Visiting the NASCAR Hall of Fame for the First Time Ever!

oh my gosh you guys I am here at the

NASCAR Hall of Fame in downtown

Charlotte this is a first for me and at

first for Natalie here neither of us

have been here before but this is an

experience I have been wanting to have

basically for 15 years I've never been

to the Hall of Fame before I'm sure many

of you guys have but hopefully have some

fun following along at home we're gonna

go through all the exhibits gonna film

as much as we can go just experience

this place because this is hallowed

ground one of the first things you see

as you walk up glory road here is Tim

flock an old race car and if we keep on

walking fireball Roberts forward and

then one of the big ones

the iconic 43 Richard Petty 1960 or

Plymouth look at this thing it didn't

get the certificate of authenticity look

at the inside of this thing freaking

leather interior oh that would not fly

in today's standards the blue hubcaps

the petty blue this is so we're already

off to an amazing start we just walked

in the front door Wendell Scott number

34 that's historic that's iconic David

Pearson right here number 6 southeastern

Dodge Charger oh my goodness we're

literally gonna be here for hours

because I have to stop at every single

car and just examine it Darrell Waltrip

old Gatorade sponsored car oh look at

this oh my gosh

Oh Bobby Allison car right there Sam

argh right here these are some historic

piece of the great these are the

founding fathers of American stock car

racing oh that's iconic right there

Davey Allison Wow we've seen plenty of

throwbacks to this paint scheme this one

that's special we're starting to get

closer to the modern era Neil Bonnett oh

man I like this sick go car the sink Oh

cars always look good Wood Brothers jeez

just look at how many contingency

sponsors used to be on the side of these

cars oh my goodness gracious

oh you can walk up on the road here the

display basically if you walk up onto

the exhibit Oasis banked oh man when you

get a calf workout right here oh but

that's a shot right there that is that

is a shot

uh-uh oh my goodness look there's plenty

of room to expand back there this old

Bill Elliott cars everything Mike

Skinner three truck

Dale Earnhardt of course then we get

into the modern era of NASCAR this is so

freakin cool oh hey it's my home track

Texas Motor Speedway

I feel like Texas is more of like a

light gray color but the textures right

all right we're almost done in here but

look at that the old Jeff Gordon flames

I love this paint scheme this is a good

one than Jimmie Johnson this is what he

won this is the paint scheme you won his

sixth championship and I guess compare

the inside to a more moderate race car

compared to the ones we looked at a

second ago

lots of safety changes and then the last

one they got up here right now Kyle

Busch's 2015 championship car so 2015

that's the latest they have up here whoo

Bristol Motor Speedway I'll be there in

a couple days I just like touching rocks

now we just walked all along here looked

at all these amazing throwback race cars

but there's still some stuff down here

on the bottom that we haven't looked at


with it being our CRS 50th anniversary

this year the whole downstairs section

is all RCR theme

Dale Earnhardt 1987 Chevy Monte Carlo

complete with a little scraping there on

the right front but hey he was known for

using the bumper that's probably a

authentic damage right there look at

this thing look in there the red oh my

goodness this is so freakin cool Dale

Earnhardt black number three when people

think NASCAR that's usually one of the

first things they think of whoa I did

not expect to see this here is this is

this actually the one is this the one it

is one of the greatest finishes in

Daytona 500s future in NASCAR history

just jet in general

Kevin Harvick edging out Mark Martin in

this very race car for the day Joe if I

burn to thousands of that's woohoo and

then an old Nationwide Series of n

Nationwide Series a Austin Dillon over

three car I missed the mouse ears on the

back oh that was always that was iconic

for the X and E series in my opinion all

in shape it's now 2011

Truck Series championship trophy for

Austin Dillon that

pretty cool as well all right so we're

finally done in the main area there's

still a bunch of little inner bowels and

stuff of this this Hall of Fame that we

have to go explore so this is I'm hype

this is gonna be fun they have a special

Hall of Honor exhibit for the most

recent inductees to the Hall of Fame and

I like what I'm seeing y'all Jack Roush

was inducted this year and they have a

awesome 2004 Matt Kenseth Ford Taurus

here on display I'm a big man as a fan I

know he's not the Hall of Fame yet but

he's already got a car in here so that's

a something whole whoa check it out the

2003 Winston Cup championship trophy

moving by Matt Kenseth I like Jack Roush

she's awesome and everything helped

deserve me being in the Hall of Fame but

I'm a bigger Matt Kenseth fan so this

feels like this feels like a half Matt

Kenseth the exhibit oh my goodness over

here as well Alan Kulwicki they have his

iconic number seven Hooters car 1982

Winston Cup champion Alan Kulwicki

that's awesome Roger Penske oh my gosh

this is a throwback right here goodness

man look at Daytona trophies he's got a

couple different types of championship

trophies that's that's pretty pretty

impressive the reflective numbers are

super freakin cool oh my gosh chrome and


one of the greatest to ever drive Jeff

Gordon this is his 2015 Martinsville car

and the trophies

oh this was such a great race also known

as the one Kenseth junked Logano but

Jeff Gordon was the beneficiary getting

the win getting to homestead in his

final full time season what a car what

out whoa they could fill a few of these

trophy cases done for Jeff Gordon boy

they got the best right here it's kind

like I mean like a sci-fi movie like on

a spaceship with these light kind of

cool alright let's head out of there oh

my gosh the most popular racecar here is

Lightning McQueen

guys there are literally real historic

race cars all over the place but oh okay

Lightning McQueen he is alright let's

see what's in this area Oh some Springs

sit in and nataly see how you fit oh

yeah oh wait let me go let me go around

oh oh wait there's no window now oh my

goodness you're out of couch that's kind

of how they actually drive like their

income oh oh oh we're in trouble boys

just we're in trouble boys let's see how

he fits


whoa now this is cool I got Jimmy

Johnson's car his backup car coming out

of the holler we've seen that a lot this

year okay be stealing it you're kind of

low for a tall guy like me this is nice

I got their scanners I don't you guys

can see that through the glare they got

their scanners all their equipment we

got a microwave they got it they got a

mirror hello I feel like I'm on a

spaceship or something NASA everywhere

oh my gosh liquid Squidward went to the

future Oh what the heck no this is where

the fancy people hang out there's a

lounge up in here with leather couches

and that's where Jimmy spends his time

I'm sure the lounge the whole thing's a

very busy place today it's happening

here there's people everywhere this

might be a little bit out of date they

don't really go this hard for inspection

anymore there's a lot of digital lasers

and everything but that's pretty cool

look at this old NASCAR officials

uniform looks like an NFL referee I love


they've got all sorts of fun stuff on

display here this is neat whoa over here

Dale Junior's final ride car from

homestead just the actual car I mean

it's got scuffs ins damage and stuff

it's just actually his final ride car

that's pretty cool throwback to his

rookie paint scheme and that 2017

homestead that's fun that's awesome whoa

and right across the way through the

catch fence they got a bunch of other

cars set up this is the simulator where

I think you get inside of these cars and

basically do some laps on basically I

racing I'm pretty sure we'll hit up the

simulator though later it's probably

gonna be gonna be rough they've got a

case here with all the most recent

champions last year Brett Moffitt won

Joey Logano was the Cup Series champion

obviously and then Tyler etic forgot

about him snuck in and won the Xfinity

championship last year interesting it

says here he won the premier Series

champion you know they're saying they

might change the Cup Series name next

year does this mean it's gonna be the

premier series confirm

NASCAR Hall of Fame out here trying to

break some news we gotta try this



dang now actually PPI like seven seconds

ha a little trouble with the gas can it

was that the fuel was not receiving at

first cost me a few very valuable

seconds but good job Wow how many of you

if we break down on the road you're

changing the tire that's a business

we're just down there we're now in the

upstairs level we've got a lot of

old-school historical a real stock car

right here how's it going big bill

you're doing good you're doing great

oh man there's a lot of things I wish I

could warn you about so I didn't even

notice some of the fire suits where they

got hanging up right here a lot of a lot

of Dale Earnhardt jr. owns are they a

whole thing aren't you in your ones they

might be pretty cool it's less noisy up

goes a lot of kids here today it's fine

kids need to get more involved with

NASCAR man that's how the sports gonna

grow continue to thrive so I love it

when it's crowded who are you gonna race

us when we do the simulator who's doing

all right Larson's kind of having it

down here you know what what some

engines right here another old Richard

Petty 43 car this one had a little more

pizzazz to it than the one downstairs

oh look at steeled 76 ball oh you can go

inside it oh we're gonna go do that in a


oh I'm doing that oh hey Erik Jones

comparing a NASCAR Camry to a real stock

car Camry they're using one of their

Joneses 2019 cars you can see similar

definitely still similar but not the


literally a side-by-side view right here

whoa check out all of the trophies and

here we go we're gonna go inside the

spotter ball oh my word I can hear David

who's that's his voice that's fun

totally random but but very fun hold

fire suits pretty cool some more

trophies uh listen there's a rifle here

oh my goodness gracious I continue to be


oh it's the tide bride Ricky Craven one

of the greatest finishes in NASCAR

history absolutely iconic

what what a race so many iconic NASCAR

just must cease if you're a race fan

here this is is everything I hoped it

would be

Oh hold up they got the flag stand here

about this simulator huh red flag is out

boys there's a pileup and turn for a

black flag in the 18 car for looking for

looking like you do I should be showing

this to you Larson the way you've been

running sometimes this year I'm being me

I mean you're all winners you guys are

all winners ha ha wave that check if I

hope you got tangled you got a tangle

there you go there you go there you go

rookie mistake

you know it might be a good time to go

over on this simulator see how see how

bad it goes first we have to pay our

respects to the goat Lightning McQueen

of course the kid chat let's get right

in the light

kakaw oh gosh they're gonna broadcast us

up on the big screen I hope I don't make

a fool of myself alright we picked

Larson the 42 car I love this paint

scheme let's let's see how poorly this

goes hold right it's got my name on it

Oh Bristol this is getting scary

it's hard to do with one hand



almost missed that was a junkyard out

there well I just hate for my guys

what'd you think it was hard to get a

clean lap in but I was able to earn I

think a 15-3 at first it was pretty good

I wanna see where that ranks on their

leaderboard hey is he was sneaking to

the top 10 there with my neck 1537 first

try at it got a top 10 almost beat chart

I'll take it that makes up for me

getting beat at the pit crew competition

alright we got the gear shop here a

little gift shop

what on earth who is this dude it's his

name champ champ the cheetah I didn't

know we had a mascot for the Hall of

Fame or andum they've got tons of new

and old school diecast cars here for you

oh my goodness

small and large ah this is cool all

right so that's gonna do it from the

NASCAR Hall of Fame had a ton of fun

let's keep walking people do in the yard

they're having like a dance party out

there let's keep walking

what'd you think of the Hall of Fame you

enjoyed it how worth it okay yeah well

you'd hope it'd be worth it at least I

thought it was more than worth it

if you're a NASCAR fan who somehow has

not traveled down to Charlotte to visit

the NASCAR Hall of Fame or visit some of

the Drake's team three shops and museums

and stuff

I highly recommend it this was a long

time coming I should have done this a

decade ago but what you're gonna do was

your favorite part

I just like seeing with your petty blue

car really at the very beginning well

cool you saved the best for first the

simulator was pretty cool honestly like

that big like room that had with like

Jack Roush stuff and we're at Jeff

Gordon and Roger Penske everything will

we go say scary oh it's not for the

faint of heart

well yeah we are walking around downtown

Charlotte North Carolina now hope you

guys had a fun time following along with

us because I had a great time making

this video for you guys thanks everyone

for watching see you guys again very

very soon