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welcome my little creatures of the night

to Karen Cal come on the forger of pain

right now

I mean a mother cementary in the Panama


you know something guys death comes to

us all and like they say there's only

two things that are certain death and

taxes but before we start this video I

want to make something perfectly clear

trust me that I understand death and I

treat this with the most respect and

care as possible because I lost someone

dear to my heart my father a lot older

than he is three years ago and trust me

that I don't play with this I respect

that and you should too

let's start shall we and one of my trips

to LA a couple of years ago I discovered

a little interesting place and it was

let me see you

and I was like why the hell not

let's go in so join me and let's see

what is oddly enough the Museum of Death

begun in San Diego's first war Tory in a

building owned by Kurt Russell I mean

the manliest man of the worldly world

portrayed by Kurt Russell in the movie

tombstone I'm talking about Wyatt earth


Jadey Haley and Cathy Schulze founders

and the official curators of the museum

didn't actually started as a museum it

was actually a controversial art gallery

especially on serial killers letters and

memorabilia some time later after

amassing quite a collection

Kathy decides one day that she was to

have a museum and that she wants to make

death her life I mean their lives work

not contradictory at all and in 1995 the

museum was officially founded in San

Diego many times the city tried to shut

them down but couldn't because they were

not doing anything illegal it's funny

they were just showing them it's what TV

and movies have been doing since forever

five years later they moved to their

actual location in Hollywood California

and there are a lot of weird stuff going

on in Hollywood so they were received

this is a must-stop if you happen to be

in LA my good old buddy crisy rivera was

excited when I talked to her about this

place and she happily agreed to join me

oh well whitey where are we going to

hell no we are going to the Museum of

Death and I hope we don't get kicked out

because of you

of course not I'm gonna kick you let me

see them of death they are used to this

gonna have death in their doorstep if

they kick us out

I'll give them real death it's gonna be

you it's gonna be then won't kick us out

oh yeah

so where's your faith in your buddy


that doesn't work you know nope

but it sure feels fine


hi-yah holy crap out mole okay this

looks like a walking a couple of miles

and having an awesome murica breakfast

we finally arrived just by looking at

the parking lot you know you're in for a

good time

Kennedy Schultz and mr. Haley stated

that the actual idea of the museum is to

remind people that life is precious well

we love life and we want other people to

love life and I think people go along

during every day and forget that is so

precious you could be hit by a truck at

any minute

plane can follow your head it happens

all the time for starters you know

you're in a different museum because the

first thing you see you get in is they

stuffed puppy and I had to ask like the

hangman and okay I'm 50/50 percent sure

years that that was like thou the owners


part of the screening process to see if

you're really ready and you're not

squeamish there's like a picture kind of

a gory picture I don't even know if I

could put it on YouTube so I'll just

give it a try and if you see that and

you're like okay with it then you're

really ready to go inside

once you abandon all hope you're ready

for the self-guided tour that will take

from 45 minutes to an hour depending if

you really dig this stuff you can be

there for hours for me in my case I was

in the first part that it was serial

killers like for 20 minutes just reading

and it's pretty interesting this museum

is pretty educational people for the

most part thing that we'll just see like

you know gory stuff and you can actually

find that but there's also an

informative part

and that was just the beginning because

we're just getting started

then it goes in kind of Shenandoah after

the letters the informative part by John

Wayne Gacy Charles Manson and Ted Bundy

and many many more will find the

electric shared like an actual electric

chair and there's the head of this guy

that I will get into a detail in a few

moments and I was like dude is that for

real and then the guy was like oh yeah

that's real man this is the actual head

of a serial killer from 1869 I'm gonna

butcher the name Henry this red longer

with 11 counts of murder in November of

1921 now how does the museum all of this

and word that it come from I have no


you asked for the gory part well let me

tell you something you sick little

monkey this is it we have a section of

skeletons and not only you'll see human

skulls but also animals and wait a

minute before you go all PETA on the

museum these are animals that you know

they died of natural causes they're not

killing anyone

I mean not that I know of


last part of the guided tour is like if

you're invited to a funeral with casket

and everything and they have this neat

little feature if you will they have the

guestbook and they ask you how do you

want to die and I chose the most epic

way possible at the beginning I was like

nothing yet it got me thinking but I

remember Vicky Roark and I want to be in

the Roman Colosseum stepping landmine

and as I step into the landmine a lion

or a tiger will come at me at the same

time and I will blow up and get eaten

and build there's nothing more



let me tell you something I am NOT

spoiling this trust me

I'm not even scratching the surface with

this museum so I tell you you got a

goalie man I trust me this video is not

making justice to the experience


back in 2013 I got permission I am NOT

making this up

I swear I went back this year and trust

me it has been hugely updated since my

last visit and here's a fun fact once a

year the museum holds a block Dali

look-alike competition where the

contestants have to dress as both pre

and post-mortem dahlia while I was there

I just found out that the couple had

opened a new branch of the Museum in New

Orleans called I'm gonna butcher the

name again you see the box all yes and

it's a big-ass Museum with 12,000 square

meters of space Danielle I gotta get my

ass to New Orleans and like I said

before I didn't even scratch the surface

the heaven's gates mass suicide incident

includes the original beds the museum

includes actual shrunken heads real

family portraits with their deceased

relatives from 1800s and much much more

you owe it to yourself to go to the


death I want to remind you guys the

purpose of this video I'm not here to

celebrate death oh no I know it's used

in other media and of course horror

movies and you know something I don't

have a problem with that but I'm really

here to this effect to pay my respects

to it guys thank you for watching Konica

ween and kind of combo gamers I am

catacomb oh the poor jerk-off