all right i am in a marshall so it looks

like they did add

some new perfume body spray

huh that one's five dollars i've never

seen that one here

sarah jessica parker we have the roll-on


seven rows of courts and that one

13. what is this one

see lily okay yeah i've never seen these

for only 13 and a little tiny juicy


they're normally 20. yeah 20

sweet like candy by ariana

eight dollars burberry

sheer and that's 29.

what is this one a


hmm you flip it around it has like

glitter a lot of burberry

viva la juicy again mark

jacobs now looks like that one's 29

eighteen dollars tommy girl son

kiss okay i need to go to ulta and smell


and what is this one ten dollars

hmm i've never seen that they do have

nautica in the back


what is this white one nina ricci

uh 37

man i think

uh 22 yeah i try not to flip it around

so much

i try ah not that much

another bb vegas a jet set 5.99

pure seduction 13.

it's really really nice red bottle too

okay 17 for sarah jessica

daisy dream 40. oh they do have the body

miss 2 for 5.99

five dollars

that's going to be new here hollister

13 okay we've seen that

5.99 it makes me want to spray it but i

don't want to

sunflowers 13. i used to have the

original one i don't know how this one


okay dolce is still here clinique happy

25 for that little one

sometimes you could find that for 20 and

tj maxx

well how much is a large one uh

looks like 40. i think they went up

here because uh these used to be 20.

this one's still here 4.35

they've been hawking this one a lot on


uh 5.99 we have dove oh it looks like

you'll get lotion

maybe shampoo and conditioner and maybe

a toothpaste

i'm not too sure but that's gonna be new

body prescriptions body lotion vanilla

shea butter

five dollars hello gorgeous

um seven dollars vitamin

c body wash and over here we've got

squeaky clean

lavender mitt and fresh and clean

lime and coconut

i wonder how that smells bubble bath

a shea and lemon balm lemon

lavender eight dollars

okay those are new oh they have tom

okay five dollars creamy coconut

well they have a bar soap so 350

with aloe and cotton and of course the

body lotion is gonna be here


anti-aging facial serum

5.99 and hyaluronic acid

that's seven okay we've seen i don't

know if we've seen this one

trying to always find new items to share

seven dollars not tested on animals

paraben free

that's still here hello fab

first aid beauty good brand 15

pores be gone matte primer

matcha green tea and probiotics

what four dollars normally when i read

like the items i think of yogurt you

know because yogurt probiotics

hello fab again

ginger and turmeric vitamin c jelly

ten dollars really

it's always cool to find new stuff but

you guys right here

exuviance if you could find it here and

grab it

i don't know if i have this one the

primer for minimizing primer

um ten dollars what

okay i'm gonna grab that because i'm a

huge huge fan of exuberance and

you know these are very expensive

uh sheer daily protector look at that

one that's a good one too

ten dollars but this one i don't

have cover fx uh dewy finish

setting spray five dollars

i wish we could find a moisturizer oh i


estee lauder 18

multi-action fruity ass a good one

avocados five

and that's five what's up pierce seven

it's a toner avocado skin

food which i love skin food five dollars

my favorite from skin food would be the


the egg white

oh yeah and they also have this one

lettuce and cucumber

what is that mia whipped clay peel off

ten dollars that's gonna be new for me

conditioning um eye makeup remover ten


and we've seen this so many times like

don't pay four dollars for that y'all

it's like a really big rip-off

those are 5.99

what's over here okay some red tag

so three dollars by chorus

hand cream manuka honey for three

somebody drop this pick it up who's that


argan oil hand cream three dollars

uh soap looks like soap is on a red tag

hey we saw this one um eight dollars

the um they're like towel wipes

they're six now from eight

this one went down to 29. that's 15 from

20 murad retinol

to go okay

gonna be at the bottom 15. you get a

cleansing cream

eye serum retinol use like renewal

and then you get a night cream

there's another one you get like


all right these are pretty cool to find

here that one's 25

45 for the hollywood

makeup mirror and the fold out

is 29.9

color balance we have shampoo and

conditioner for 20.

hey i found the pretty as a unicorn hair


for five the last time i was here they

had a pig one

they have a hat a cat one cat hair don't


and one in a melon shower cap and

there's a lemon

those are gonna be four so some new

items here's that pig one how funny i'm

getting piggy with it

sweet dreams four dollars i have to say

that's kind of one of my favorite songs

by marilyn manson

then we have the hair turban by nicole

miller four dollars

sweet dreams oh yeah i think i like it

better than the arithmetics version

you know what that one scared me when i

was little i never

yeah i never liked that song i would

always make my mom

change it i'm like change it and then

she would tell me it's my conscience

i have a bad conscience


good good to glow

okay it's like um dietaria 13.

never seen that b

therapy what is that just pain and


treatment 13

that's all different very very different

ah new ones from lucky i love my green


really really pretty you get two for 13

look they have the chonies for you to


15 and you get five

21 you get three so that one's gonna be


t-shirt bra

and then 17 by tahari

kind of get like a robe a little

nightgown underneath

it's a different color

pajama pants cynthia rally they're

pretty much

actually the cynthia rally you get two

so those will be 20

and then a single is only 10 by vince



red tag on underwear so be on the

lookout for that in your local store

13 by inc and ivy

and they have like um not a morning


no keep it safety you know pajama shirt

these are eight dollars they're actually

really really soft

they have like a long sleeve white one


eighteen dollars patricia nash

which is not bad for patricia nash it is

a red tag

um let's see

12 and klein 12 from 15.

purple one two i do see steve

madden and the orange that's



the yellow kipling 32 from 40

so plenty like they're not selling out

they're 16

from 24 at the bottom

uh here's a betsy johnson 16 from 25

and then calvin klein is 50 from 80 now

steve madden red tag so 29

now 24.



okay so how much is a dkny now so 32

from 40. i feel like that could go a

little lower

steve madden 32

from 40 and then plenty of the tommy's

and they're 24. i feel like you could

find them for 24

at burlington already

oh look at this kipling i don't think

i've seen this one

it's like a large tote and that is 48

from 59 okay

my furniture department is still bare

but look at that one

that one's pretty nice let's find out

129. 129.

uh the chairs are red tags so 30

now 24.

it looks like a lot of the fall pillows

went away oh no

huh wow stuff is moving fast

all right you guys i think i'm gonna go

ahead and end the video here

that is anything that is new right now

in marshalls like beauty products

handbags are red tag tony's red tag

so you might want to check it out that's

pretty cool looking right

very very different for 20.

i wish it would kind of go down more

what is that built-in okay usb

port by j hunt

20 dollars okay those are cheaper

here then at target guys i hope all of


stay safe have a great day or night

thank you so much for joining me on the

walk through

and i will see all of you in the next


look at this one

okay you get six in here

it's kind of funny

i would just kick up those drinks

a lot of candles oh my gosh they're

really stocked today

normally they're pretty bare

is that a candle let me look

warm apple cider okay that one's

actually kind of cool looking

and that's eight