Search Midas’ Golden Llama between a Junk Yard, Gas Station and an RV Campsite Location - Fortnite

hello everybody I'm in the letter wood

also known as Martin welcome back to the

channel and welcome back to fortnight so

this week is week number nine and I am

well aware that the season has been

extended so I guess we're going up to

numerous double digits weeks but this

week it's the midis challenges and the

first one that I want to help you out

with today is to find Midas's golden

Lama between a junkyard a gas station

and an RV campsite

so that's your RV campsite right about

there you've got your junkyard right

about there and you have got the gas

station right about there so of course

is gonna be this building just beneath

us which on the map if you're looking

over here you're looking in the lower

part of G 3 to the east of Frenzy farm

and when you get to this bridge you're

looking inside of this building and I'm

sure there are gonna be a ton of people

coming here but just in case inside you

go and there's the golden Lama give it a

search and everything's done fantastic

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