QuikTrip one of the best places to work 11 years in a row

one of fortunes best places to work has

made the list for 11 years in a row

Jack Shackleford takes a quick trip to

see why around town the trip is listed

as number 66 in the top 100 places to

work but one is it about working at a

quick trip that makes it a destination


3:24 please a proverbial surface with

the smile is pumped out at the

tulsa-based convenience store daily down

tempting you bet

steep Franklin says that's what the

chain is all about he chose to work for

Kwik Trip because he heard the

corporation takes care of its employees

my first week with quicktype I saw they

they really were the real deal

starting full-time pay is estimated at

forty five thousand a year plus benefits

and this pursuit of happiness seems to

rub off on the customers like I'm now

and when I come home they grieve me Jim

Norris bang I feel like you appreciate

it we come in you know it's a service

that you get it's all pretty impressive

for a place that sells gasoline these

days that topic produces more grimaces

than grins but I've got people I've

known for ten years and you'll see them

outside of work and they're just super

friendly and they always recognize it

the majority of these rankings were

based on what the employees had to say

about trust and management pride in work

and camaraderie from the looks of it

they've got it in the bag

not everyone's so happy go-lucky at work

put my stuff in jello again next week

syndicated author dr. Linda Dre will

host a lunch at the Doubletree to

discuss how to cure a toxic workplace it

breeds negativity and you know you're in

one when you really don't want to go to

work and when things just start turning

bad nobody's there to support you or

help you and they'd really like to see

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I'm Shaq Shackleford