Quest Locations and how to configure them!

hello everyone bicycie here I just want

to quickly go across the quest locations

they're specifically about the location

quest like we'll utilize to give credit

to players pretty much so what you'll

need to do is navigate to the location

start yml file and after this one now

for you every NPC location or quest

location sorry has its own unique ID

this comes under the location as quests

section sorry config section what you

need to do is basically every bit that's

highlighted here you'll need to

replicate that at the bottom of the file

and then increment the number in your

copy to the highest number seen already

plus one that's just so that we've got a

sequence of locations to load

right so each location will have any

name this is what's referenced in the

quest you just talk to the name of that

if it has a space or a special character

in it just quote the whole thing with a

normal double quote message when found

is a text string that is displayed to

the player by s RPG as they approach a

location or an NPC in this case we're

looking for Constantine the message when

you see it when you see Constantine is

hello pop-up right so the type of

location there's two types of locations

one is an NPC and when it's a location

location is a set of coordinates the

reason why this has been split up is

because if you specify an NPC name the

SPG NPC registry is queried and it'll

find the current location or all of the

NPC's with the matching name in title

and any of those locations will become a

valid place for the player to go to to

get credit for the quest so if you say

find that you're fast soldier and

there's five hundred your fire soldiers

on the map then any one of those or

after this approach one location mode is

a set of coordinates it operates

similarly to the NPC bit but obviously

you're not targeting a specific NPC so

you're gonna want to land up there or

something like that for the player to

find all right so type can be set to

either NPC or location and then we've

got the options below it you can set the

name in the title of the MVC

if the location is set to location mode

whatever you're typing here doesn't

matter but just send it to none or

something very obvious that it's not

used now for location you've got the

position section this operates similarly

to most of the lists configs you just

set a ID then the values copy and paste

that below increment the ID by one and

so on you know as many in that list as

you want the developer K shion's for the

player to go to and yeah just set a set

of coordinates for them to visit by

default they'll need to be within 20

blocks of that set of coordinates to get

the credit yeah so by the time we've got

you know she doesn't question what not

in there I'm assuming that this file

will blow out to be pretty big so it's

important that everyone's across it any

questions let me know