Visiting The Ford DealerShip....

it just doesn't look much different than



alright guys so we are here with Lewis

in the Whipple truck but right now I

guess I'm the heat we just dropped off

the Cobras skinning I wouldn't say it

worked then

well does not disclose that we're

getting stuff done today hopefully gonna

check out the Ford oh [ __ ] maybe they'll

have I highly doubt it out on lake

behalf of 2020

probably not pretty thing I highly doubt

I'm pretty sure those are like special

orders like 2022 500s but nonetheless

they always have cool cars they're

typically sometimes inside they have

coolers right yeah like that's no

showcase so we'll check that out we're

gonna get some food and then what did

you guys oh we have made it to Max's pad

hey your your your decals on backwards


Max's mansion right now got the 350

right thing just detailing or what

a little European v8 right here about

how much horsepower that's actually

pretty good if you go beat the yo D



but we are on our way to four right now

we're gonna see I'm more interested in

looking at some of the Mustangs

obviously we're a must a channel so

we're gonna see some of the whoops there

maybe test-drive I don't know we'll see

pistol movies might be a little test

drive we'll see they better have a Jesus

500 or some sorta

nathless Shelby's there Shelby yeah oh

my god ah

I don't know that is what's your name oh

okay this is your car

I like it


and I've never been a fan of the green

book looks pretty good out of area looks

clean damn just like more of a heritage

kind of thing like come on bow to you oh

yeah it's just like no bad you can

probably get back

you got the new address personally I

wouldn't get it though that's just me

gonna do it for help

what's this route a little v6 for what

this clean I don't know man

it looks clean though it just doesn't

look much different than the 500 though

yes I said the digital dash looks clean

though that's cool I like it I like it

both bullets we're about to bring the

Cobra over here and trade it for a new

yeah this is the the gt500 comes in this

color and I love this color bruh I love

this coat I drove this car this one just

one we had like three bullets oh shoot

mm-hmm fifty thousand goddamn snob

that's a little pricey man hell yeah do

they have a silver five Oh mm-hmm

I don't know who I see black we ready -

well to be honest you can probably get a

top-of-the-line performance pack 504

like 50 G's yeah that's true though I

just know hope this one's wet dude

ten-speed man is it the digital - it's

my whole setup I like now I know what

you guys are saying like yeah this is I

would like this car but for me wouldn't

a Shelby I think will hold its value a

little bit longer to remember so that's

the only reason why I wouldn't but it's

a nice letter on my time this is a

little drop top action alexej bt right I

wouldn't I would never get like a drop

top for this model but how much is this

150 yeah so I'm saying 50,000 you guys

could get a usually repo you get a used

350 for like a little cheaper than that

for real that's crazy though they make

Performance Pack drop tops

heíd body on this guy's the roots but

the SVT f-150

Alex driving the 350

for somebody

all right so what are you doing right

now little thing there to buff check it

out look at all the Terps you guys

where are you we're out here so what are

we what are you going to do calm down

and Betina no we're just you know since

this time I do a little pool right now

competency max SPT yeah you know the

role in the 350 I don't know what he

said that out here later so we got the

five points long guys yeah everybody go

get the truck

I'm watching we're gonna go get the

truck so I can be like what Kendall to


we got a corvée over there now we got

the green light first you don't want it




we're so fast look damn so fast you feet

Alex heads began damn boy you got

oh my god


we're in the 350 making some nice voodoo

sounds about a head in Mexico

we search truck right there

watch buddy

yeah but when I'm on fire in a tune

it'll definitely happen yep




alright guys so we're mr. Jacobs SBT

8,500 on this carbon fiber looks pretty

good compared to the 5 was a little

different but overall yeah fast fuse

right here guys

about five minutes he was right and this

is this Z is clean though as he's clean

is it a theory that's a do six

I told you what a retraction oh he's

that come on mr. wimple and April the

wind he said any for the win