Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 1 - Letter "N" LOCATION

welcome back my friends who another week

of fortnight challenges today I got

location guide for you guys for the

letter n found in the lowdown a loading

screen you guys can see it at the very

bottom here I'll show you guys a loading

screen very briefly before we jump into

an actual game show you guys exactly

where it is so it's right here this is

the lowdown loading screen so we're

gonna jump in and - and you get actually

the letter n I don't you guys to see it

I can see it we're gonna jump into a

game will show you guys exactly where to

go exactly where to get the letter and

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item shop let me know if you guys do

something give you guys a huge thank you

and yeah we'll jump into this our effort

so as we are dropping in to the next

location for the letter and remember

I've been streaming on mixer calm Saji

scrolling to actually stream all of the

challenges before I've recorded these

weekly challenges if you guys want to

kind of check out those streams and

other kind of variety streams check it

out links description below so what

we're gonna be doing is we're actually

going to be going a little bit southwest

of Holly hedges here and unfortunately

this is actually a spot where there's

other challenges to get some treasure

chests opened and and kind of like a

visit location kind of spot so we're

gonna have to be very very careful as we

go here as there will be other people as

you guys have seen landing with us so if

you can get a weapon somewhere

definitely do that IRA friend so we are

here I actually have to drop a second

time but so we're here I got a weapon

and all that and the letter n is just

sitting here so it's just gonna be right

here on top of this kind of like a

little railing here so right there go

ahead pick it up that is a location for

the letter n the fifth letter of course

we have fo RT now n if you missed any of

the other guides check them out like so

all the videos on my channel

but if you want to see the exact

location so Holly hedges right here just

a little bit southwest there's kind of

like this little bunker here and again

it's one of the locations you have to

search you have to go search seven

chests at these different locations to

visit some of these so if there's a good

chancel to be crowded so what I just did

on this drop is I went to Holly hedges

and then I moved over here once it was a

little bit more

crowded and people kind of moved on from

this location so that's probably your

best bet depending how soon you're

watching this video if you're watching

this you know a week two weeks out then

you know there's probably not gonna be a

whole lot of people here at that point

but anyways there you guys have it my

friends I mean those guys saying leave a

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know future guides make sure you guys

keep it locked on channel so we're gonna

be covering the rest of the letters as

they come out every single week so keep

it locked and thanks for watching catch

guys the next one was until then game on