Nuclear Reactor Fragment Locations | SUBNAUTICA


hello everybody my name's ban pot the

chemical I've seen and welcome again to

a novice abrasca guide so for this

particular guide we're gonna be looking

at getting the nuclear reactor fragments

it's a real real good one for those that

wanting to get a lot of power in the

base but I will go into that a little

bit shortly but in terms of where we are

and where do we need to go now there are

two locations I'm gonna take it so the

easiest one first if you're not

successful in getting our frags there

then I'm gonna take it to the second

location so where do we start from we

want to start from ideal of the center

of the map you can find this by going to

these coral tubes here sticking out

there's another set there it's not those

it's this one here which is close to the

Aurora that way I can give you the exact

direction and distance that you need to

go so what do we want to go we want to

go just shy of two plates right of

Southwest and we want to go 1425 meters

so this first location it's going to be

just short of 200 meters so you're not

going to need a debt module father

seemed off anything like that obviously

you're going to need your scanner you're

gonna need high capacitance and possibly

ultra there is a wreckage there so you

may want to explore bring the laser

cutter by all means but the fragments

typically are outside of the wreckage so

in terms of what this what this neutral

or ATSA can do it can generate run about

free sorry 250 energy units per minutes

so it's massive if you compare that to

say the bio reactor where you throw

organic material and there fish so on

and so forth that produces around about

50 so the difference is pretty big the

what is basically

knees for the energy is nuclear reactor

rods built by a year and I the Year

enact can be a little bit tricky to find

but each rod can hold up to 20,000 units

of energy so it is massive so it's yeah

so it's not my personal favorite but

it's each of their own so we sort of

want it like I said before we want to

keep on just shot of two clicks right of

Southwest and we're gonna be going

through the space reef they should be

going any further any deeper than 200

meters so if you feel like you're going

deeper then you've obviously taken a

wrong turn

I do recommend putting a starting point

where I said the coral tubes that way

you know your distance so but to the

Waypoint and we should be approaching it

quite soon once you see these you know

you're in the right direction so there's

a little puffier hopefully fingers

crossed there it is so those your first

wreckage there we have it guys

and you're gonna find all the parts

required around this area so if we get

out and we do a scum torch is always a

good one to have even when you've got

the sea glider so Cyclops hole that's

good to know

Cyclops hole that's good to know we

venture around hopefully fingers crossed

you'll find those fragments it's quite a

large wreckage is one of the big ones

within the game

and cyclists ragaman but plenty of

psycho Cyclops those the there's the

first one okay so and I believe if you

do circle obviously spawn rate differs

for each player so it will there's a

second one so will vary depending on

obviously the game played so I'm going

to take it to the second location now

the second location does have a high

spawn rate but it is a little bit more

dangerous could be a lot more deeper so

I'll see you at the Stein point in one

second okay guys we're now back at the

starting point so if you've not found

the Frog so required frags at the first

location this is the second location

this is Scott this has got a highest

bond rate it is a little bit more

dangerous and deeper of course so in

terms of where we want to go we want to

be going to clicks left of West what

you're gonna need for this is at least a

debt module map one for the seamoth

we're gonna be going around about 300

meters there are multiple tiers for this

so you go deeper on the wreckage can go

deeper the second tier you're going to

need depth ones your mark - and the

third tier of the wreckage you're going

to need depth module map free it will

make more sense when we get there so two

clicks left of sorry two clicks left of

west from the starting point now what

we're going to fire down there is a

multitude of bodies and peels whoppers

and all pretty much hi sort of ranking

sort of medium fret sort of there

foreigner effects of what what I do

suggests you have if you can do is

primitive defense system always goes

well with the seem off and other than

that really it's more of a dancing sort

of area a lot of use it kicks off no

it's in a minute and it's pretty scary

stuff so we're gonna venture through

from the sighting point through to the

grand reef and we're gonna come to a

channel which you will see shortly so

just keep around about the 100 metres

mark for now don't delve too far down

and then you will see what I mean so you

can see there if we keep on the two

clicks left of West this is the start of

the blood cult channel so what we don't

want to be doing is taking a nosedive

straight there I'm going to follow this

round just keepin on the edge top edge

of this answer the right of this make

sure you've got a white song on the

seamoth I'm just going to keep following

around if you're losing it a little bit

do you go that little bit deeper but not

too deep and then you want to be keeping

on the 200 meter mark and just make sure

you're on the right side of this and

then follow it round it's gonna bend

around and then what it's going to

effectively look like we're going to

come to the end of it we don't actually

if you elevate so I'll keep going and

then you can see what's that would come

to the end if you just go over and back

over you should then see an opening and

it's just effects have lured the same

channel so this is the first part of the

wreckage 300 meters deep and already can

see frags and this is by far got the

highest bond rate done many tests in

this so that's your first fragment and

there's a lot of parts around this area

so for those that haven't had that

success I'm now going to take you to the

second location so we're going that a

little bit deeper if we can find the

bullet II seem off there it is

what you want to do effectively is just

go down descend down and it's like I

said before it's on multiple tiers

there's this bridge here you will

usually find fragments around this

location there you go

fragments again check on both sides

another fragment it is littered with

fragments and there we go guys we're

getting be we're getting into the hard

zone and there is a bottom level and it

is around about six hundred meters deep

and for the holes that are the next

success this is what we need to go so in

that time we found about eight fragments

can see we're in about eight fragments

so hopefully like the video guys good

luck with that one

ciao for now bye bye