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hello friends welcome back once again

today we're going to discuss a very

important point topic that is various

research institute and their locations

this is very short but we are important

for one questions in each former

competitive exams so make sure this

point which should be strong for your

preparations okay

so firstly here I am putting the

research institute and here their


so your first laboratory is central the

testing laboratory central drug testing

laboratory and shortly this is known as

CDT L and this is located in the mumbai

next central drug laboratory central dug

laboratory serial

this is located in the kolkata next

central drug research institute in the

short c d RI central da resources to you

and this is located in that Lucknow

next Central Research Institute and this

is located in the Kasauli CRI located in

Kasauli next v indian veterinary

research institute this is located in is

that matter okay

next BCG vaccine laboratory this is the

vaccine laboratory this is located in

Chennai next central Indian form of

kapiel laboratory and this laboratory

indian pharmacopoeia laboratory is

located in Ghaziabad

next National Institute of communicable

disease and this Institute is located in

New Delhi next Indian Institute of

biology this Institute is located in

Pune next National Institute of

nutrition and this Institute is located

in Hyderabad even more synthetic drug

plant this is also located in Hyderabad

so these are the different laboratories

or institutes in student and their

locations thank you