MYRTLE BEACH - Boardwalk is BACK in Business!


the boardwalk oceanfront in Myrtle Beach

South Carolina


this is a pretty long board Walt so

we'll start from 8th Avenue north at 8th

Avenue Tiki Bar and Grill and make our

way almost to pier 14 at 14th Avenue



so coming off Ocean Boulevard we'll make

our way onto the boardwalk


if you look closely you can see the

second Avenue PR outlet distance there

but we'll be walking northward towards

some of the attractions


let's take a brief moment to look at

that beautiful ocean that I love so much


the boardwalk has several wash stations

at various points as you come off the



now there are several places along this

boardwalk that are pretty wide so social

distancing can be maintained if you're

planning on coming this summer



just look at that beautiful Atlantic

Ocean and it is calling your name this

boardwalk stretches 1.2 miles between

2nd Avenue Pier and 14th Avenue Pier


there's the famous Valarie home of

Alabama and some volleyball courts right

at the ocean so you can pretend you're

in the ESPN bud championship in San

Diego California


walking closer to the sinner you'll find

some of the boardwalk shots and food and

drink establishments


there are also various benches along the

boardwalk so you can sit and listen to

the ocean or just enjoy the beach view

we finally reach the back side or

beachside of the gay dolphin


here is one of the main entrances to the

boardwalk at tenth Avenue North


just on the back side apply her part and

a great viewing spot to watch the sky

wheel in operation




the Land Shark Warren grill just at the

base of the wheel


there is also a good view of pier 14

from this interest as well



and here's what it looks like getting

ran over by the sky will


this shot is for those who ask if

umbrellas or tents are allowed on the

beach the fine print says Memorial Day

through Labor Day so outside of that

window not really sure of the rule



we hope you enjoyed this boardwalk tour

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