you too man what's up so coming to you

to date hold on let me go lock in

alright so today I got a video coming up

and I just got off of work so so bear

with me I still got my uniform on first

of all I already know y'all gonna try to

get on me cuz I know everybody else

mostly in the station anything like that

they were in the type 3 is the green

ones but my command we could still wear

the blues I mean the type where wheezes

I forgot we go away these ones until

October 4 this year but getting into it

today we're gonna be talking about the

pros versus the cons of the Navy right

now I have my ups and downs in the Navy

so far I've been in this month is two

years so I'd have had days where it's

like man I can't wait to I get out I

didn't days where's like man the Navy is

kind of cool so it's like a little

roller coaster but um I'm gonna do all

the pros first and then I'm gonna do all

the cons the first probe that I have

with uh with the Navy is whatever I

think of when you think of the military

and that's the benefits right so when

you think about it you get like all

right you really don't think I really

have to think about too much it's like a

you know health care dental stuff like

that it may not be the best

it's like civilian sector but I don't

pay for nothing I don't think about it

they you know I something wrong me I go

down to medical I get prescribe some

motrin or I'll beat you like they helped

me out or dental they help me out stuff

like that or somewhere to happen to me I

know I'm covered something like that so

I know I don't worry about too much when

it comes to the benefits I mean when it

comes to like that aspect and then you

got to think about um the GI Bill where

I get that for when I get out out of the

servers or I can use it while I'm in and

that's money towards college or if I

don't use I could pass it to save my

kids or something like that

or a spouse but most like they thrive

you like kids or somebody and then why

you're in the service they pay for you

like get to like your tuition and all

that type of stuff so that's a benefit

and then you wanna add on

I'm stationed overseas so I don't really

apply to me too much but like the

military discounts and stuff just

all the benefits that come with it stuff

like that right getting on to the next


I say responsibilities right no it's

gonna make you like the Navy will give

you responsibilities to where you're

gonna like mature as a person right if

you come from like sure high school like

I did for the most part high school when

I was in debt for like eight months by

just working some with that so he

responsibilities that you never really

had unless you didn't have it like that

but like just uh well you notice like me

already had pretty much I don't know

growing up my parents had me I was

always like more of an independent type

of child or like they made me like look

out for myself sometimes most songs you

know stuff like that just so I wouldn't

be handicapped when I get to the real

world but you could tell some people was

like Hank like like hand hand walked

like all they like so I think my

responsibility you responsible you gotta

be responsible for your own actions like

whatever you do you gonna get in trouble

for it or it's like you gotta be working

the morning Matt what you did night

before you know you gotta be at work in

the morning on time you know stuff like

that or you know you gotta wash your own

clothes like mommy used to wash your

clothes you can say goodbye to that

unless you want to ship then you go turn

your clothes in but you still gotta

watch like your personal clothes you

know I'm saying you can go to the galley

and eat but let's say you in the house

or something like that and you gonna you

gotta learn how to cook you got a clean

and stuff like that but like little

responsibility you got you got pay your

own bills now like you got to grow up

kind of yeah I grew up in a sense

another Pro is traveling so so far I've

been at Navis about two years now and I

have been - let me name my countries I

bet you so I'm not gonna name the US

that's just stupid but all right so Jim

I've been in Japan I'm stationed here

right now I've been to Hong Kong I've

been to Busan I've been to jeju-do

and Busan and Jeju both are South Korea

I've been to Manila which is in the

Philippines I've been in Australia and I

may be like missing a little bit I've

been to Hong Kong twice that counts so

yeah I traveled around you know stuff

like that place I never thought that

I've been that would go cuz growing up

in Baltimore City might be my thought

like a vacation was like you know going

down like

I mean you're like going to Myrtle Beach

with my dad so I never would have

expanded my mind and think about like

different places I could go stuff like I

never even thought like like my favorite

port had to be like Australia like yeah

I straight was like you know me number

four I was say for the prompt for the

pros it's just general experience so

you're gonna you're gonna encounter

especially if you come to like a ship

you're gonna encounter a lot of

experience that most people in civilian

world would never account or like like

one day of your day right here in the

inter-service might be like the most

eventful day for somebody in a civilian

world like me like me I know living

living on a carrier like when we go out

to sea first of all every naval

personnel is a firefighter so you can

learn how to fight fires being on the

ship you get qualified and a lot of DC

calls so which is damage control so

whether it's firefighting you know pipe

patching fires flooding toxic gas all

type of stuff you learn how to abandon

ship know how to save lives like you're

uh I'm stretcher bearer quote so like

say you know save lives you do what

medical people do just a lot of

different experience a lot of different

things that you might have over the top

let's say you you go you for years and

you were to get out you have a lot more

experience is as a whole than somebody

that just has a degree in it and is

about to start working so you might be

more likely to get the job because you

move a well-rounded person and then just

always different experiences by meeting

different people from different walks of

life another pro of the Navy and the

money right now we don't get paid that

much I'll make a video more about my

pain and stuff like that but we don't

really get paid that much but when you

put it into factor on how much you money

you actually have to spend in the Navy

which isn't like leisurely spending then

you really get a lot of money because if

you don't want to eat out you can eat at

the galley

you know so you don't have to pay for

food you don't pay for housing you don't

I don't pay like a light bill water bill

none of that stuff so really my only

bills is really like my phone like

Netflix and I'm overseas so I don't have

a car so I don't have to pay no car

insurance and none except stuff my bills

are pretty limited but I'm bringing in

income so it's easier to save money

and invest money and they'll do stuff

like that so I would say the money is a

is a big perk because you really have to

spend any money if you really don't want

to I don't have to have a phone I don't

have to do any that tell yourself

getting into the cons all right it's

just your private way you know y'all

probably wait on the corners right I'm

just gonna be honest I would say freedom

of expression I feel sometimes that the

Navy you can't like really express

yourself like at the end of the day you

kind of know what you starting up for

life span couple times Robin I actually

been kind of mad about certain stuff I

couldn't do but somebody to like let me

know like you know you joined the

military right I was like hey I guess

you write loved it like for example like

my hair like I've been I got in trouble

a couple times by my hair they say they

were saying his out of rays cuz they

used to be a little longer than this but

they were trying to say it was out of

race or not the length they were saying

it was out of race by the texture of my

hair like they would say I need to pick

my hair out so I did and I would I

didn't really like that I kind of felt

like it was like I don't know I only

wanna get all that by really I really

didn't like how they how they told me I

need to pick my hair out and stuff like

that creamy expression you know you just

can't do whatever you want

why are you in the military if you must

say you a dude and how you express

yourself is lime-green fingernails or

something you can't do that period I'm

just giving an example another con is is

it con for me it's taking on you one but

the going on deployment the owner

deployment can be a pro or it can be a


the pro is like the port's that you hit

like traveling but the con is being

ottoman on the ship for a long period of

time you know it's kind of boring

Restless you anxious to get off the ship

you can't really talk to your family

that much missing regular food that's

not cooked in the galley and just being

able to just go like just get away from

the Navy sometimes it's hard to separate

your job and your actual life like the

Navy isn't me

like the Navy isn't like I don't like

eat sleep breathe a navy you know I'm

saying so some people do I don't so I

just feel like you gotta have a way of

separating it at times and sometimes

it's hard to do that especially me you

underway number three uh it's if a

higher-ranking tells you to do something

and there's within his regards like it's

not like an unlawful order you got to do

it or you you have to listen that may

not be

like a problem to you but I know I have

problems like listening sometimes when I

just feel like I shouldn't have to do it

or I feel like I don't know you know

just different things hard-headed

sometimes it's like you can't you can't

like just be like you know what it's not

like a regular job but you can't be like

you know what I'm sick of this I quit

there's no such thing you can't just

quit the Navy you can't quit the

military you can get kicked out which

would go on your record and you know

that you don't want to do all of that so

know what you get yourself into when you

sign that contract you won't do them

years unless you decide kicked out or

something like that but you won't do

them years you don't have it you don't

have a choice in most things

number four is repetitive for the most

part I get up every day I wake up at

about five o'clock in the morning when I

when I go to work I get up at five

o'clock in the morning and I'm out the

door by by like 6:30 to get to work I'd

be there by 7:00 I pretty much do the

exact same thing every single day right

now by me being undesignated I do like

different different things but it's the

same thing you know specially so people

have race they do almost the same exact

thing almost every day it may be any

piece of equipment or a new person or a

new like you know some things may tweak

a little bit but for the most part it's

the same type of thing you you go to

work and you ought to eat go back to

work you get off the work

it's just repenting this predator

profession over and over no offense were

you underway and you it's no such thing

as the weekend underway if y'all didn't

know there's no such thing as I all guys

Saturday off Sunday you got a routine

you might get to come into work a little

later or they might be lenient with you

on a Sunday

well it's no such it's no weekend so

it's literally you work Monday to Monday

and you're in uniform so if you're have

a problem with the repetitiveness this

the military it may not be for you

number five is listening to if you have

like a poor chain of command or like

just leadership period and you know and

they're over ranking you so you so

you're supposed to listen to him I saw

this one post on the military and it was

saying like they give you a bowl of soup

right it's just a figure just a ferrous

piece right and you have a spoon in your

hand and you know you can eat this soup

with the spoon right and you go in to

start eating with the spoon

and then your chain command is like no

don't use that spoon use this and they

give you a fork and you're like but I

got a spoon I know this comes boom oh

we're way better than his fork and

they're like I don't care what you say

this Fork is better right

so use the fork that's the order use the

fork so now you're over there using the

fork and then somebody hired and then

comes out say no don't use the fork here

use this use the knife and you just like

but I got a spoon but they're like no

use tonight so it's just like if you can

if you catch that it's stuff like that

where you know you may be right

or you know that something is better

than this but because they are high

ranking than you and they may be poor

leadership and you know they don't value

what you say or rather your opinion you

are now forced to eat your soup with a

knife as long as you catch that figure

of speech then you understand what I'm

talking about

and you just sitting there it gets to

you at a point first time you may be

like well just crazy and that's thing

you know you'll notice that you just

following orders without even thinking

about it they might be like hey uh go

out there and and mop up the ring hey

yeah we're gonna mop the rain today you

know stuff like that so now this is by

no means like the epitome pros and cons

I don't want to make my videos like

anybody others anybody else's videos I

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