Playing with Underrated Drugstore Makeup Brands NOBODY is Talking About!

incredibly satisfying

that before and after is pretty

impressive am i wrong

today i'm going to be testing out new

drugstore makeup for fall

but specifically from brands that i

don't hear a lot of people talking about

a lot here on youtube

and there's even one brand where i think

this is the first time i'm trying

any of their products so this is gonna

be a ton of fun if you're new here hi my

name is miranda

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the brands we're talking about today

include catrice

koki cosmetics pop beauty and pixie

beauty so let's get into it

jumping straight into this first brand

that i have never tried before

pop beauty it turns out they are

available now at cvs

as well as on their website and they

just did a full on like

rebrand redesign because some of these


look familiar to me like the permanent

pout and the light show palette but this

packaging is like brand new so we'll be

trying a few things out from them today

starting with their face magnet primer

it is a brightening and antioxidant

primer that is supposed to act like a

magnet for face makeup

now after a few years of not wearing

face primer

in my normal routine and sort of

speaking out against it

i will admit that i have been reaching

for it a little bit more often now that

i have been

noticing fine lines on my face and just

wanting that

little extra smoothness for my

foundation to go on top of so

just wanted to put that out there just

in case you're like miranda i thought

you didn't use primer it's definitely

still not an everyday thing

but i'm a little more open to it all

right so let's

open this up this is a pretty good size

oh okay so i expected it to be more of

like a silicone

texture but it looks more like a lotion

or moisturizer

this is a really interesting texture it

was just really unexpected

now i'll admit at least with pop beauty

i'm not sure if these

products are necessarily new launches

but they're

new to cvs so there's that and i'm


new to a lot of you as well because i

really don't hear other youtubers

talking about this brand i do like that

it feels really lightweight

and i like that it doesn't feel like i

already have a thick layer of product on

before i even start my makeup

moving on to the face i'm going to be

trying a new bb cream today from the

brand catrice

so catrice is sold online on their

website and some of their products are


on ulta beauty's website not sure if

they sell catrice in store at ulta yet

correct me if i'm wrong so this is their

new hydro bb cream it has

99 natural ingredients it's vegan and


i'm gonna try the shade medium warm and

see what happens i did a little bit of

preliminary swatching to see what would

match me best and this looked like

this was it so this is supposed to be an

ultra hydrating

tinted beauty balm with shea butter for

a radiant

natural complexion that

makes me a little nervous it is still

pretty warm here so it's still like

sweaty season in my area so you know

it makes me apprehensive i feel like

this is a product just from the

description that i would probably want

to use

more so in the thick of fall and winter

but let's try it out and i'm also going

to be applying it

with a new blending sponge from koki

cosmetics and we'll get into

some more cokey products today as well

and just in case you didn't know i do

have a coupon code for koki's website i

will put it down here or in the


okay so let's go ahead and just put ooh

that's looking a lot darker than it did

when i

swatched it oh okay this shade is not

as tragic as i thought it was gonna be

there are very few bb creams that i

feel give me enough coverage that makes

me feel comfortable

with you know my acne and my


so i don't expect there to be a lot of

coverage coming from a product like this

as you can see it's definitely evening

out my skin tone it's not

providing a lot of coverage you can

still see

my spots pretty clearly but it feels

really nice and lightweight

the finish is also oh let's let's keep


the finish is also um pretty nice it's


dewy but you can for sure

see a natural looking radiance and glow

let's see if this is buildable at all

for the coverage okay it's a little bit


not by much but i'm definitely achieving

a little bit more

coverage having a hard time covering

some of the redness on my nose can you

see that first impressions of this bb

cream it feels really nice on the face

it feels

very lightweight and refreshing and even

in the areas where i layered it it

doesn't feel heavy

however with that said even after

layering it i feel like we're maxing out

at light medium coverage like i'm not

even sure we really reached medium what

do you think it sort of just gave

a very light blur and tint to the face

and for some people that's all you need

or want so i

think that this might be a good choice

if you are not

looking for something more heavier

coverage i do want to cover

a little bit more so i'm going to grab a


and just spot conceal i will say that

i'm really liking this sponge

it's blending incredibly easily it's

really soft on the face

moving on to eyeshadow let's open up

this palette from pop beauty this is

called their light show palette


in fire fit i thought this looked like a

good transition

palette from summer to fall because i

still like

wearing those warm oranges and yellows

this time of year

here's what she looks like and i believe

this is a

14 palette for the size i think that's

reasonable but let me not speak too soon


it's really all about the quality right

here is a little bit of an up-close

look and as you can see we've got mats

we have shimmers

we also have a couple glitters hmm

should i try

doing something with those today let me

go ahead and

prime with my trusty mac paint pot

this is called sunburst and it's almost

like i don't really know how to explain

this shade it's a reddish

orange pink you want to come in closer

whoo okay pigment

okay well first of all this is

translating exactly

how it looks in the pan so that is


satisfying it doesn't look any

duller it's not leaning more orange than


like this is a very unique shade it's

pretty intense i mean i'm shearing it

out obviously and blending it but

this pigment packs a punch ooh i'm

really excited for whatever look we're

going for today i have no plans but i

think this is gonna be fun now that

one shade has kind of calmed my nerves a

little bit i'm gonna go into

this shade which is called dazzling


that's going to be my crease and outer

corner shade

wow again it's just translating exactly

how it looks i love when that happens i

love when you can just rely

on a shadow to look like what you think

it's gonna look like you know what i

mean these shadows are almost so

pigmented where i'm like oh i need to


this out so i can get that gradient

going but don't get me wrong they're

easy to blend it's just i didn't expect

so much color in one dip of the brush

okay let me just swatch these two

oranges i feel like i need some inspo on


those are gonna look so i have this like


bright orange wow that's bright and then

i've got the glitter

the pressed glitter

i wonder if i need to use this with like

a glitter glue

those are so pretty i'll speed through

me cutting my crease for you

so i'm looking at the back of the

palette and i think i got the names

wrong of

the previous shades that i used and the

key is actually really confusing

i'm pretty sure they should have flipped

the order that they put the shades in

this shade is actually called phoenix

blaze and this is antique peach

it makes a little bit more sense that

the yellow is called sunburst

okay let's move on so i'm gonna go ahead

and dip

into peach flare which is this orange

shade that we just swatched

with the brush this isn't applying as

intense as it looked on the back of my

hand when i swatched it with my finger

so i might go all the way up to the cut

and then go in with my finger to sort of

deepen it up

yeah the satin finish definitely applies

a little more smoothly with the finger


a bit more pigmentation now i'm

wondering if i should apply

the glitter with my finger too okay well

let's go in so i'm going to use the

glitter which is called dazzling


and i'm going to pat it over the border


the concealed area an outer corner and

then bring it in

over that orange ooh okay i'm getting a

little bit of fallout i expected that

for the very inner corner i do want to

dip in to the yellow shade which is

called sunburst

now matte yellows are pretty darn hard

to get right i have not really found a


matte yellow that i love and this one is

like okay like i can see it it's a

little chalky

hmm that's one thing i think we're

missing in this palette is

a highlight shade alright we're done

with the eyeshadow this palette

is for sure promising it makes me want

to try

more of their eyeshadow overall i like

it for 14

i think you get a lot of shades to play

with and good shades at that

next i'm going to tightline with the

koki velvet smooth

eyeliner that just glides on

and i will be doing winged liner with my

new go to

the maybelline hyper easy liner

for mascara today this is not a new

release but it's new to me

and again from a brand that i don't

think gets enough credit

the ulta beauty brand ulta beauty has

their own makeup line just like the

sephora collection and you can usually

find it near

the checkout aisle they have a ton of

products that i genuinely love

i've been using their brow pencil a lot

recently i used one of their eyeshadow

palettes for my wedding so i'm excited

to try this this is their

new heights lifting mascara oh it's like

a tiny comb wand it's so

cute it is adding a lot of length

it's doing a pretty good job at keeping

my lashes separated as well

wow that before and after is

pretty impressive am i wrong i'm like


this mascara up and it's not getting

clumpy either i

love this it really added

lift and i have pretty straight lashes

but it also added

length and volume so i mean it checked

all the boxes and you don't have to

build it up as much as i did

if you kind of just leave it to one or

two layers you end up with more of a

wispy vibe like this

but if you really want to bring the

drama it layers

so easily i really like that the wand

is easy to use for both the top and

bottom lashes

this might be a new everyday favorite

let's talk about what's new at pixie now

pixie's a brand that i talk about

frequently because i love them and i

don't think that

people talk about their makeup enough

their skin care gets some hype they have

a few cult favorite skincare products

and their skincare products

work really well but their makeup kind

of goes unnoticed so they just released

these nuance quartets which are sort of

like all-in-one

face palettes this one is called sugar


and this next one is called honey nectar

ooh i think honey nectar is gonna go


with my skin tone so you've got a

bronzer a blush

and two highlight shades now highlights

pixie does well

they make some of my absolute favorite

highlighting products at the drugstore

all right so let's dip into this bronzer


see it looks relatively neutral

so hopefully i can use it for a contour

i'm not seeing any shimmer either so

thank goodness

it's only slightly warm like i can

definitely get away with using this as a

contour with my skin tone but the one

in the sugar blossom palette might work


if you have cooler skin it's on the


side as well this is not as intense

as their natural contour powder which i

really like

okay going into this blush i'm gonna be

very gentle with it because it

looks like it is bright ooh that is a

really pretty color

i'm not sure how much this screams fall

it is a little bit more of like

a summery face palette in my opinion i

like to go more for like mobs in fall

when it comes to my blush shade maybe an


but you know what whatever you can wear

whatever you want

whatever makes you happy this is

definitely a really pretty happy shade

really excited to see how this

highlighter looks though so this one is

called honey it looks pretty glittery on

top or metallic rather

not sure if that's a spray over or not

let me try to move some of the glitter

out of the way actually

yeah it looks like there's a slight

spray over so

i want to see what it actually looks

like underneath all that

oh pretty it's definitely still

a shimmery slightly glittery highlight

relying more so on those glitter


versus a pigment which is not

necessarily my

favorite type of highlighter but i don't

mind it for certain looks

it's just a little bit more in your face

you know it's you're definitely not

fooling anyone saying like oh this is my

skin it's so glowy

i really wish they would have used the

highlighting formula

that's in the rach loves palette

that one's not glittery at all it is

just so

glowy and strobey and i could see myself

using this palette a lot more if that

was the type of highlighter that was in


editing miranda here i ended up

swatching both of these palettes after


because i was curious about the other

highlights and it turns out

the one highlight shade i tested in this

video was sort of the dud

of the bunch as you can see here the

other three highlights are

super glowy and pigment forward and

that's what i was expecting that's the

formula that i really like from the


i just happened to test the one glittery


so i wanted to throw that out there just

in case you were wondering about the

other shades

because this is a luke but

it's not an everyday luke for me this is

almost like a

festival highlight if you will just for

my tastes

oh i forgot we had this from koki

cosmetics this is their velvet smooth

eyeliner in champagne

maybe i can use this to highlight

because there was no

highlight shade in the eyeshadow palette

okay that adds a very nice little pop to

the inner corner

oh this might be my new favorite way to

do an inner corner highlight because i

typically put champagne there anyway did

that just elevate this entire eye look

see if i can put it lightly on the brow

bone too

yeah that's really pretty okay okay

moving on we have

two more products to test out this is

the koki

retractable lip liner in warm nude

this is like really close to my natural

lip shade

just better it's really

creamy and pigmented i would probably

just wear this on its own

and that's another tip you can totally

wear lip liner like

by itself you don't have to cover it

with anything

if it's pigmented enough this lip liner

is definitely a matte formula

it feels a tad drying but when it comes

to lip liners that's usually

helpful in creating a base for your

lipstick to stick to

if you want to fill it in like i did to

really extend the life of your lipstick

i will say i am loving

this shade i would totally wear this as

just a lipstick alone and maybe

pop a little bit of gloss on top to help

with that matte feeling

but today we are going to be topping

this with one of the pop beauty

permanent pout liquid lipsticks so i

have heard of these

and i've heard that they are almost


budge proof smudge proof transfer proof

like they're supposed to be super

long wearing this is the shade butter

babe which i think will match the liner

pretty well

oh we've got a very long and flat

applicator for the lipstick oh a little


actually we can make that work and sort

of blend it into the edges

how does that look i know i overdrew my

lips a little bit

who needs injections when you have lip

liner all right this liquid lipstick is

drying down to be a very true

flat matte both in the appearance and a

little bit

the feel as well it feels like it's a

bit drying or

like tightening on the lips just a bit

now if i'm remembering correctly

i'm pretty sure i have a bunch of these

in the old packaging that i never opened

so if you want to see like an all-day

wear test or

a bunch of different swatches of these

let me know that could be something that

i bring you

tell me in the comments if you want to

see that they feel very similar

to the maybelline super stay

matte ink liquid lipsticks so if you

don't mind how those feel

then these will be no issue if you think

that those

feel like thick or too matte then you

might not like these

and looking a little closely i am

starting to see

the glitter shadow migrate a little so i


that is going to need some type of

glitter primer

i don't think you're going to be able to

get away with just putting it on top of


regular primer or on top of other eye

shadow like i thought that i was

i really thought i was gaming the system

it didn't work it doesn't look awful

it's just not necessarily staying

exactly where i applied it

gotta say love how this look came out i

am so digging

these colors but tell me what do you

think of these brands of these products

did anything catch your eye

and let me know if there are any other

brands at the drugstore that you don't

really hear a lot of people talking

about that you'd want me to explore more

today's shout out goes to jamie thanks

for being a member of the slashed squad

and join me over in this video next

where i go dairy free for 30 days to see


happens to my skin i'll see you over

there bye