Ipad Basics-Navigation, Settings & Apps

hey Ranbir's this is the second of three

videos on iPad basics and in this video

we're going to explore basic navigation

with the iPad some software or apps that

will need you to download and then some

settings that you have have to choose in

your Settings app so that you're going

to get the most out of your class time

with your teachers okay Ramblers hope

that you find this helpful and thanks

for watching

let's turn on the iPad so that we can

start talking about basic navigation not

to do that I'm going to use the

sleep/wake button or if you may just

need to touch the home button basic

navigation refers to opening and closing

apps switching between apps and then

using the really helpful feature which

is the split screen so let's get started

by opening the google app to open the

app we simply place our finger on the

icon press it and voila it opens up now

to close it I simply press the home

button when I do that I return to my

home screen but there's something else I

could have done I could have switched to

another open app and the way to switch

is one of two ways you can double click

the home button and all of the open apps

will appear and you can scroll through

them and choose one of them to open

let's say I wanted to switch to

bookshelf I could maybe do some work in

there I could open up my calculus

textbook and then if I wanted to switch

back to Google I could double click

again or I could use four fingers and by

placing four fingers on the iPad and

swiping up I get the same effect as if I

had press the home button twice so let's

go back to Google and then close out of

that why don't you pause the video and

try opening an app and closing in two


once by double clicking and once by

using the four finger swipe upwards to

reveal all the other open apps okay try

that now

okay now let's try another really useful

feature that's available on the newer

iPads called split screen capability so

let me open up Google now imagine that

there's another app that I want to go

into but I want it open on my screen at

the same time by placing a finger on the

right-hand edge of the iPad screen I can

sweep over and it will reveal all the

other open apps I can scroll through

them to choose another app that I want

open at the same time

why don't I choose the bookshelf again

just to show you how this works now

because both of these apps are

compatible with the split screen

I'm able to make the screen as large as

I need if I want more room for the

bookshelf I continue swiping toward the

left if I want them to be about equal I

just move it toward the middle now I

have both apps open and I can do work in

both apps I can scroll on the Left or if

I want to do a search in Google I can

start doing that so that's a really

really useful capability why don't you

pause the video and open up two apps and

try to use the split screen capability

let's go back to the home screen and

choose the Settings icon once I go into

settings I see a whole bunch of choices

over on the left hand column and then

the sub menu that appears because of the

choices that I make from the left-hand

column so the first thing I want to talk

about is the Wi-Fi here I am with my

home Wi-Fi but when you get at school

you're going to want to be on net 30 if

you're not you're gonna need to see the

folks up in the technology department to

help you out with the connection moving

down will be notifications now

notifications can be really distracting

while you're in school so I would really

urge you to go into whatever apps you

have make a choice and do not allow

notifications you'll find that you get

more out of your experience in class if

you don't have something from snapchat

popping up every few minutes I had set

up do not disturb for my school hours

from 7:45 until 3:00 p.m. so that when

I'm teaching with the iPad I don't have

incoming FaceTime calls or things like


under general I think it's important to

recognize that this is where Apple can

alert you of any software updates so if

you see a red rectangle under the

software update it means you need to

update your iPad going back to display

and brightness you want to keep your

brightness not too high so that you

don't run your battery down too quickly

and then under privacy if you keep

scrolling over again on the left-hand

column you'll see that I have my

location services on that's really

important for iPad security Find My iPad

is a useful app if you leave your iPad

somewhere in the school and someone

picks it up if you do lose your iPad by

all means check the dean's office but

this is one way they have of locating it

so you can go in app by app and decide

whether or not you want to have that app

using your location be careful if you

choose for the camera if you have your

location services on and you

host that picture that you took with

your iPad someone on the internet and

they may be able to find out where that

picture was taken so if he took it in

your house suddenly they know where you

live so be very careful with location

services but I would have it on for I

just find my iPad app okay Ranbir's

let's take a look at one last set of

topics for this video and that's going

to be apps so let's return to the home

screen and you'll see in the upper

left-hand corner of I have my icon for

the App Store

why don't you open that and when you do

so you'll come to a screen with all the

different featured apps going on right

now I use the search most often in the

upper right hand corner and I'd like you

to download Nearpod so why don't you

type in Nearpod or your pod student and

search for that now when you do that app

will appear and since I already have it

it says that I can just open it but

yours I pad will say get why don't you

get that app and you'll see that it's

free and so there's there's nothing to

for you to charge but let's go through

and get the three apps that I want you

to purchase the first one is Nearpod

second one is I bought iBooks and the

last one is Google Drive so why don't

you pause the video and download your

pie okay let's try going after another

another app and that will be iBooks

iBooks I want the one in the middle and

as you can see again I already own it so

it just says open but why don't you

download iBooks again there should be

nothing that you you pay for here and

lastly let's download Google Drive so

I'm typing in Google Drive under the

search screen and I don't need to wet

display because that's 999 but Google

Drive is free so why don't you download

Google Drive ok-ran boors

we've covered a lot in this in this

session we talked about basic navigation

closing apps opening apps swiping

between apps you may remember that we

did the split-screen we did some work

within the Settings app and then how to

download apps or the software that the

iPad runs on okay Ranbir's thanks for

watching and I hope this helped