Checking Out The NEW Harbor Freight Store!

oh look at that or just opened we got to

do some chopping guys that whole list of

stuff I'm hoping it all fits in the car


nice clean new store

what I'm getting I got a coupon for oh

there's a Yukon - 49 minutes not bad


yes sublime plan

looking for screwdrivers oh here we go

and there's that blew us general

you know order like that one and they

saw this drawer liner and Menard said

free after rebate some placemats and I

just got placemats and put them in there

looks good enough for me

a little side tree what they only hit

the side train will read is that a

different one

why did I think they only headed in red

all right

we do that

looks just like

craftsman wands

I want a specific set here

of course I don't see them well there

they are

ones with the bolstered end

so with inside truckload they're $7.99

I'm pretty heavy I saw mixed reviews on

here and these things I wanted to give

my shot put it in that new five drawer

one that red guy just picked up

I saw some people complain about the

bolster not being very strong kind of

say that there's no point even having it

there it just breaks off so that will do

a review video and see what we think of

them but if you already own them let me

know don't be bashful alright next on

the list

when they pick up some Doyle's


new doyle's let's get that focus okay so

the first ones I want is just the

regular old slip joints ends in 838 but

we should know what slip joints look

like maybe there we go I've heard a lot

of people really like these Doyle's so

we're gonna do some review videos on

these things too I have so many slip

joint pliers I really don't need them

but it's kind like your most basic

player right doing stuff around the

house but I use that more than anything

else we're gonna get the old slip joints

and the next one

I was thinking about getting these

eight-inch from thinking for a dollar

more that 10 inches better

dollar more hmm

you guys think should go with the ten

now let's go to eight inches I can only

pick up the tens later okay


here we go

no get the tens of these there we go get

that V job

I'm pretty nice huh

right off the bat the grip seemed better

than some of the cheapest ones I've

bought in the past see how long Li the

last some of the crappy players I have

the grips just split and I'm a cheap ass

once I get rid of on my dish we'll wrap

them in some electrical tape

and the last thing we're looking for

right here

he's agonal cut and I like the

deleveraged bent one it just sounds like

a better idea right

yeah yup look at that got the coupon

right there

really is it that popular I didn't think

that many people had it

Wow and what am I doing here

sorry yeah thank you you too all right

we gotta get our free item and then our

one big item

all right there we go all right thank

you sir

alright guys we just need one more thing

didn't find it

I think it's gonna be on that way I see

it I see the display you guys can't see

it I'm gonna hide it from you


I want to give this thing a shot until I

get a place to put the big gas-powered

one but that's got so much crap to clean

up when I said another video I'm getting

tired of burning it all the time having

bonfires all the time with all that I've

done the dead trees in my yard from the

emerald ash borer beetles probably have

10 trees that died on top of just ones

that are alive and lose sticks and

everything so I figure it'll get solid

done last one let's get

you picked this thing up one-handed

there we go

I'll load it up got the tripper shredder

so we'll be doing a video on that in a

week or two hopefully sooner rather than

later picked up at the register parking

lot sale April 20th 21st 22nd we'll do a

full video on that and another little

sale and I'll look at it later and I'll

get you the coupons eventually I got

these bolstered I was gonna pull them

off but so windy bags gonna blow away in

the papers anyways we got the bolstered

screwdrivers we'll do a review on these

different doyle tools and my free item I

just got this microfiber cloths I only

got it because I've never gotten this as

a free item before and I figure I should

probably eventually get one of every

free item why not could only have so

many of the little flip lights and

magnetic bars all those magnetic bars

are handy as hell alright guys I'm out

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20% off coupons at the weekly coupons

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everything just type in an item number

into the search bar if a coupon is

available it'll come up thanks for

watching guys