Late-race wrecks in Las Vegas | NASCAR Cup Series Extended Highlights

in the four he's on the inside line just

to his outside the number 18.

kyle busch from las vegas round two of

the playoffs is underway

big push from chase elliot has harvick

getting ready for the restart

denny hamlin and kyle bush making up row


we'll see if that track position kyle

busch got off of pit road is going to

help him three

wide joey logano goes to block all the

way down to the bottom of the racetrack

martin trex jr loses momentum


look at those cars on the bottom the 22

pushing the 11.

will that be enough to clear the 18 car

it is

denny hamlin out front


as they fight through three and four

denny hamlin

doesn't need a fight he wins the stage

that's his

ninth stage win of 2020

and is that an exclamation point on

those people saying

were you distracted because of the

announcement of you and

michael jordan starting a team i think

it was

i can still win field approaching the

geico restart zone again

kyle bush on the outside joey logano on

the inside


plenty of space between the top four

kyle busch trying to clear that 22 as

they go through one and two but here

comes legato

working back on the bottom of the

racetrack and now has a little momentum

and help

not organized on the outside just yet

and inside

got a little push going sends legato out

into the lead

these cars look like they are not fun to

ride through those bumps let's see here

comes hamilton for the lead

the 18 slides up hits the 22. hamlet

takes the lead

and here comes chase elliot following


tj majors that first thought maybe they

didn't need to come

to pitt road because the smoke wasn't as

bad as we

initially saw it was joey who made the

decision said there's smoke coming

inside here so

they said left side tires only and fix

that damage get rid of the tire rub

so two tires stop there for the 22.




to get a different gun that's why the

slow stop for them that's 12th

stop is underway


the two of brad keselowski also coming

to pitt road they've certainly gotten

this car a lot better after being mired

back in about 20th he finally worked his

way up just outside

the top ten you see though they're going

to make another chassis adjustment right

there brett

struggling to run the right line that he

wants to on track so they're making some


to help him out there look i'm on pit

road kelly

remember he won a lap down after he had

to pit for two tires

after contact with the 18. it's another

track bar adjustment

for joey la duano so they continue to

work on this 22. sometimes this is the

best reinforcement if you assume

something's going to happen

well let's just see what happens to the

sixer ryan newman he's going to take

four tires

and we'll be able to see where he blends

back on the racetrack

big change there too

tyler reddick slow on the racetrack

an issue with the eight once again

trying to get down and this will be

stage win for chase elliot

three of the four stages in 2020 from

las vegas have been won by chase elliot

he won the

two stages in the first race here in the

spring field coming up to the

geico restart zone denny hamlin alex


chase elliott martin shrek's junior ryan

blaney the top five

it looks like chase elliott once again

getting into the back bumper of

the car in front of him this time it's

denny hamlet he gives him a shove

and hamilton clears the 88 of bowman as

they go into one

ready for the restart denny hamlin on

the high side martin shreks jr on the

low side green flag back in the air

two jgr cars fighting it out up front

for the lead

where's the push gonna come from from

behind who is going to get the most help


chase out to the middle four wide

mark or matt de benedetto to the inside

made it four wide as they go into three

the other call by adam stevens and

rodney childers to come here they're

kind of in the back half of the top ten

so the theory with 36 to go as you

mentioned see get that fresh goodyear

rubber on now

see if he can gain some track time kyle

bush said he was running the top of the

track felt like he was hurting

the right front harvick said the car was

better but still too tight kelly

in the 88 comes to pit road he felt like

he was a little bit too free needed more

security to run up high but they're

still convinced

this track is going to come around as

the temperatures go down marty

has run that much of much of that run in

the fourth position said the car was too

tight for him

gonna be four fresh goodyear tires and

an air pressure adjustment trying to

free him

up 35 to go what might be the last stop

here of the night in vegas

and we're getting ready for the restart

there'll be 25

laps to go from las vegas matt de

benedetto curt bush

firing off


look at him back there all of them

looking for an advantage

fanning out three and four wide

four wide through one alex baldwin on

the high side getting a push from denny

hamlin back there four wide off the two

i'm gonna tell you the driver that did

the best job of getting through that is

that 12 car on the outside lane

this battle for the lead think about

this curt


has a split right of china

john hunter nemo check spins the caution

comes out up the racetrack he goes there

was contact

up against the wall cars trying to avoid

it looked like ricky stanhouse jr got

sandwiched by another car

eric jones i think oh yeah heavy damage

on the 47.

oh that is not the caution kurt on the

bottom here a lot of smoke

get on the apron when he left this call

up to him you see what they do there

leaving pit road kevin harvick further


road gabe hart told hamlin if you can

get a good restart

stay if you feel like you need help come

down pit road hamlin came down pit road

and brought

everybody behind him down pit road as


coming up on 12 laps to go from vegas

kurt busch on the outside matt de

benedetto on the inside

back up through the gears they go kurt


with an incredible launch look how he

absolutely cleared matty d before he got

to turn one great job by kurt

the question is does he have as much

speed as alex bowman

there's a lot of hunger back behind him

christopher bell in the 95 kozlowski

gets by him

yeah that was a hard link he's going to

be able to help him clear right here

he's going to be clear that 12 car

oh we got to spin the 24 william bauer

down the front straightaway big contact

with the right front headlight

on the right side he's gotten in the

fence yeah right front flat heavy damage

you mentioned the right front fender


and another restart the outside lane

with no organization with the 88 and the

11 losing spots

look at that push though oh the 12 got

separated when the 88 got to the right

rear of the 12 it separated him from the

21 so he's gone

he could push here comes denny with a

big push he's going to push his 88 all

the way down the back straight away

bowman why did bowman not go to the

inside there there was nowhere to go for

bowman and now denny hamlin

fighting for second to the inside of the


there's somebody to go

how aggressive will they be through the

final turns to benedetto in second

he drifts up the track a bit curry bush

the 2004

cup champion who's gonna win in his


bush wins in vegas


good job man good job man