SOMETHING BETTER TO COME- Life At A Garbage Dump Documentary Explored

hello everyone welcome back to BYOD I am

on D team owner and I'm joined today by

Hannah [ __ ] who is an extraordinary

filmmaker she embedded herself in a dump

outside of Moscow for years on end to

make something better to come which is

one of the most impactful films I've

seen this year welcome to the show thank

you so much yes it really is incredible

achievement your film it's you cannot

turn away from this film you can't turn

away from it and yet it's a girl it

starts with a girl named EULA who's 11

years old and her friends she's actually

Penn she's 10 at the time okay and it

follows her all the way till how old 24

no she's 25 okay

and I've always said that time provides

the greatest narrative I ended up making

in documentary filmmaking because we

can't say Oh jump 10 years we have to

film that yes I mean you did that now

how did you come about making this

project actually it started not from a

film project because I wanted to help

the people the children I met homeless

children on the streets of Moscow and I

was so completely moved and shocked

about the situation of this children

being being about that growing rise

himself living and dying on the street

so I started to help them in different

ways I started to take them from the

streets to orphanages to hospitals I

very soon had many of these children

living in the apartment I was renting

and then those children from the streets

of Moscow brought me to the garbage dump

and this is how I met the people of the

garbage dump the children and the other

people and so while thinking what I can

do for them how I can help them I came

with an idea to grab a camera and to

start documenting what I am seeing and

not only the the poverty they did the

sets set side of it but I really was

completely amazed by the beauty by the

how talented these children are how warm

and receptive and accepting the people

are so I think it was kind of a part of

a big endeavor

it wasn't like really only a film I was

all those years helping so basically

this how right it started yeah it was my

life it's me it is my life still it is

your it is my life you you go back there

to Moscow and help I I go back I still

am still of course in touch with you Ola

but I'm also advocating for the people

and the children a lot I try to do a lot

of you know like raising awareness on

the subject and going and talking to

different like people from the

Parliament like policymakers so it is

maybe less right now direct involvement

and work at the garbage dump or at the

streets of Moscow which I did which I've

done like for I don't know 10 years also

but it is a lot of work still I'm trying

to raise some funds for eula so she can

have a better situation right now

oh that should help I mean the film

should help let's take a look at the

film let's look let's start at our first

clip store let's go in chronological

order let everybody appreciate that it

was a great idea because it's a great

idea because you did I have to tell you

that in the editing it turn out that the

chronology is just so important I know

yeah right now it's absolutely it really

is the fact that you see this this this

whole group of people grow up in front

of you you know in a span of two hours

it's very impactful so you should be

successful and raising money let's take

a look at you when she's 14

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welcome welcome done Gary onion sure

looks good yeah it's interesting because

that's that's you're drinking with her

mother who actually is one of the only

people that advocates for her and in her


and yet at the same time you see the

cycle starting to continue in this way

you know I think it's a little bit like

the children at this kind of streets or

garbage dumps I say kind of switch roles

with the parents often times they are

the one which are stronger they are the

one who take care so even of course in

this situation when you lies with her

mom's a kind of take care of each other

and support each other but I think Tonya

Ulis mother very quickly admits it's

EULA is an adult she lives in an adult

kind of life and and then basically

they're all kind of good sweets at Sula

takes care more care of her mother's and

her mother of her you want I wanted so

badly when I was watching the film to

not have EULA drink to not have her

mother at first her mother get drunk

right and then to start to see you know

ten year old EULA really when she starts

hitting the bottle it like things change

in the film and it's really so sad I

felt really excited when I saw them go

into nature and start to go to the

countryside because you look up pregnant

how old was she was fifteen minutes ago

threatened down 15 yeah and and they

they leave the dump and just seeing

green trees just seeing you know a world

out there that running water and all

that I just it it you know was very

effective I think but what she says

there is that there's nothing for her

there yeah and this is the ironies it's

the people at the garbage dump are the

one who are sharing who have this

feeling of the community and help each

other and host each other's I give the

shelter to each other they share as EULA

said the last piece of bread with each

other while when she was living in the

village she was very poor she didn't

have money her father was an alcoholic

and she would go and ask people for

support maybe for bread and people

wouldn't give her anything so actually

she's admitting that the life at the

garbage dump in different ways it's

easier than living on the gun in the

village in the society and I think this

was something which really struck me and

made me to really want to portray these

people and to show this story because I

felt in many regards these people are

better than the society which we have

created they are longing for normality

they all want to go back to to the

society which reject them this is a

dream unrealistic because they not going

to make it most of these people will

never go back to the normal normal life

yet what I discover in this community is

because of these conditions the petty

small things are just not important what

is really important is the love is the

friendship is the moment which because

everybody is dying everybody is like

really struggling to survive so now I'm

really young huh absolutely and even

what we're looking at here that's like a

shelf of trash right and then the trucks

in the far distance they will come and

they will push the trash sometimes over

people right don't kill people yeah if

somebody sleeps in this Hut or it's at

night because the trash is all the time

moving and people build this Hut's to be

close to the place so they can collect

the fresh link materials and sell it

so this basically garbage dump is moving

together with the people but there have

been a lot of situations in

each people were buried in those huts

they were literally very interested bear

it yeah in trash and also the live life

and also when people working also often

time people look for this recycling

materials they don't see the coming

truck or a bulldozer and they just get

smashed and the people who are the

drivers they don't look they didn't want

you there neither did they didn't want

me sir absolutely

but these people how many are there of

them living there I think it's at least

1000 it's hard to say there is no

official that how many people and but

but this is like the largest garbage

dump in Europe so so on this garbage

dump hundreds of people were living is

very difficult to estimate how many I

only had a relationship with a part with

a group of this community but there was

a lot of people who I didn't know and

who simply work there so and some of

them worked there like they officially

worked there right but they also won't

sleep there yes this is the one who are

working there are the official workers

of the of the garbage dumps I usually

wear orange clothes that is security

very tight security but these guys they

you know EULA and her community

they are survived because of collecting

materials yes I survived because I

collect dinner last day they allowed to

stay but everything is illegal so the

recycling centers operate illegally okay

it's not a legal job it's and even the

recycling centers which are at the

garbage dump are operating illegally so

basically what happens is the people

create this business on this kind of

garbage dumps where the illegal workers

come and they are not even pay with

money but pay with vodka which is not

vodka but it's a fake alcohol it's like

a technical spirit but they were just

drinking this was where they switched

the labels so it's a spirit that this

one guy makes and he gets sells it to

them at night he makes or he buys it in

the some kind of bunkers some kind of

source close to the Moscow and it costs

$1 per bottle for the people and 10

rubles which is 30 cents which was 30

cents at the side

when they were buying this in the city

so there is no vodka with surprise like

this so people are paid with so when you

look at this pyramid alcohol because

alcohol yes I have no rights they don't

exist for the outside world they don't

exist inside of the walls that is kind

of like a lawless situation where the

people can be exploited beaten up killed

even tightly it's no wife and yet they

make a life let's take a look at EULA at

15 years old

in a book just kids figuring out a play

you having have fun and I think this is

something which really amazed me it's

people in every condition just try to be


try to pull my makeup on look beautiful

enjoy your hair yes with the girls and

the funny part about dyeing the hair and

nail polish my polish but the funny

thing about dyeing they heard is that

the dye would arrive at the garbage dump

different colors and suddenly all the

girls have the same color of the hair

because that would show us this is what

is being thrown away and everybody

collects it and then all the girls are

black or blonde that's amazing

that's incredible yeah it's it's an

amazing actually community of the people

and I think the spirits will say keep

and the sense of trying to survive and

trying to look beautiful trying to make

normality within this completely

abnormal situation is something which is

really striking did you did you film

with your just yourself or did you bring

a crew how did you know cover it no crew

this is a place where it's completely

illegal to be an absolutely no filming

so I was sneaking in and out mostly

myself sometimes often time I'll try to

bring one person to accompany me because

it's very dangerous and the danger comes

from many directions dogs people

machines you know like this all heavy

machines are in the operation area it's

a coyote machines coming though

yeah now when you when I am looking

through the viewfinder and the machine

is almost smashing me I don't see it you

know often time people work they they

bounce they don't see it you get in

trouble too

you get in trouble and you've got

trouble I've got in trouble any times I

had materials destroyed I was attacked

by wild dogs it's hundreds hundreds of

the wild dogs sometimes the outside

police the federal police comes and they

shoot all the dogs because it just

becomes so many of them and a wildly

dangerous I can basically kill people so

I've been attacked a few times and yeah

so it's good to have someone who


and then you know it's you come with the

equipment you kind of ask for troubles

so did anybody try to steal your camera

no nobody ever tried to steal my camera

but there was another journalist who

came at the garbage dump and she had her

camera broken into pieces and her nose

broken oh yeah what are we looking at

here it's another woman who lives at the

garbage dump and of course pets

the dogs are where people put their love

into and that is like I said hundreds of

the wild dogs so and also some that are

there are which are they always sleep

around the people and protect but then

they can kill you because you are coming

of a territory so it's action I got it

ok so now tell me what happened Daniel

as mother was very heavily bitten by

nose she bite yes she basically almost

did not survive she was she was really

almost killed by the dogs

she still has scarves all over the body

where I really felt for her mother and

really got to like her mother was when

EULA became pregnant the way her mother

dealt with it at first till EULA asked

her to go home to to go to her father

right to get help from Grandpa and then

you can kind of get a sense of where

this where Tonya came from and what kind

of an abusive household what kind of a

what a man what a monster this old man

is let's take a look at EULA and seeking

haven from her grandfather won't you oh

yeah what's so quite um you know I

mostly spied woods

you you don't know where's your daddy

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what respectable survivors all this

enemies will give you is I shouldn't yet

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you swing tongue okay glad you know

Jerry Shirley spoor Haran quite your

dairy you like to start

yeah turn it come yet yeah what's good

here what I do it

she's so sweet he's he goes on to be

really physically abusive as well how

did you deal with that when you were

filming it what what was your experience

I mean he well I like violent thank you

I've been I think I think in general he

he had completely no like kind of human

feelings and it was quite shocking for

me to see that he never really liked

like even when you la came back from the

hospital he never asked about this what

happened he never felt any sense of


but in this all violent situation of

course I try to react I try to push him

but I didn't try to also to get into

some kind of really strong situation of

I mean it didn't come to the moment when

he would really have to I mean he was

violent but at least I think feeling the

other person more people I think he

wouldn't go out of the out of his way

but EULA was really frightened she

really had hopes when she was going to

the grandfather hoping that she will

keep the baby and then she became

totally frightened because she was

feeling that she will be there alone and

he may be very abusive she will be with

the small baby there would be no respect

for the fact that the child child would

be sleeping or she may be kicked out of

the apartment of his house in the harsh

winter so she didn't when she was going

to the village she really intended to

keep the baby she wanted she were in

love was the father of the of the child

but then actually she completely changed

the mind so also for me this kind of

violence it was only moments you know he

wasn't like all the time right

abusive but you could see the situation

for EULA she became like completely sad

she be she started to cry she started to

basically change her mind completely I

and I had to leave III brought her

actually I had I went with together with

her to the village and when I came back

I saw the 15 year 16 years old

this moment girl child who needs a

support who needs a parent who needs a

people who would take her who is

standing in front of the tremendously

important decisions in her life for

which she's completely not ready because

she first of all doesn't have a

financial support for doing this

and even I try to organize some funding

for him for her but if I were very very

small so she was standing in front of

this very serious life decisions when

she understood that she doesn't want to

go back to the garbage dump together

with the child she wants to give the

chance to the child and also to herself

to get out of the situation as she

understood and she knows it with with if

they stick together if she keeps the

child and she told me I'm not intending

to bring my child even close to the

garbage dump I don't want her to have a

childhood like I had and you showed

another set of parents who were raising

their baby and there was nothing I've

ever seen in my life like seeing that

little baby and that young child would

two-year-old maybe you're one even in

the garbage dump I mean they had so much

love for the child under you it was New

Year's Eve I think grace that's seen yes

and they have so much love for the child

um and I thought to what kind of kind of

life is this yeah the fact that I don't

even know what you do if your child gets

sick and you're in that circumstance

it's an incredible miracle that any of

them are there we go yes oh and you know

this is actually it's a win to have you

inter and she has to go and find wood

because it was actually New Year's Eve

so it's really below zero temperature

it's really cold and she has to go and

find the wood to make the fire so she

has to leave the child unattended

unattended in all this situation I mean

maybe neighbours will come and help

maybe other kids would help but at the

same time yes the child is growing in

this kind of conditions no water nobody

saw that and also you know you know yeah

way I'm gonna do it when she's in that

clinic I'm so relieved to see her

actually being you know I'm thinking

maybe the let her stay or somehow did

were you the one who brought her to the


I did yes I mean actually when I brought

her to the village so she could attend

the clinic otherwise she would probably

give birth at the garbage dump there

would be no I'm not blaming her I think

it's great that you did I mean sometimes

you know as filmmakers we need to put

the camera down or keep the camera

rolling but we need to help we can't

just stand there and film and exploit

people's stories without actually

getting involved sometimes and I mean

certainly I commend you for getting

involved let's take a look at Hanna I'm

sorry let's take a look at EULA we're

looking at Hanna now let's take a look

at you giving birth or right after she

gave birth

you look at the women scoot right

she did she make the decision there she

basically made the decisions there she

told me that she saw other people like

this other woman she gave the Bears to

the child and she was in the same room

and the people would come and bring the

food clothes they already were buying

things for a child and they were waiting

where this woman was is going to come

out the father was there and he lost

that I realized no one is waiting there

for me and actually this was like the

last thing which make her to basically

make this decision but you know for me

this is just this film is in a way an

amazing story about growing up and it's

not just physically that we see you

growing up you know like becoming older

but as we growing up as a person so she

kind of came to the moment when she

started to make this really responsible

decisions in her life and I think this

is something what because on one way of

course this decision is very strong and

very sad but I think this decision also

has changed her she realized she has

nowhere to go she realized she really

has to take care of her own life if she

doesn't do it no one is gonna help her

she's gonna stay at the garbage dump

forever and I think this was a really

big turning for ya as a breaking point

for sure and I think this is why for me

this this moment became like a really

change because I was thinking to make a

film about the people about the

community on the garbage dump and it is

there but on the end it became like this

kind of coming-of-age story in the most

deep sense when you come to the moment

when you make a decision and take the

destiny in your own hands and I think

this became because of this he became

such a universal story and you can take

it to any situations you are I am in

life when I can because we all have to

sometimes girl to certain decisions when

we say no I'm gonna change I will do

something different now so I think this

is something which became on the end an

amazing inspiration for me and when I

was editing it and it is still and I am

actually having a lot of friends who

meeting EULA now and they say she's just


she's just an amazing personality oh and

said it's obviously meant to be that you

two met you helped each other massively

right I want to talk to you more about

that but I want to show you one so now

you're wondering when people say they've

met you love where are they meeting you

let's take a look at eula doing

something that no one does

the top shell toss to Molino ba gua

telinga boat parinama nahi stage tyldus

industry at my oldest iranian much as

damaged state says 'no sanema


so some

the dirigible a name

it's a phenomenal film I mean it is so

beautiful it is so it is absolutely

Universal and in such an important story

that you tell are the people in the in

the dump going to be able to see it or

have they seen it well first of all most

of the people who are at the garbage

terms they are not alive anymore so this

is the very sad situation and and EULA

doesn't want to see the film she told

machine oh she doesn't seen it and she

told me I am NOT ready she said when I

will be 25 I mean in another 25 years

when I will be 50 maybe this would be a

time but not now she said she knows that

it is going to be a film which is a very

tough for her

the it will touch her very deeply

so I told me that she's not ready I I

shot an image of the people applauding

after the film to Yola because people

asked me from audience to film it so she

was crying and she knows that the film

wins our South she knows all of this but

she said I really do not want to see it

you know so the story continues even

from here I mean it's just such a rich

textured and deep portrayal I've very

much respect for this film you say it

premiered it it for to win in November

they went or what is it well it's one

special duty hour okay

yeah as well as should have it comes to

theaters here guys it's coming here yes

they need to be fed actually it's coming

like any day now I'm so out of touch

with dates because of my own movie

coming out right now but October 24th is

like tomorrow or something

it's Saturday next three Saturday

Saturday 11 o'clock in Laemmle theatre

the film Lumley Royale we have several

Emily's family know young yes the lovely

Royale will you be there I will not be

there I'm going to San Francisco right

now is the screening and to New York so

I will not be well this is an

international NGO everywhere where where

can we see the film how do we catch up

at the first of all we are still running

a Kickstarter campaign so it is possible

to basically go to the Kickstarter and

download the heat Kickstarter

calm forward-slash something better to

come yes go there people like that's

absolutely a no-brainer we need to help

the film so you're doing a Kickstarter

to make up for the cost of making the

film we actually wanted to show this the

film are white so we're doing for the

promotion of the film yes right now we

want to take it to the audience's so we

are actually trying to promote the film

with with the Kickstarter okay we all

need to support that that's this is a

new directive for you all BYOD lovers

and dock lovers in general this is one

of the best Doc's I've seen in a long

long time all time of all time is really

rare to see a varity achievement like

this and it really doesn't cut any

corners in it it's very moving yeah

really we need to support you with this

so my last question is what can we do

for the people that live there what can

be done do you have hope that's

something better to come is is something

that something is better to come for

them so first of all I would like to

encourage people to and see if they can

spread the word about the film and make

people aware about the existence of

these people because I think this film

is really it might really change people

attitudes towards the homelessness

because we sometimes think we look look

a little bit down on the people and it's

something which I think we really can

learn from the people we can really be

very respectful of the dreams of the

hopes of the beauty of the humanity so

this is one thing of course secondly I

am trying to raise some money for EULA

so we have the charity which is called

active child 8 which is dot arc which is

registered in Norway and through this

charity if people write for EULA active

child we raise money for for EULA

and for the community of the people

which we still can help with some funds

she's helping them - yes we are still

helping we are doing some some working

right now your eyes working but she

doesn't have skills so part of the

funding which I am trying to get for her

it would be to go to improve her skills

to maybe make a small business for

herself to get like a driving glass

says so does a nurse TI me she she got

her life together

but she also still need support so this

is something which I am trying to do

with the film and of course I want this

policies to be change I'm interested in

adoptive agency to look into this film

so anybody who in any I'm interested

also that somebody will be inspired by

this film to change his/her own life and

I am interested in I got comment from

one woman for example I promise you I

will take better care of my own child

and when you hear a comment like this

you feels as actually you have achieved

a success because I don't expect that

the film will change only the situation

of some of this and of course we're

looking into the change of the policies

at the garbage dump all over the world

the film has been already screened by

OECD organization so what Rowi

oh oh oh e CD what's up it's a

cooperation between the different

countries it's based in Paris okay and

maybe I am pronouncing differently you

know also English no but it's actually

an organization is I have a garbage

department which is dealing with the

waste management okay so is they already

looking into it Canada has already skin

can the Canadian government and Figaro

needs to be screened up in public spaces

upsets my feeling is absolute is a

project for on Violante you know I'm you

want a and they'll take it up and down

California and screen it in squares and

parks and this is a film that people

need to see absolutely to realize that

they can lift themselves out yeah as

well it's also a question because we get

a lot of material economical crisis and

I think anybody can end it and at

anytime at the life at the time which we

are living can face a situation of this

kind of material instability and I think

for people to look that there is

something better to come that we see our

persistence and hard work and decisions

that you can actually lift yourself up

that you should never just hope yeah and

you LA actually I want to say you tell


seola asked me this question what would

you do on my place if you would be in my

shoes what would you do and I I was kind

of telling her you know I think there

are two options one is just die and

second and she told me excuse me

what never never never never say it

never give up your hope never allowed

even a toad like this come to your mind

you have to fight to the very end and I

think this is something which I would

really love for the people to be

screened to be inspired to I mean she

does something totally amazing I mean we

see all these lots of films about great

celebrities not always successful in

their life and here you have a simple

girl who basically is doing something

she just did it she just did it yes so

yes I'm hoping that people would like to

screen the film so this is my my great

hopes as the film will be just seen all

over the world and from this your

Facebook page or something we can go to

absolutely I can better to come on

Facebook perfect I'm gonna leave off at

the trailer congratulations thank you

thank you for making such a beautiful

film and thank you for the other love

the food oh of course it's a it's it's

really a testament to to your tenacity

this film and her tenacity it's a

beautiful pairing so something better to

come if you're in Los Angeles October

24th if you're not Los Angeles I'm sure

it's on their Facebook page and go to

their Kickstarter and support it here's

the trailer thank you for watching


this gentleman one I just travel to my

trovato epitome might Paris tolerable

just few poacher

which studied spoke not know Hiroshi

Hiroshi watching Piper would choose a

holy woman

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yeah by dopamine is a physical reason

because this