Top 10 Best Burger King Menu Items

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Burger King menu items before we begin

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content for this list we're ranking the

tastiest and most popular menu items

from the International fast food chain

Burger King BK has been in business for

over 60 years which leaves us plenty of

options so let's start those food

engines because we're getting hungry but

it go up 10 the big king the big king

may not currently be available in the

United States but it's double patty

legacy lives on in the Middle East and

European countries where a version known

as the big king XXL temps customers

tastebuds and appetites it's like a Big

Mac but tastes better with 75% more beef

essentially this sandwich is BK's take

on mcdonald's iconic big mac a to burger

deal on a sesame-seed bun' with a

healthy or is that unhealthy dollop of

Thousand Island style dressing the big

king is certainly tasty and it makes us

wonder whether or not it's due for a

comeback in North America

number 9 chicken nuggets of course

Burger King and McDonald's have always

been big time fast-food rivals and this

competition can definitely be seen in

their different takes on the classic

chicken nugget whereas Mickey D's

version is super crispy in texture BK is

all white meat chicken nuggets offer a

more classic homestyle breading but hot

damn in October 2017 BK started offering

mouth-watering spicy nuggets for a

limited time in response to popular

demand and to taunt Wendy's who had

controversially removed such an item

from their menu number 8 the grilled

chicken sandwich we're sticking with

chicken for our next menu item since

this mostly lean and delicious meat

continues to grow in popularity and

dominate fast-food menus

no matter the chain bk's grilled chicken

sandwich features a potato bun which is

a nice change of pace for a quick meal

this bun holds a seasoned and marinated

chicken breast full of pepper and

various herbs also a classy twist on the

usual formula

of course though it's comforting to find

classic tomatoes lettuce and mayo

garnishing the sandwich a healthier yet

delicious option number seven the bacon

double XL the next item on our list is a

bacon beast from the chains after

mentioned BK XXL line of extravagant

sandwiches the bacon double XL is well

exactly what it sounds like a double

patty bacon and cheese monster served up

to Burger King customers in such areas

as the UK there are more variants on the

BK XXL line including a sandwich with

mushrooms and Swiss cheese but for our

money this classic bacon double

cheeseburger has everything it takes for

the best kind of fast food coma number 6

chicken fries if you loved it when

Burger King tweaked their french fries

and you're gonna flip out over what they

did with chicken BK's chicken fries have

been something of a cultural phenomenon

since they were first introduced back in

2005 proving to be one of the

restaurants most popular menu items

let's be honest here truthfully there

isn't much to separate a chicken fry

from an everyday chicken tender other

than their elongated fry shape but who

cares that's enough for us when Fried

Chicken is this delicious and Dibble we

are not complaining number 5 the crisps

and which the fast-food breakfast market

is a crowded and often cutthroat game

Burger King is sitting pretty however as

they have the crew sandwich this hefty

delicious and not particularly healthy

breakfast sandwich is served on a

buttery croissant and can be customized

with your choice of bacon ham or sausage

to compliment the fluffy eggs and cheese

sure other fast-food joints offer up

some kinds of course our bagel

sandwiches for breakfast but there are

few meals as satisfying during that

morning commute than a piping hot loaded

krisann --which and a cup of coffee

number four the whopper jr. are you

hungry for a BK burger but not exactly

looking to up your waistline in the

process well then maybe the whopper

juniors for you the sandwich is a

smaller sized version of Burger King's

classic whopper sandwich more on that

bad boy shortly a flame broiled beef

patty topped with ketchup mayo and fresh

veggies stacked in between two sesame

seed buns it's a bit less extravagant

than some of BK's other newer men

options while at the same time perfect

for satisfying that burger craving

number three onion rings we've already

discussed french fries and chicken fries

but what about a different sort of fried

delight oh yes

that's when Burger King's classic onion

rings come into the picture these little

treats have proven quite popular with

generations of customers over the years

with many patrons even choosing to slide

those little rings into their sandwiches

for an added crunch BK definitely knows

what they're doing here frying those

battered circles to a perfect golden

brown now we're really getting hungry

number two the original chicken sandwich

sometimes change is good but hey

sometimes change is bad or at least

unnecessary huh it's Burger Kings

attitude towards their OC the original

chicken sandwich they've offered since

1979 a lightly breaded breast fillet

topped with lettuce and mayo no

flame-broiling marinating or fancy

toppings to be found if you want all

that jazz look elsewhere on the menu but

why bother

you don't tug on superman's cape before

we dish up our number one pick here are

some yummy honourable mentions


number one the whopper this one is the

flagship the burger on which BK steaks

its entire brand and reputation after

all Burger King doesn't call themselves

the home of the whopper for nothing the

key to this offering is the quarter

pound of flame broiled beef that serves

as the burgers beefy foundation BK then

tops this patty with lettuce tomato

sliced onions and pickles to create

their masterpiece still not enough

well then order up the double whopper a

full half pound of beef for those with

big big appetites who want to have it

their way do you agree with our picks

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