children's clothing

that was like the cheapest and shoes so

shoes children's clothing and luggages

is definitely what you guys want to be

on the lookout as far as jewelry I don't

really see anything I see this Kate

Spade wallet for $40 not bad it was 84

and there's really nothing else so I

think I am done I am really tired I see

something over there for $16.99

and there's really nothing else here

that's on clearance but

I'm officially done perfume there's

nothing on clearance and that's pretty

much it I found a couple things in the

accessories check this out this is the

locket foundation from Kat Von D for

only $2.99 you guys this is a $40

foundation for only $2.99 couple items

here some philosophy and Laura lipstick

for only a dollar ninety-nine studded

lipstick from Kat Von D a dollar

ninety-nine some Korres this is a oil

face oil it's only $4.99 $4.99 okay and

then we have some liquid lipstick I

don't know what color this is but it's

only a dollar ninety-nine this on here a

dollar ninety-nine as well probably got

this one just an this is eyeshadow

primer for only a dollar 49 Kat Von D

Kat 1d face powder $2.99 oh my god Mike

Jacobs 7:49 Estee Lauder for only tuna

this is an eye cream this is $7.99

another lipstick for a dollar and I mean

army a lot of stuff so I'm getting this

one here and it's pretty much all I see

BH Cosmetics is a really good brand jump

it since only $8.99 already off that was

a mission so it is a 330 I entered the

store at one o'clock so about two and a

half hours shopping I found that so much

stuff I did kind of overspend

only because my daughters have been

growing out of their clothes so I did

spend like about $500 but it's okay so I

did get the luggage I got a couple Kate

Spade purses I got a lot of cakes big

sandals for only $5 so you guys saw I

know I see a lot of people saying oh my

god there's nothing at my store or

whatever I mean I went kind of early I

went at one o'clock the store opened at

10:00 so I didn't really get last pick I

got some good picks or whatever left but

anyways guys thank you so much for

watching for any live updates don't

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Montek top I do a little couple things

here and there other than that thank you

so much I love y'all like and subscribe

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and comment below what you scored at

your store if you want as always I'm not

promoting you guys to go to the stores I

am just simply showing you guys what I

did you guys saw that I had my mask my

husband still has his mask we're trying

to be home already and my stuff is like

literally going everywhere but yeah

thank you for watching I love you bye