$241.68 Pilot/Flying J Loyalty Points Stolen!!!


hey guys welcome back to the navigator

I'm Ryan and this is gonna be a little

different video I just wanted to get

this information out there in case it

might happen to anyone else

pilot Flying J now known as the pilot

company their rewards loyalty points

how's the victim I lost two hundred and

forty one dollars and sixty eight cents

and loyalty rewards points so let me

break you down here's what happened when

I was with FedEx I spent over twelve

thousand dollars yes twelve thousand

dollars at the pilot in Massachusetts

where I filled up between diesel and

death so that got my loyalty rewards

points up to about twenty five thousand

and about forty Phillips

so we'll take you back when I first came

out on the road I stopped and I'm des

Moines Iowa filled up I ran inside to

grab some batteries for my screaming

Mimi and well when I got the receipt I

only had 220 points left strange get out

to the truck get on the app looked yep

220 points not sure why so I said going

through my receipts and back on the 31st

of January in Clint Texas of this

Express fuel location which is outside

of El Paso someone used my card and

bought food and charged 1597 to the

account which I guess not charged it's

they took the points away and they

didn't they don't have my card so

somehow they got my number

not sure how then on the 5th of February

first in Thai Texas at the Flying J

right off i-20 someone bought two

t-shirts and the canvas shirt and a

bunch of the food and it came up to a

hundred and thirteen dollars then later

in the afternoon they were at the

pilot in Big Springs Texas which is on

20 right outside of Abilene they spend a

hundred and twelve dollars and 71 cents

they got a high-vis vest they got a high

this pair of gloves

they got flannel a flannel jacket they

got some deodorant X deodorant they got

my own new HAMP and they got a high-vis

hoodie which like I said it was 112 71

so all together that's $241 someone

ripped off of me so here's where it gets

interesting and where I won all my

subscribers and anyone else too might

know that uses the pilot company I

called him up and I said hey here's

what's going on they were really no help

the lady was very rude disrespectful on

the phone she needn't really care I

wasn't pleased with the phone call at

all she says yeah we'll look into it and

we'll get back to you basically in that

phone call she said if we look into it

pull video and everything and we see

that's not an employee we can't do

anything to help you back so a couple

days went by got a phone call back they

says that they pulled the video from all

three locations it wasn't an employee so

sorry but they can't help me and they're

not gonna return my rewards loyalty

points okay all right and they explained

to me it's because of their rules and

regulations when I signed up for the

guide which who reads them but still

someone stole my points I told him hey

look at my account I've been in

Massachusetts I was in Massachusetts on

the 31st in El Paso Texas no way I could

used and then on the fifth I was in


I believe Lebanon in Indiana and there I

filled up there with Millis I said so it

isn't me in Texas someone's fraudulently

using my account but they don't care

they ain't care so more of the story is

she used flying Jay and pilot make sure

you keep an eye on your card and no one

steals your account or your number

because hey you might be out of 241

dollars in royalty reward cuts points

like I am so

yeah and then won't send me the video

either so I can't see who it is because

I got some friends down there and

everyone I've talked to I've said that

they didn't use it and weren't in the

area at the time and I believed him

and if they didn't eat it I'd give it to

him not a big deal but I feel like pilot

company should be doing something about

this but they're not so I'm taking my

business elsewhere only kind of fuel at

the pilot company when my company tells

me other than that I'm gonna be spending

all my money at love's so thanks a lot

pilot company for doing nothing this is

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catch you in the next one guys be safe

out there