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BYU's at 6:00 starts right now it's

still Thanksgiving but the clock is

ticking for shoppers who just can't wait

for Black Friday here's a live look from

San Luis Obispo tonight you can see the

tents of people ready to buy for many

families now is just about the time to

sit down at the dinner table and enjoy

what they've been working on all day

long but for others the action is just

getting started we're talking about

Black Friday which has turned into Black

Thursday this year as more stores open

earlier Best Buy is one of those stores

and that's where we find Nancy Chan in

San Luis Obispo tonight Nancy how does

the crowd what is the crowd looking like

right now well John if you look behind

me there are so many tents here it

almost looks like occupy slow there are

people lined up all the way down to

Sears Best Buy is opening at six o'clock

in six hours at midnight and shoppers

have been waiting since yesterday

afternoon to get a good deal some people

call them in tents while they say

they're simply frugal ten years of

trying to do it and coming and showing

up earlier and earlier and finally I get

to be number one the first in line at

Best Buy for Black Friday no small feat

I showed up at 3:00 p.m. yesterday that

was 3 p.m. Wednesday for victory 10

years in the making

Sean cool all's is rather anti-climatic

at the moment become midnight it's game

time I'm gonna be buying two different

laptops two different TVs I'm gonna be

buying a notebook I'm gonna be buying an

Xbox and a Playstation and then a couple

other items cool Allah is what you call

a professional the veteran shopper is

charging co-workers friends and family

about 10 percent or up to $20 per item

to buy something for them his Commission

this year about a hundred and eighty

dollars and he gets some bonuses last

year I had a bunch of friends and

co-workers commit to bringing me food

and I actually had five Thanksgiving

dinners cool Allah even has dumbbells

for exercise to keep him warm and he

wasn't the only one prepared for a long

journey this is probably one of the more

impressive be owner's fit a full-size

mattress in here so while other people

are sleeping on the cement

you're sleeping on a nice soft bed los

osos couple Blake Barth and Brigitte

Hawk were second in line

arriving minutes after a cool ala we're

not here for like a lot we're getting

just maybe but 15 items total which is

like two TVs three new players and

tablet some DVDs

the two are staving off boredom with

laptops and Wi-Fi through a phone using

his iPad to plan ahead they have a

little map on the door that took a

picture of of kind of like the general

ideas and a little route you could take

and I drew it on my iPad to kind of map

it out we have a list going many

shoppers in line here talk about a sense

of community one that's not very open to


I know some Jenner was saying hey I took

pictures of 25 people are in front of me

if you're not on this list

I'm telling someone only a few more

hours to go now these shoppers have

dealt with the cold boredom even people

driving by just jeer who does that like

we're not affecting you just blocking a

little bit of a sidewalk but you can

walk around but at midnight it'll

hopefully all be worth it

and for some of the really popular items

even if you came out here right now

you'd still be coming too late the most

popular item here seems to be a 42 inch

LCD TV that normally goes for five

hundred and fifty dollars tonight it's

going on sale for two hundred dollars

and a lot of people are really hoping

they can snag it live in San Luis Obispo

Nancy Chen KSBY news all right Nancy oh

boy good luck to all those people long

lists they have it seems Toys R Us is

opening even earlier tonight at 9:00

Walmart is opening its doors at 10:00


hundreds of people in Santa Maria spent

their Thanksgiving enjoying a special

meal donated by people in the community