Boosting Your Mobile Notary Business With The National Notary Association

hello everyone

um my name is lashon jenkins with the

notre institution

thank you everyone for waiting um and

let me see

we have miss joanne trotter she was

first so i want to say thank you for

being here

but today we are here me

and samantha um samantha i will allow

you to introduce yourself

but go ahead yes ma'am thank you miss


my name is samantha smith owner of she

listens notary and business services

i am representing the great amazing

outstanding georgia notary nation

um i'm so glad to see so many uh georgia


online this morning thank y'all thank


for coming um i'm just gonna go just

just i'm gonna go through a few parking


and um housekeeping issues or points

before we get started and bring our

guests out

um number one please remember

that we are here to talk about a very a

specific topic

so if you have outside questions that

you'd like to

ask and get answers or feedback to um

it's okay if you put it in the chat

we may not address it at this platform

but if you do have a question

include your email address so that way

we can um get that answer out to you


so that we can keep um we can um honor

our guest time and everyone else's time

who is here

to hear about a specific topic uh number


always remember that everything that we

share from this notary institution

platform and through

signed and sealed with lashaun and

samantha that these are just suggestions

they are suggestions based on our

experiences based on things we hear

about in the field that other notaries

talk to us about

it is not unnecessarily something we're

saying go and do

make sure you vet and um interview your


processes and you do what works for you

and your business and always

under the guidance of your state laws


lastly our guest again is here today and

we're talking about a very specific


let's just be mindful of the kinds of

questions we answer

just in case she may not be privy to

answer those questions

i'm sure she'd be more than willing to

but just let's be

um let's be mindful of how we utilize

this amazing resource that we have been

able to share with you on today

so that's all i got you got to miss

all right so everyone um here we're

going to welcome ms jackson um she's a

representative from the national notary


so i want to allow her to tell her story

and introduce

herself to us there we go hi good


good morning thank you for having me

first of all

to lashawn and samantha i'm very excited

to be here

uh like the sean said i do work for the

national notary association i've been

with the organization for uh this is my

20th year

um i actually started as the

receptionist at the company

and i um was sitting at the front desk

at the headquarters in chatsworth


apparently i was looking a little too

bored because the current uh manager my

manager at the time his name is ozzy


and if you recognize that name it's

because he's now the deputy secretary of

state for the notaries

in the notary division in uh north


he caught me reading a book and so he

was like oh you like to read and he

brought me a stack of every book that


made and put it on my desk and that is

where my notary career began

um so that allowed me the opportunity to

become an instructor and travel

the united states when we taught live


and starting in 2003 i was kind of in

the beginning stages of the n

a uh teaching their notary signing agent

course which of course prompted me to

become one because

i was telling teaching everybody how to

start their businesses and i wanted to

get on the action too

i also was part of the market when it

crashed in 2008

um and you know went back to teaching uh

notary classes just in california but

i've taught notary classes in 17

states um so i have a lot of notary

knowledge a lot of nsa knowledge

um i was uh telling lashon that

i also i'm a big believer in uh

mobile notary work and not uh just

downplaying that everything's all about

the uh signing agent life

so if you um also you know it's just as

important to have your notary skills

home to do that there's just as much

money there

um so uh but now i am the manager of the

training and education department so we


the seminars in california we do about

80 a month

which gets us to certify 30 000 notaries

a year here in california

and then i'm also the manager of the

notary hotline so you uh

call in ask a notary question you're

stuck in the middle

uh usually you know what the answer is

but having a person go you are right

is some uh really comforting uh so we

have that

um opportunity as well we take about 11

000 phone calls a month

uh from various notaries um and

uh you know the n a uh is just a great

place to work

their motto for the employees is they

want it to be everybody's best job ever

because if we're happy we take care of

our notaries and that's

you know what i love doing yes well

we love what you do and i know everyone

can speak but i love that hotline

that how long was the best thing of any


with the national notary association in

my opinion you know

um but we do have a few questions for


okay um the first question is

do you have to pay for n a membership or

are there services

and resources that can be accessed for


great question uh the answer is there's

a lot of

information on the n a's website

with free information um so general

uh questions that you may need answers

to are available it's called the

knowledge center

those are accessed for free for by


um but also we have the like what we

call behind the member wall benefits

uh which are things like a lot of our

publications so i don't know if you've

noticed um

the complete how-to guide for notaries

is a book about

this thick um it's about 500 pages and

it basically starts from beginning to


of the notarial process and the general

rules so

specifically for people in states where

there's no training

reading this book is a really good um

tool to kind of just get the general uh

frame and it's not a state-specific book

it's general notary practices but

they're the ones that kind of hold true

across state lines so

the basic five steps of how you perform

a notarization

those weird circumstances when people

can't sign their name for whatever

reason just good guidelines to follow

in states where your laws don't address

well a lot

um there's also uh the notary

certificates that you can download for

free when you're a member

um so those are kind of the perks that

we have as well as there's a

book called the notary answer book that

has the most common

things that people request for

notarizations that we're not allowed to


so i always kind of joke it's the book

about when you want to put the no in


um you kind of open it up and get that

answer of like

why you should tell this signer why you

can't do it um but the great thing and

it's almost

insulting but when you tell somebody i

can't do this because

um they don't want to believe you but

for some reason when you open a book up

and you point to words on a page

they're like okay um but you just said

what the book said

it doesn't matter they want that in

writing so it's kind of like

the backup for for your what you know to

be true

what was the name of that book again

it's called the notary answer book

and you can actually download it um from

your member portal

um so when you log into the nna's


uh it'll be on the left-hand side

they'll have a list of resources for


okay uh i'm just answering this question

for someone in chat box

okay um and here is

so here we had a question actually in

the chat someone i think you

kind of answered it in a way because you

said that book

but she had asked can the

book help with people in a attorney

state can the nna help

i'm a notary that lives in an attorney


as far as um

how so how how do you make money in an

attorney say my answer is that you

go and perfect your notary craft to be a


notary so forget about the signing agent

aspect obviously attorneys have to be

involved in the real estate closings

but there are tons of operations that

just be notaries on a regular basis so

i'll give you a couple of examples

a lot of banks have notaries in them but

they have exclusive agreements where

they're not allowed to notarize


unless they relate to the bank's

business so when people walk in off the

street in search of a notary

um the bank employee sometimes has to

say no i can't do it

if you walk into the bank with your

business card and say hey if you ever

find yourself in that situation

give me a call i can be here in a couple

minutes um and you can go and perform

that notarization and a lot of times

they're so grateful for you for doing


they'll let you use a conference room um

if not

take them to the starbucks i know it's a

little bit different in the covid times

but i feel like there's a opportunity


same thing with the ups store a lot of

people are cutting their hours back

right now so their notary that they

usually have on staff

isn't available if you have one near

your house and you're sitting at home

offer to come down there if somebody

walks in so that that way you're helping

their customer

and they're not turning anybody away

they're still getting that business so

work out some kind of deal with that

and then just in general uh one of the

biggest things i would say is make sure

you have a yelp

page and every time that you have a

customer that you're getting them to

give you great reviews

because when people are searching for

things now when you google things a lot

of time yelp is the first website that

will come up

and if you've got notary services with

great reviews you're going to get a

higher listing on google

um so those are just some of the ways so

if you are in an attorney state i would

say you know

you can kind of get together with other

notaries and

you can talk to legislators and you can

ask them questions about why

i know two notaries one in michigan and

one in indiana who actually got their

laws changed

um to uh you know give notaries more


so i would definitely work with your

fellow notaries to try because it's a

legislative issue

um it's nothing that you know the n a

single-handedly can solve

so uh definitely trying to find uh

uh what's the word opportunities

wherever they can be but i would just

say if you are an attorney state

don't forget about mobile notary work

and everyone that uses notaries

if you have the thought process oh well

they probably have one there

go ask them anyway be that backup notary

that they can call

um and if you are meeting notaries that

tell you what they're doing

you know offer to be there for them when

they call in sick or they're busy so

there's so many opportunities uh you

have to

you have to think outside the box a

little more

okay yeah awesome it's all about

networking um

in the state of georgia pretty much but

we have another question

uh let me know here it is so for new

notaries do you suggest we obtain

um errors and omissions insurance or

background screening or both so uh the

answer is all of the above

because the background screening is

going to be required for by the title


because they you're going to go into

people's homes or you're going to be

closely interacting with people

so they want to make sure that you've

gone through that process but the eno

insurance is also something that the

title companies are going to require

but here's the big thing that a lot of

notaries and notary signing agents don't


specifically the signing agents that eno

insurance only covers you

for the notarial acts that you perform

so if you are a signing agent

you should also go talk to a business

uh strategist and get some general

insurance for your business because if

you make a mistake outside of your

notarial acts

the uh eno insurance is only going to

cover those notarial acts

so if you miss a signature on a document

that has nothing to do with notarization

you're still opening yourself up so any

kind of general business insurance

obviously i don't know what it's called

specifically but talk to an insurance


and there's lots of notaries who are

insurance agents so again hit your

network up

who sells insurance and talk to them

about some kind of general liability

insurance to protect you

outside of just the notarizations um

because a lot of people think once they

have that eno insurance that they're set

oh wow that's that's a that's amazing

you know i received a question about

that last night

um what you had what you just answered

so here

um someone said once a person becomes a

member of the nna will that person have


access to the n a resources or just for

a limited

amount of time so um

i want to say that you'll have access to

the resources as long as you're a member

so if you keep

uh renewing your membership you'll keep

having access to those resources

but we hope that once you become a

member that you're going to want to be a

lifetime member

yes ma'am okay so here i want to answer

this one i want to do this one

he said can you talk about ron notary

so the remote online notarization um

so certain states i think there are 20

states that have permanent

um remote online notarization uh

commissions available

um they are just like an opportunity for

uh to you know expand your services that

you offer

um my biggest suggestion would be to

do research on this first um the n a

does have like a nationwide remote

online notarization training

um available but a lot of it has to do

with the platforms that are available

um notarycam and really do

your research because

most of the transaction takes place with

the service provider doing everything

for you

and you're going to pay them a fee to be

able to do that um so everything is done

kind of how you and i are talking right


essentially what happens is that um

you're going

to uh lashawn you're going to be my

notary in this instance you're going to

verify my identity

but the way that you're going to do that

is before i even get in front of you on

the camera

i'm going to have to have to answer some

knowledge based authentication questions

and you may have had questions like this

before where they put something up

in front of you and say out of these

four addresses which one did you live at

and you have to recall the information

within two minutes and then once you

answer a series of these questions

you and i will be face to face on the

camera like we are right now the

document will go up you'll do your

notary thing

and the service provider completes the

transaction and it all creates a

journal entry so my best advice for

people who are in states where this is


is to first check your state's website

to see what the requirements are

sometimes you have to sign up for a

separate commission

sometimes you just have to tell them hey

i want to do this

then the next thing they want to know is

who's going to be your provider

so they should provide you with a list

of service providers you should research

each one of them

the cost what services they offer how

they're going to secure your

transactions are they going to keep them

are you going to keep them

depending on the um depending on the

state that you're in some states require

training um

and if they do uh chances are the nna

will offer that to you if not you may

have to go through the state directly

because a lot of times that will happen

as well

okay so someone someone said georgia has

restrictions on that

um with something so it's another


here it is did we ask that already okay

no okay so create can the nna create a


with attorneys for opportunities and

attorney states

essentially we can be signing agents but

have to

have direct relationships with attorneys

to be contacted

so the answer is

uh we i can certainly make that

suggestion about

creating uh more pathways but again it

goes back to

legislation and what the law says you're

allowed to do changing legislation comes

down to the people

and so if the only way to um

you know get work is to have direct

relationships with attorneys then my

advice to you is go form direct

relationships with those attorneys

so there are tons of bar associations

they have luncheons

um that they'll invite people to come to

and so i would say to find out where

events are

have a lot of attorneys and network

yourself to them and sometimes it may

just be a pounding the pavement

and kind of throwing yourself out there

and having to do you know that leg work

that is

time consuming and costly but i think

once you get your foot in the door and

they know you can do a good job

you know just like everything word

spreads when you're a person that knows

what's going on

oh i have a great notary let me give you

their information

so i think the it is an uphill battle in

those attorney states

but i know a notary in south carolina

that is doing

a ton of work um by forging those

relationships and working on that uh

general notary work

absolutely absolutely uh miss lashon can

i also say something because i believe

that alex was from georgia if i saw his


correctly but being a georgia notary

unfortunately our handbook actually says

that we cannot

perform the duties of a loan signing

agent notary signing agent

is in the handbook so as you're creating

those relationships which is a huge it's

an investment

it's not a task it's literally an

investment in your business

if that's what you want to do but um

just make sure that you know no matter

what state you're in but again i can

only speak for georgia

that you forge those relationships on

your own

um in order to have those types of

assignments but again

always referring back to that handbook

and what it says that um

the the bounds that we are able to

operate under

okay so i we well

not i but we um the audience we

have a question about um the signing

agent listing

so you know when people become a member

you have um i've seen it's like

priority priority and it's different

levels of

the sign of agent listing so how does

that work in

in the aspects of like from the process

of how they receive the assignments

um are the title companies do they

specifically pick

certain people you know how does that

process actually work

um agent profile

as far well let me tell you about the

signing agent profile because i can't

speak to the process that the title

companies go about choosing

but i can tell you that the way to have

a priority listing

is to not just get your background

screening and

your certification exam through us but

to have also completed our training

um the reason for this is when the

training was created

we actually went to the signing

professionals work group the spw

which is made up of title companies

lenders notaries

and other people in the industry and we

got information from them about what

they wanted to make sure

that signing agents knew prior to taking

their training

and with that in mind we integrated a

lot of information that the title

companies wanted

so knowing that um they're gonna

if you're certified through the n a and

have taken training

that you're gonna know what they want

you to know uh we offer a priority


but everything is still random so

there's the random part where you get

the top priority and then i think it

occupies a certain number of uh

listings and then the other people who

are certified through n a

also will come up and it comes up

randomly uh every time that you

um like somebody does a search for a

signing agent

so while we're on the topic though i

cannot stress enough the importance of

making sure your profile is

active that you have current information

on there because they really do use that

information to gauge

whether or not they're gonna hire

somebody so

um you know if you don't know how to

access it

uh you log into your uh nna

profile again on and then

go to my

nna and it should be right there for you


um that is something that's really

important you have the opportunity to

add services you provide

languages that you speak if you speak

another language you should be telling

the whole world about it

because a lot of states restrict using

interpreters you have to have the notary

and the signer communicating

so that is something that you can offer

that is unique so make sure that you're

promoting that

oh wow i didn't know about the languages

part i never thought

to put that up there that that is

actually a good thing

um it was someone asked about

i don't know throw this question up

um is there an email list um that people

could sign up with to receive

updates about changes in their state

so that's actually a member benefit

through the nna whenever a law changes

in your state

uh as a member we actually will send you

a new law update

basically that outlines what was the way

it was and what's changing

um so that uh that is one of the member

benefits so i can give you two examples


of how being an a member could uh help


both missouri and maryland change their

laws this year and

uh in um introduced

uh new notary certificates saying that

you have to use this language or

something similar to it

having an n a membership you wouldn't

have to buy one certificate you could go

to the website

click on missouri click on maryland and

you can download the certificates

now some people like the look of the

pads you know we saw the pads of a


because they are in color and you know

they're easier to tell that they are

uh original you're still able to

um you're still able to download those


if you want to but having those pads is

nice as well you can still purchase them

but you don't have to so and i usually

just have a stack of them with me print

out a few take a stack with me so just

in case

i made a mistake there's not enough room

for my stamp i've got those certificates

uh ready to go okay awesome awesome so

we have a

question but i think i might answer but

this correct me if i'm wrong but

um she said why do your certifications

only last a year

um you do have different um levels right

i believe it's one year

you could purchase an a membership oh

are she talking about the test

so the certifications last for a year

because of the background screening

so essentially because your um you know

status could change over it's because it


um it does a criminal background check

and this is the requirement of the


but it's also part of the patriot act

because you're dealing with people's

personal information

so for that reason they're doing a

background check every single year

um and that's more of the lender

requirements because of your exposure to

people's personal information

so it's the background check that has to

be done every year so we make the

certification go along with that

okay awesome awesome awesome so

um here in about five minutes we're

going to do the giveaway

um for the free membership um coming

from me

and samantha at 10 30

is when we're going to do it but um

samantha you can go ahead into the

comments and

i want to show this on the screen oh no

i'm sorry wrong button i'm sorry

um i think this is miss sharon and

so it says

is there a difference between the

georgia primer

and the georgia notary handbook and so

uh correct me if i'm wrong miss jackson

the primer i'm sure she's referring to

the primer that the nna

offers and so i'll i'll just say this

for those who have connected with me you

know i'm a big stickler about knowing

your state laws

and ms jackson has supported that just

throughout this entire

uh conversation we're having so at the

end of the day

your your state handbook is going to

trump everything because those are the

laws that apply to your state

we love the resources that are provided

through the nna and they are

truly resources to help our businesses

but they are supplemental

as it relates to what our handbook says

that we can

and cannot do so as far as the content

i cannot speak to the content ms jackson

i'll ask you to

kind of take that part as far as the

differences but at the end of the day

all notaries no matter what state you're

in you should always seek out the

resource of your state handbook

samantha i cannot agree with you the

handbook is always going to be your

number one resource

i'll talk to california for a second

because that's where i've been a notary

the longest our california

handbook is it got a lot of statutes in

it so a lot of times when they're giving

guidance or direction it's not easy to


so the primers that we produce are kind

of what i call the english version

of state resources so the

handbook should always be on hand that

should be referenced first and the other

thing that the primers do is fill in the


where the law doesn't talk about how to

do certain things so

for example um if the georgia primer

doesn't say how to i'm sorry the georgia

handbook doesn't say what do you do if

the signer speaks a language you don't

speak or

what if the signer's not able to write

their names the n

a's materials are going to fill in the

gaps of general notary practice where

the handbook just doesn't address it

so it's uh i would say absolutely the

handbook is the first thing you go to

check your laws but when the laws do not

address it then you've got a backup


as well as the notary public code of

professional responsibility

it's a resource that we have and i

believe anybody can download that

they put out a new version for 2020.

again it's on our website in the

knowledge center and it's called the

notary public code of professional


and that was um authored by

one of the authors was michael claussen

who if anybody knows

he's an attorney who's like the biggest

notary advocate in the country

and him and uh bill anderson and malcolm

morris and a few others

they wrote it 20 years ago and they just

revised a new

um code and a lot of the the uh

states that adopted the uh reform


rolona is what it's called laws of

notarial acts a lot of states are

adopting it and a lot of those

principles are based on this code

so if you haven't read it and you're

looking for a good time

it's definitely a lot of notary words


and uh stuff but it's certainly

interesting and the great thing about

that is it has comments about why they

made the decisions that they did

to make this guidance for notaries wow

okay so it was 10 29 so we are going to

start the giveaway

right i'm excited so sam

i want can you do the number can you

undo the announcement

i'm about to share the screen though

sure um so for everyone who is on this

uh this particular live we want to thank

you for your

participation and just for your support

as we work to support notaries


and so uh due to the graciousness of the

national minority association and our


on today we have been provided an

opportunity to just

to do a giveaway and the giveaway is

going to be

um correct me if i'm wrong the year-long


to a free year-long membership for the

national notary

association for those who don't already

have one

um i'm not sure miss jackson if those

who currently have one

they might be able to hold it over to

the next one

so hey if you have a current membership

or you don't have a membership this will


a benefit to you so the way we're going

to do this

is this um we have a random

number generator so you don't have to

pay attention to that number right there

so everybody on the call

we want you to plug in a number in the

chat between

1 and 100 and when

uh when we see that we're getting enough

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we'll hit generate and whatever google

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the gift

of the free one-year national notary

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what number can you do because people

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one and 100 what numbers

um let's see what we got we'll give it a

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and so we're going to give you about 30

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coming in miss lashon do you want to go

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what number we get yes ma'am

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that's a did we have a 65

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well i mean we got a 66 that's we got a

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we'll hold this 63 from

miss sandy sweeney georgia notary nation

in the house yes ma'am

sandy sweeney you might you were the

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nobody up to misha jackson at 11 31

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looking at 11 31 am tamesha jackson was

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so can i just point out that that is no

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that's okay congratulations and thank


yeah thank you for um coming on thank

everybody for coming on

but um but yeah thank you and and again

thank you to the national notary

association for allowing us to be able


um provide this uh prize to our

signing our signed and sealed uh


yeah so uh tamesha is there a way i'm

about to

put a link in the box can you fill out

that form

and then also if you want can you please

type in your email address so we can

get you started on your membership um

and are you already a

nna member or you know tell us on your

new notary

you know we want to know about you

because you you're our winner for today

so we would like to know about you um

but yeah let me put this in real quick

i love this all right

um so we are taking what time is it

more question someone said they had

actually more questions

um to ask so let's talk about the


yes let's talk about the conference uh

nna 2021 will be in orlando florida

may 2nd through the 5th and um

i have to say that more than the


that you're gonna get it's about the

networking opportunities and my favorite

thing about the conference

is being in the same room with people

who all do the same thing

and it's such a um special group of


that you're gonna have in one place and

everybody learns so much from everybody

and i'll be honest

although i've taught you know so many

workshops at these conferences i always

learn more from the notaries in the

classes that i feel like they learn from


um just because you're hearing what

people are dealing with out there you're

healing hearing their solutions to


uh that they're going through you hear

all these new ideas of stuff they're


and you think why didn't i think of that


something as simple as a like tweak that

they've made to their business card

that's made them stand out okay um

so i would say there's gonna be uh some

workshops this year samantha smith

actually is doing a workshop this year

at the conference so i'm excited for


um and just different topics not as

so much about being a notary more so

than how to get your notary business off

the ground

um and so there's people who are there

that are doing the remote online

notarizations they're signing agents

there's people that are just doing

general work

and people do come from the attorney

only states to kind of hear from others

um and you can network with people and

get a nationwide network as well as

a local network and i cannot stress

enough the importance of forming those

networks to have

what i like to call like your backup

notary so that when you do have to turn

down those assignments

you have people that you know have the

same passion drive experience

education that you do so when you're

sending them to do a job you know that

it's gonna

be happening so the uh again it's in

orlando so you can also you know turn it

into a vacation and because this is for

your business i'd also like to point out

that this will be tax deductible

um as part of an investment for your


um and if i may also add it's a lot of


um a group of notaries will be a good

time but we have a lot of fun um

and i just uh love it so uh okay

any questions about that um someone had

asked like the date again and it's may

2nd through

may 2nd to the 5th and it's at the rosen

center in orlando florida and it changes

every year

i need to come to florida i know it's

nice in may

someone actually had a question um she

someone asked about apple steel services

oh okay uh so

apple cities are not really like a

notary service per se but

again notaries and their wonderful

wisdom were like this is a service the

public needs how

how can i put myself in the process to

create an opportunity for myself

so essentially when notaries have

documents that are getting notarized

here in the states and then they're

going to go abroad somewhere

in order to prove that the notary holds

a valid commission

for the states that signed what's called

the hague convention treaty

they are allowed to have this one

authenticating certificate that will


from your state's government that says

yes this is a valid notary commission

and we recognize that this person is a

notary so what happens is you complete

your notarization

like you normally would and in theory

what happens is the signer takes the

document to whatever

agency usually the secretary of state or

whoever often

uh authorizes the notaries um

you uh take it to the agency

and they look over everything make sure

it's right and then they provide this

apple sd certificate

so there are opportunities there um

there is a book out there written by

daniel lewis and judith lawrence

my uh make your business our business

and they've got a whole section in there

um that is um about doing apple fees and

how to set that whole business up so how

you set it up i'll be honest i don't

know too much about

uh but also you know daniel lewis from

indiana if you guys do not know him

uh i would follow him on social media

because he's uh one of our

notary experts as well and he's just

like mr entrepreneur he will

you know tell you how to do everything

and he's one of my favorite people on

the planet

and if he sees this ha ha i said your


put this link i'll put the link in the


i know that there's a chapter in there

about it um that gives more detail but

there are a lot of

notaries that were innovative enough to

create this as a niche for notary so

definitely you know google

how to get involved in that process um

but yeah that's one of the

things i do not know a lot about how to

get involved with it but it is

available to do i will say any of you

that are out there that

are notarizing documents that go to

foreign countries you have to be on your


plus game because the number one way to

get found out

about not performing your notarizations

properly is it's literally getting

handed to the notary authority

to make sure you did it properly so

i can speak mostly that happens for

california but

if you are make sure you've dotted every

eye and crossed every t

if you are doing international documents

absolutely absolutely so

every we have everyone said thank you uh

we get a lot of thank yous

i know i had one more question because

some people wasn't able to attend

um samantha do you have any uh thing

that you wanted to



so um as we get ready to wrap up

i would just encourage everyone to uh

put in the chat what is the biggest

thing you took away from today's

session whether it's one word whether

it's a paragraph whether it's you know

just a statement

what's the biggest thing that you took

away from today's session

um and is there anything that uh you

think you might be interested in hearing

on future

sessions with uh signed and sealed with

lashawn and samantha

um and as always make sure you tell our

guests thank you

but that's all i got okay um so

we have this is gonna be the final

question that we have

um it's from i'm not gonna try

but uh once um miss lewis

or louise once i complete the nsa exam

and i'm supposed to receive a


aside from the results uh so that's a

good question

we actually do not give certificates


uh because we had a um what's the

counterfeit problem uh so now you get

your results directly

once you get them but what that means is

that your badge

saying that you're certified is on your

signing agent profile waiting for you to

go in there

and update that page uh the other thing

that i'd like to uh tell you is that the


i just forgot what it is oh

about updating your signing oh that you

can use the

uh n a logo we have a section on the

website where you can download the logo

to put it on your website business cards

add it to your email that says you are a


and same thing with the nsa

certification if you're certified

through n

a you can download a badge that says you

are certified

uh to add that to your publications and

various social media

um to uh basically promote

the organization because uh it does

carry the fact that you've gone through

you know training that you do care about

being a notary that you have studied

your state laws

um and that you know what you're doing

and that's the number one thing that

people are looking for

is people that have really took taken

the time to know

what this notary thing is beyond just

you know you stamp stuff

all right awesome awesome awesome um

do y'all want to take one more yep it's

up to you

i'm good okay

so any suggestions on specifics for

your business card uh i would say

something that makes you

uh stand out okay uh because

uh you guys are both smiling

i don't know i'm gonna find these

questions these questions

somebody somebody else is looking at

your sweater like i was looking at your

sweater oh

okay yes um yes my sweater i do like it

i have many varieties

um and you fed on the website yes you

know that

that is something that you should ask

the nna for it's a notary apparel

because i know i would rock from notary


so i uh i forgot what the question was

oh business cards do something that

makes you stand out

uh have the mma badge on there but i

would definitely recommend that you get


uh business cards from your own unique

place so they don't look like anybody


um i will say i've seen some interesting

shaped ones and i love that idea

but when i get conference that's when i

uh connect a lot of

collect a lot of business cards then

those ones with the funky shapes stand

out the most

but i can't put them away where i put

the rest of them so

uh i would say definitely find something

you know

um there's a lot of people that because

you're dealing with the real estate


and a lot of real estate agents have

their pictures on everything a lot of

people recommend that

um i i'm not a big fan of that because i

don't like looking at pictures of myself


but i mean

by all means

okay um so let me see someone asked um

this is a great question so he said i

would like to know

a strategic direction on turning

networking into money

oh my goodness so my thing would be to

get with as many notaries as you

possibly can

and just start asking questions now if

you do it in a facebook forum

you're going to feel the wrath because

for whatever reason those facebook


i love y'all but you are brutal

people come in so what i'm going to say

to the new people is don't go in and say

i'm a

new notary how do i get business go in

there and read

the um the posts that have already been


where people have asked for suggestions

you can search

the facebook live search notary signing


um there's a lot of group good groups to


uh there's a gentleman i hope he doesn't

get mad because i don't even really know

him but it's the best book i think his

name is memphis notary

tim gatewood and he wrote this oh

notary tim gatewood yes he wrote this

book it cost four dollars

and he's basically taken everything on


facebook blogs and kind of compiled

everything together

that i would recommend to every new

notary to have

uh that basically outlines step by step

how you can uh start your business but

miss harris's question was about turning

networking into it and i would say that

knowing other notaries and what they're

doing is where you're going to get that


and if you're encountering notaries that

don't want to help because they see you

as competition

you're talking to the wrong notaries

because there's enough work for

everybody um and anyone who doesn't

think that

that's not you're in the wrong direction

find the notaries that want to help

um because they're out there they are

everywhere they're all over social media

there's two sitting in front of you

right now um so

ask the right people absolutely


um um miss um miss latron i'm sorry

but you know every time i see a georgia

notary asks a question it just

could do something to me so i wanted to

respond to his parents

um i try to encourage georgia notaries

to remember their skill sets

so if you or your skill sets in your

work experience so if you have certain

work experiences

that allowed you to be around people you

can transfer those same skill sets into

the notary business

you don't not necessarily learning

anything new so when it comes to that


if you're already familiar with talking

to people keep talking to people

you're just now talking about a new

thing because you never know where that

next networking opportunity will come


that will turn into dollars because at

the end of the day

it's your networking that's going to

make that transition it's not going to

be necessarily anything anybody else


because either you're going to connect

with that person or you're not going to

connect with that person and that's

really kind of

what it is somebody told me this morning

there are no secrets to this

everything is on the internet all the

books that have been written

there is no uh magic steps or potions or

there is no secret we just got to be

willing to

uh put feet to pavement do some reading

and research

and then execute what we got going on

absolutely that's a

excellent closing statement there um

that's an excellent statement um but um

thank you uh miss jackson for

the presentation answering questions um

we can't guys i'm sorry but we can't


every single question but um you're more

than welcome to forward your questions

um you can either forward them to me

at the notre institution at

you can connect with samantha as she's

listens um let me i'll put her links in


and then also um you can actually you

want email miss jackson

um you want to give them uh how they can

actually reach out and contact

um yeah yeah if you have like specific


questions you can uh email me at n



okay i type that in the um chat too but

as you know just wanted you to say it

and i'll put

everyone's contact information in here

and everyone says thank you well we are

we are very grateful for this i'm

actually we're really i know everyone's

excited right now just to see you here

connecting with us and the whole in our

homes you know

i it means a lot to everyone on this um

that's watching right now

to me and samantha so thank you very

much um we're going to log off everyone

but guys tonight tune in i'm going live

um i want to say about 5 30 p.m


but i am going live because i want to do

another giveaway so

just turn your notifications on or just

page watch me because i will have

another giveaway today um for y'all

but thank you everyone and you have a

great day

thank you so much thank you