i opened a GAS STATION in fortnite..

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right boys you know what we're doing


you know how there's fuel stations in

fortnight now yeah we're quitting

youtube to become uh

fuel attendees we're gonna fuel people's

cars off i don't know how people are

gonna feel when uh when a hot dog's

filling up their carpet sure then you're

the mascot it's fine

it's putting hot dog water in there what

gas station are we opening i reckon

we've got to be like a popular maybe


salty spring rolls yeah oh dude i could

go for some spring rolls right now

let's try this around without without

guns let's just get get on the fuel pump

just stand there let's just wait for

some innocent people

all right guys who wants some fuel

get it get out the front and start

spinning outside there you go yeah yeah


yeah there we go we got our mascot for


surely someone wants some fuel

i'm getting i'm getting a gun i'm

getting a gun


again what are we naming our company mel

uh gas uh incorporates what we're

calling it oh

stinky gas station wait there's somebody

there somebody else here's some fuel


get a cowboy come on boys come on get in

get in my car

we sell stinky and we sell stinky lots

of stinky poopy come on dude surely they

want some fuel in their car

on some yummy stinky no we're not

advertising [ __ ] for sale dude

we sell poo and more poo what [ __ ] do

you want 4.99

for five bucks holy [ __ ]

all right where's the mascot going i

just realized wait they're coming

they're going to come out they've got a


get back mascot man come on get some

fuel boys you want some fuel some fuel

all right we got fuel

don't blow the fuel up don't blow the

fuel up we need it across your mouth

no the fuel like you've never proved

before behind


and sweating on them oh my god give him

the fill

mr government

doesn't cost anything it's all free

giving up free fuel now apparently

he didn't pay for it give me back my


we changed our mind come pay god damn it

guys we're down five dollars in a

few he's gonna be talking to your

manager after that i am the manager and

i was shooting him right because he


you're fired get off the palm all right

kelly you're fired too screw you yeah

off the pump you get

we're chucking you guys out the front

yeah we're yeah

we can mate


customer as well all right these guys

rock up and shoot you in the head

in a different car oh they'll never know

it's me

holly dude there's another

yeah he's coming in another car soon the

only person we can get the [ __ ] fuel

of the stream sniper bro

i can't be asked were that unwanted by

the government dude i'm going on the

welfare bro i've had enough

wow let's go

all right goodbye wait it's not your

break time yet

yeah i'm off the job off the job dude

see you later he's running out of cars

now god damn it he's going so slow for


oh my god no fire what is going on over

there dude the store manager goes away

for one second and this happens what's

going on over here

you will drink this come on guys i'm

getting a fuel

oh yeah oh my gosh

watch out it's gonna explode it's gonna

explode come here

stop sweating on my fuel station


look at you you absolutely poo poo


no friendly friendly it's a fuel station


friendly friendly we have fuel do you

need fuel kill kelly if anything yeah

kill kelly we don't need him

why doesn't anyone care about our

freaking gas station there all right

preview free fuel the whole server shows


right there's one over there there's the

customer it's all right they were

shooting us before come here

oh we're friendly we need some customers

bro we're going bankrupt here we

invested so much money into this family


oh my god there's a dummy behind the


it's gonna be an ai i'm on wk in it i

don't care you had your chance to be

nice elegant beast 39

wow what a beast that's killed the

mongrel of that we clearly missed the

beast dude all right definitely getting

real too screw you

boogie king 85 i mean look at our gas

station it looks a bit like it's from

the ghetto dude the cough is blowing up

there's [ __ ] stains everywhere

it's not looking too good boys oh

all right look at us we're insane dude

you know the routine of my heart we've

been practicing this day and night we

need to get no customers yeah i invested

fifty thousand dollars into the steel

station bees man we need some customers

come on

you know what screw i'll be my own

customer i've had enough dude we need to

make some more

oh my god let's go to pleasant yeah we

have to we have to go to one year all

right boys

hop in hop in hop in all right let's go

boys off we go

we're gonna go steal another business

run there's a guy here i'll get him

okay a customer i'm sorry i'm sorry all

right let's go boys we need to open

another fuel station that one's

it's gone is that a business okay

there's only two gas pumps here this

isn't looking as good i'm getting a few

give me my feel there you go thank you

sir no worries

oh wait oh there's a fuel station mate

stop trying to shoot us

we're open for business please it's free

okay dude i'm killing this guy are we

doing something wrong i think we are we

need to be there there's gonna be

something wrong here wait here a car

boys get the pumps get on the pumps get

the pumps we've got fuel over here come

here i see we have southeast wait we

have fuel we have fuel


our family business is going horrible we

need to change names we need to change


this company's not working bro boys boys

fuel station

okay dude i need under resurrection i

feel station's getting blown up thirty

series i've got nothing left boys

we're just gonna go on a rampage at this

point i think behind me hit one little



that's right squad one that's what you

get for ruining our fuel station but

we're just gonna destroy the lobby now

because our fuel station's gone bankrupt

i'm sweating dude of course there's a

customer that rocks up now i'm sorry

yeah on the floor on the goddamn floor

dude i see a fuel can i think i see

jerry can grab the jerry can go back to

our fuel station

one guy left only customer hello all

right there i'm going for it i'm gonna

force him to be a customer he doesn't

get a choice

in the middle currently on fire i think

he's down there chuck it right there we

should get him

why is everyone so sweaty in this game

now no one has fun

he's got a customer looks like we've got

a truckee inbound boys

you need some fuel and you're working

the things off there you go buddy there

you go

wait are you more people wow mr banana

mate get on the pump get on the pump

you're hired right now mr banana man

you're hiring

you're on wait i'm talking about you're


he got five workers bro he looks so

depressed that knows he took his pump

more workers and customers right now

it's kind of stuck what are you doing

oh what the hell stop man stop

ow i want to quit my job bro i hate this

oh my god dude what is going on here

are you shoving in your arm dude what is

happening here i'm being violated

i'm being [ __ ] violated bro excuse me

i'm legit being violated what on earth

is this

what is going on what's going on

he's doing us all at once this isn't

what i signed up for mate that's all i'm

going to say

my man ran off to get a car the most

beaten up yeah

dude this thing literally looks like you

got off gumtree for 40 bucks you're on

100 fuel mate go away

get me okay i'm sorry yeah back up back

up back up that's what i thought that's

what i thought

wait we're not in zone we need your car

come back i shot our only customer away

it's fine dude i've got a car boys i got

a car it's fine salty we go

open our new station it's fine don't

shoot them don't shoot them back to

where it all started

oh god i'm getting flashbacks bro where

are our customers at man we need someone

to be at the front all right we're

sending the banana out to attract people

oh my god what are you doing

you got an entire car park going up

there yeah stop dancing get

in mate okay we're getting banned i got

kicked no

way oh you guys were struck by hammer