Top 10 Untold Truths of Kroger Grocery Stores

One of the biggest and most popular

grocery store chains in America is

Kroger with nearly 3,000 stores in 30

states Kroger is a nationwide phenomenon

a company as big as Kroger doesn't make

it through over 100 years in business

without building up a repertoire of

interesting stories and fun trivia

tidbits along the way here are the top

10 untold truths of Kroger grocery

stores you can get yours today at Kroger

hurry up it's only the stores for a

limited time kitchen 1883 if you're a

fan of Kroger and living in Cincinnati

Ohio the birthplace of Kroger or Union

Kentucky you're in luck

these are the homes of the two locations

of the Kroger owned restaurant kitchen

1883 named for the year of Kroger's

founding this restaurant is known for

its fantastic burgers decadent chicken

and waffles and delicious cocktails

would you like to get a cocktail serving

brunch lunch and dinner you're sure to

be met with an incredible spread at any

time of day take a few minutes to browse

their online menu the pictures alone

will have you drooling kitchen 1883 s

original Cincinnati location was such a

hit that they opened up their second

restaurant a few states over we're

hoping this isn't the end of the

restaurants expansion and that will soon

be able to dine at kitchen 1883

locations all over the country this

restaurant specializes in comfort food

and serves something for everyone they

even offer catering and take-out

services making them a great choice for

any occasion not many people realize

that this restaurant has any association

with Kroger so hopefully this brings it

to your attention and inspires you to go

check it out working towards a

sustainable future plan one of the

reasons we love Kroger so much is for

their endless dedication to

sustainability they pride themselves on

their cage-free eggs recycling

initiatives sustainably sourced seafood

how's that for a tongue twister

their major reduction in greenhouse gas

production as such a massive corporation

Kroger recognizes that it can have a

tremendous impact on the environment for

better or for worse we fully respect

their decision to use their power for

good and the efforts they've made to

transition to a waste-free sustainable

company they're also big promoters of

organic food and actually owned their

own organic brand called simple truth

Organic simple truth organic is

ridiculously popular showing that people

across America also value organic

produce in one year the simple truth

organic brand makes more sales than many

American grocery store chains it's good

to see a supermarket as big as Kroger

care about where our food comes from

they're setting a great example and we

hope that other supermarkets start to

follow in their footsteps that you

didn't know that was Kroger the Kroger

company isn't just Kroger it owns a

mind-blowing number of other stores and

brands many of which have nothing to do

with food interestingly enough Kroger

isn't the only grocery store owned by

Kroger the company's Empire also

includes stores like Ralph's fries King

Soopers and many many more outside of

supermarkets Kroger is the proud owner

of Murray's cheese a popular cheese shop

in New York cheese will go somewhere

with cheese since purchasing the

business Kroger has begun selling

Murray's cheese in some of their

locations which is fantastic news for

those of us who don't live nearby the

original Murray's cheese as it gives us

access to some of the best cheese in


Kroger also has a massive private label

network owning a whopping 37 production

plants across the country some brand

names you might recognize our heritage

Farm Private Selection and simple truth

organic they don't really box themselves

in as they have money in bakeries and


eery meat and beverage industries among

others one of the more surprising things

about Kroger is that they have a fine

jewelry division yep you heard that

right as the owners of Fred Meyer

jewelers also sometimes known as Wittman

jewelers Kroger actually operates over

320 jewelry stores in 30 States Jewelry

these jewelry stores can be found in

many malls but also in many Kroger owned

supermarkets you know in case you want

some bling to go with your carats me

Barney Kroger you've probably never

thought about it but if we gave you a

couple of guesses you'd probably be able

to guess that Kroger gets its name from

its founder I'm in shock before founding

what was to become America's 18th

largest company Barney Kroger was an

employee at the Imperial tea company an

ambitious man he aspired to become a

partner when he was refused he decided

to make it on his own he gave his two

weeks or whatever the protocol was back

in those days and was only 372 dollars

to his name started his own grocery

store when it opened in the early 1880s

the first Kroger was based out of

Cincinnati Ohio and called the Great

Western tea company after about 20 years

the name was changed to Kroger grocery

and baking company Kroger was one of the

first stores to become a one-stop shop

for all your food and households needs

it's in part thanks to Barney Kroger's

innovation that grocery stores as we

know them came to be throughout the 20th


Kroger's company continued to grow until

it became the supermarket giant we know


Barney Kroger sold his shares in the

company in the late 1920s and passed

away just a decade later so he never got

to see just how big the Kroger company

eventually got he'd probably be blown

away by it

clearance products if you're looking to

save big on your groceries checkout

clearance section there are a ton of

great deals waiting for you you just

have to know where to look Jimmy that's

a great deal most grocery stores will

display their clearance products right

in the front so you see them as you walk

in but that's not the case with Kroger

these items are usually stocked at the

back of the store making them easy to

miss the supermarket isn't really

looking to turn a profit on their

clearance items many of them are sold at

just a few cents above cost taking a few

extra minutes to browse the clearance

rack is a great way to save a few bucks

at Kroger's groceries can get pretty

expensive and those savings can really

add up over time it sounds too good to

be true right you're probably thinking

that you're going to go to the clearance

section and all you'll find is a moldy

cantaloupe and some expired Doritos but

don't fret Kroger didn't get to be

America's favorite grocery store by

selling subpar products so you can be

sure that even the products in the

clearance section will be of good

quality next time you do your groceries

at Kroger start shopping at the back of

the store you never know what deals

you'll find this is probably the most

useful piece of information we could

give you about shopping at Kroger's so

much like the clearance items

don't let this knowledge go to waste no

more senior discounts Kroger senior

discounts vary from location to location

some locations offer 5 to 10 percent

discounts once a month while others have

senior Tuesdays or Wednesdays where

shoppers over the age of 60 can buy

their groceries at a discounted fee

regardless of the details of the

discount this senior pricing is

something Kroger has become known for

and is obviously a big draw for those

who qualify for these savings that's

what made this news so upsetting to many

nearly 200 Kroger locations in Georgia

South Carolina and eastern Alabama did

away with their weekly 5% senior

discounts this has become a bit of a

trend for Kroger with many of the

supermarket's reducing their discounts

or getting rid of them entirely remember

one COO

fun's ruled the grocery shopping

experience said without the coupons not

so much anymore

while the company has tried not to make

a big deal about the cuts people have

noticed and they aren't too happy about

it however to be fair to Kroger the

locations that dropped the senior

discount also lowered prices on many of

their items so shoppers can still save

on the produce even Warren Buffett shops

they're alright right that's how it got

rich Kroger is popular among people from

all walks of life even Warren Buffett

yes that Warren Buffett loves Kroger he

recently became one of the largest

shareholders in the company after

purchasing over half a billion dollars

worth of shares you may think your

grocery bill is high but we bet you've

never spend that much I Kroger oh my god

this was a pretty classic investment

move for Buffett who now owns just over

2% of the company

this puts Kroger's on the short list of

food based stocks Buffett invests in

coca-cola and Kraft Heinz being among

the others of which Buffett also has

stakes in this totally counts as a

celebrity endorsement right or maybe

even better a man known for smart

investing is literally willing to put

his money where his mouth is when it

comes to the quality of their stores

he got me invested in some kind of Fruit

Company this definitely comes as good

news for Kroger and acts as a testament

to the company's popularity and

reliability thanks to its fair pricing

and quality products

Kroger keeps customers coming back time

and time again we can only imagine

Warren Buffett loading up his minivan

with bags full of Coca Cola Kraft

macaroni and cheese and Heinz ketchup

after a grocery run to Kroger's now that

would be something to see I was waiting

for that space

the first supermarket surrounded by

parking lots here's something you

probably didn't know about Kroger

possibly because you've never really

cared but for any trivia buffs out there

this fun fact is an absolute gem we've

established that Kroger is somewhat of a

groundbreaking company but one of its

many innovations often goes overlooked

apparently it was the first grocery

store to be completely surrounded by

parking lots take note that's a

potential jeopardy question right there

seeing malls restaurants and grocery

stores completely surrounded by parking

lots is the norm these days but that

wasn't always the case

as a general rule parking lots suck but

this layout is mildly less terrible

seeing a parking lot that surrounds the

store is usually a good sign

because it tends to mean that the store

has maximized its parking space and

you'll actually be able to find

somewhere to park your car and it won't

be half a mile away from the store

itself the next time you're able to find

a parking spot at a crowded store know

that you may have Kroger to thank for

all those extra spaces oh dear we've

said it before Kroger is incredibly

popular apparently its fans aren't

limited to human beings if this incident

is any indication it seems like wildlife

also enjoys the fresh produce no one's

really sure exactly how this event came

to be but one day at a Kroger in Indiana

shoppers were interrupted by an

unexpected visit from a deer the animal

which was clearly as confused about the

entire situation as the shoppers were

sprinted through the supermarket's

aisles and launched itself over the meat

counter it didn't quite clear it and

seemed to get stuck for a moment or two

but fueled by desperation to get the

heck out of the meat section that had to

be traumatizing for the poor thing the

deer managed to recover and continue its

rampage through the store the deer was

chased up and down aisles by employees

in the end the deer found its way to the

exit leaving behind

group of customers trying to figure out

what just happened what

hopefully the deer recovered from its

minor injuries as well as from the shock

the store's manager confirmed the

incident and quipped that they hope that

in her time near the meat case the deer

noticed our expanded selection of

plant-based protein products the whole

thing was caught on video in case you

need to see it to believe it

America's favorite supermarket maybe

this one doesn't really count as an

untold truth really we've all known it

all along haven't we oh but in case you

wanted to see the cold hard stats a

survey conducted in 2017 showed that

Kroger was voted as the best grocery

store in America obviously this is a

matter of opinion maybe your team Costco

or team Publix and that's totally fair

but there are a whole lot of people on

Team Kroger and they're not afraid to

show it there are a lot of reasons why

Kroger got voted to the top spot in this

survey it also doesn't hurt that the

grocery store has almost three thousand

locations which can be found in 35

states plus Washington DC I don't know

how to put this but I'm kind of a big

deal and is therefore super accessible

to a large portion of the population

from humble origins to incredible

success Kroger has come a long way

Varney Kroger started the first store

with his life savings of three hundred

and seventy two dollars to be fair this

is in eighteen eighty three dollars and

now Kroger rakes in approximately one

hundred and ten billion dollars a year

talk about the American Dream and

clearly since Kroger has been dubbed the

best grocery store in America the

supermarket success is well-deserved

he's in the freezer let's just say cool


no I didn't say anything I should shave

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